In the contest of who’s creepier — snakes or spiders — there may never be a clear winner. However, when it comes to the following video, I feel like snakes have a firm lead. Spiders, while terrifying in their own right, have their limitations when it comes to size. They can also be easily trapped in a room while you run away screaming walk away calmly. I used to think the same thing about snakes…then I saw this. I don’t think snakes should be this smart. Well, shoot. Now I have to buy dead bolts for all of the doors [More]
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(C) EuroLindi & ETC. All rights reserved. ”Me i miri me me te Miret” Producent: Bujar Avdimetaj Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter:!/espn_durrett/status/188019200550371328 The above video shows Rangers fan and firefighter Shannon Stone falling to his death while trying to catch a baseball for his son last year. On Thursday, the team honored the father and son by unveiling the following statue. The photos of the Shannon Stone statue make me teary eyed. Very touching. #Rangers #MLB — Tschanen Brandyberry (@tbrandyberry) April 5, 2012 One of the classiest things I've seen RT @espn_durrett #Rangers unveil Shannon Stone statue. Very neat stuff. — Keith Britton (@KeithBritton86) April 5, 2012 @espn_durrett RIP Shannon Stone, a true Rangers and Baseball fan. — Brandon Rust [More]
This video is a compilation of 5 cool science experiments.
Luke Merrill was proud of himself when he graduated high school and his parents wanted to reward him. They found a beat-up and unwanted 1965 Chevrolet C-10 pickup truck. So they passed it on to Luke. In the video, you can see Luke filming before and after his restoration. He sanded it down, repainted it, fixed up the engine, and everything else. By the end, you would never believe it’s the same truck. The post Parents give 18-year-old son beat-up truck for graduation, $600 later it’s good as new appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
If you despise scam artists you’re going to love this tale of poetic justice. The scam artist in this story was running a variation of the “Nigerian Prince” emails from the early 00s. The idea is as simple and ridiculous, a Nigerian pastor claims to fall in love with his victim, but needs money to travel to her country. Using the name “Stephen Masumbo,” the scam artist trolls for his next victim through Facebook Messenger. The hero in this story was too smart for his scam and shared their conversation on Imgur, How’s that for turning the tables on a [More]
This dude became a viral sensation by doing one totally random thing, throwing eggs at his mom. It achieved two things: one, it got him millions of video views , TV appearances and several spin-off videos and two, his mom became an expert in catching eggs. When you have an egg coming at your face every single day for a year you kinda become good at it whether you want it or not. Her son only did it for the giggles, but her reflexes and soft touch are actually quite impressive. Heck, at least half of MLB teams would be [More]