My name is Susan Hartman, I’m an amateur photographer who is learning something new every day. I love nature and all that surrounds me so I combine this passion with photography. Here are the results! More info: Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s a Pose Nature strike’s [More]
We first met Diana Sirokai a while back in a previous post of ours, when she had spent a little time recreating shots of Kim Kardashian in her own, plus-sized style. Now she has teamed up again with fashion photographer Karizza to recreate another iconic photoshoot, this time the nude shot of Gigi Hadid. Uploaded on Instagram with the caption “I was just wondering how a model my Size would look on this” the photo shows Diana nude apart from a pair of boots, hand across chest while giving a sultry look to the camera. While most commenters on her [More]
I think you got some of your Disney in my real life… because how can this be real!? It’s not every day that you get sung to while you enjoy your meal, unless you are European royalty in the Middle Ages…or this dog apparently. Every day at meal times, a funny little Cockatiel puts on a great show for his pooch friend, serenading him with his lovely singing voice. Watch the cute video below, then go out and buy a bird. You’ll want one after this! (Source: Grace’s Nitflix) I’d like to think that the little birdie also sings him lullabies… and [More]
Programme website: Prepare to be mesmerised by the secret world of wild cats…
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Girl of the Year 2018 is here! We reveal awesome facts about Luciana Vega, DIY our own purple hair streak, learn some fun science, and have a space party! All inspired by Luciana Watch more AG Life videos: SUBSCRIBE: Connect with American Girl on the Interwebs Visit the official AG Site for all your AG Needs: Follow AG on INSTA: Follow AG’s DIY Boards on PINTEREST: Like and Follow AG on FACEBOOK: About American Girl: Since the first catalogue debuted in 1986, American Girl has ignited the strength inherent in all girls by developing [More]
10 Famous Science Hoaxes Unicorns on the moon, fake tribes and sex in space, all feature in this crazy AllTimes10 list of Infamous Science Hoaxes! 10 Famous Hoaxes – Music = East Street by Terry Devine-King Click to Subscribe.. Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: Twitter: Minds: Here are our 10 favorite videos from 2013.. Hope you have enjoyed them! 😀 –