A father took epic revenge after a male coach refused to stop slapping his daughter’s ass. While most men would have simply assaulted the coach, this father completely destroyed the coach’s life, career, and marriage. He shared his story “Please don’t slap my daughter’s ass” on Reddit under the user name Scoot_Ya_Boot, I’ve coached both of my daughters softball teams at some point in my life, from 8U to last years 14U. At the time of the story, I was the secretary for the Softball Booster Club. As is customary in Pennsylvania, the previous board had conspired and stole a [More]
(image source; Taurus) Taurus has unveiled a new model in their popular 1911 line, the Taurus 1911 Officer in .45 ACP. The Officer is a concealable 1911 with a 6+1 capacity and a low price just over $600. Taurus’ latest 1911 comes standard with Novak drift adjustable front and rear sights. The slide is made of carbon steel with a matte black finish. A single 6-round magazine is included. Features Caliber: .45 ACP Magazine: 6 round Action: SAO Hammer Barrel” 3.5″ Overall: 7.2″ Height: 5.1″ Width: 1.5″ Weight: 35 ounces The post Taurus rolls out new concealable 1911 Officer in [More]
Horsepower and torque, both terms are tossed around with equal weight, but you need to understand their difference to make a good argument about acceleration. Engineering Explained sat down to make a simple tutorial that clears up any confusion about these automotive buzzwords. “Torque is a force acting at a radius, while horsepower simply incorporates time into the equation,” they explain on YouTube. “This video will discuss the differences, how each applies to internal combustion engines, how they relate, what peak torque and peak horsepower actually mean, and how to analyze torque and horsepower curves. Finally, what’s more important for [More]
Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety will be sending a letter to all gun owners in their state ordering the immediate confiscation of bump stocks. The “Notice of Legislation Prohibiting Bump Stocks and Trigger Cranks” informs the gun owner about a change in the current law prohibiting the ownership of “so-called bump stocks and trigger cranks” starting on February 1, 2018. According to the letter, a bump stock is defined as “any device for a weapon that increases the rate of fire achievable with such weapon by using energy from the recoil of such weapon to generate a reciprocating action [More]
In the ocean of young singers with smooth voices who audition for America’s Got Talent, Herbie Russ stood out like a sore thumb. After turning his life around from years of fighting addiction and living out of his car, he got clean and at the age of 54 took a shot at stardom. Being a talented saxophone player with raw and raspy voice, he chose a perfect song for the Judge Cut and the only remark Simon had is that he sounded EXACTLY like Joe Cocker. That’s not a bad thing in my book. Here’s the most soulful audition of [More]
David Harbour is at it again. We posted recently about his awesome gesture of responding to a fan who asked him to be in her senior year photos, and now it seems to have given people ideas! Clearly not learning from his previous experience of betting for retweets on Twitter, (although we think he actually knows exactly what he is doing and just loves meeting his fans) David tried to raise the bar this time. Last time he agreed to 25K retweets to meet the challenge, which was met in no time whatsoever. Now, when Ericka Millholland shot out a [More]
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In 1969, now-53-year-old Anneke Lucas was sold by her own mother into an aristocratic pedophile ring in Belgium at the young age of six. She suffered through five years of unimaginable physical and sexual abuse, and witnessed other children being raped, tortured, and even murdered. On one occasion, she was chained up with an iron dog collar and forced to eat human feces while members of the European elite sat and watched. One of these people later became a Belgian politician. When she was deemed to be “of no use to the network anymore,” she was tortured and then strapped [More]
20 Kids who got schooled by their parents. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 —————————————————————————————– Parents are funny, especially when they try to communicate with their kids through modern technology. These parents kept their jokes and their sense of humor and turned it into awesome parenting. From trolling their kids with text messages and presents to some of the most creative jokes ever, these are the 20 parents whose sense of humor is better than their kids. Let’s start with the parents who painted their house while their kid was away. But instead of painting the whole house, they wrote “dork” [More]
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