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“I had the privilege of photographing this buck his entire life,” the unnammed photographer writes. “He was born on a wilderness estate in the heart of New Yourk’s Adirondack Mountains.” Unlike other farmed deer, this buck wasn’t fed anything special to create an unnaturally giant rack to be taken by a trophy hunter. The result is an incredible video showing the growth and inevitable decline of a buck that lived for 12 long years. To celebrate the start of rifle season in most states, take a look at the video below and consider passing up the next young buck that [More]
Like most parents this dad has a habit of singing to his infant daughter whenever she’s upset, it’s just that he does things a little bit differently. He goes the whole nine yards with multiple instruments and a recording studio and judging by the baby’s reaction – it works. For this one he had the rest of the family pitch in for the most adorable rendition of “Don’t worry, be happy”. Sure, the youngest member of the family band doesn’t contribute too much vocally as the singing is done by her big sister, but because of this cutie the video [More]
Oscar Hernandez was on his way to become a successful football player. He definitely looks like one and after all it was his father’s dream. However, he wasn’t happy playing sports. Oscars has always known that he was born for the stage so when he saw there was an audition for America’s Got Talent, he took it. I have no idea what the judges expected from this big guy standing in front of him, but I can bet they didn’t expect THIS. As soon as the music started Oscar was rocking that stage unlike anyone you’ve ever seen. I had no [More]
Hyacinth Macaw source Polar Bear source Philippine Eagle source Ring Tailed Lemur source White Bellied Pangolin source Proboscis Monkey source African Elephant source Ploughshare Tortoise source Saiga source Iberian Lynx source Cheetah With Cubs source Monarch Butterflies source Golden Snub Nosed Monkey source Green Winged Macaws On Claylick source Shoebill source
Artist Martin Rosner has recently started creating comics, and we are so glad he did because he clearly has a talent for it. But what may seem just some funny comics is actually giving a glimpse into artist’s not so simple life. “This whole thing started because I decided to make a comic a day for two months straight. I was severely depressed for two years and failed two colleges but thanks to therapy, meds and a lot of work on myself I’m doing much better. Making these comics to me is like being able to say to my depression, [More]
The Funniest Cats You Will Ever See – The Most Satisfying Slime Video In The World – The Most Satisfying Video In The World | Cake Decorating — The Most Satisfying Video In The World — The Most Satisfying Kinetic Sand Video — For more videos please like, share, subscribe, and comment what video I should make next! For business inquiries, please email me at All music and video is fair use under youtube guidelines! All credits go to the creators, who are created in the video. If you have any question about video being [More]
Hey you! Do you like cats? Well, we made four cats into Pancake Art! Share with your cat-loving friends. Made by Dancakes Pancake Artist Dana @nosketchbookneeded ENJOY! PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND SHARE. Book us for events and videos @
Ryan Plays with our new cats and open presents on Christmas Morning 2017! Emma and Kate getting used to our new family member and they open presents from Family! Happy Holiday everyone!