420 Science Club Live 4/20 Stream

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Stoney says:

I bought a Stax mini during the blowout sale.
I named it Crooked.

Niggoification says:

there's only one true bong … the legendary "LeBong James"

Paul G (MrFlexifoil) says:

My bong is called, Royal Highness

Heshan Mark says:

Mine is named "Stuart Little"

Bobby Blaze says:

im a fan!  lol

Rick Harris says:

I called my bong the noob killer

devon mueller says:

I named my rig andromeda it's a sick heady fabergé egg rig with drop down element's zirconium nail with dome with heady design flecked with gold & copper & look's like andromeda or I was just that baked when I named it lol happy 420 peace & pot,,/,

DukeLivingston says:

My bong is The Green Monster, like at Fenway park. My other one is Kitty cuz it's sexy hello kitty piece

James Johnson says:

Bong…. James Bong. My illadelph😎

evanwalsh says:

Bong kong!!

Keron Jones says:

I named my bong drake because it keeps delivering hits.

adrian wellman says:

Love your show guys



Cheeny TheGreat says:

Gandolf's Beard

Chamitri REYEZ says:

mine is afgha bong i guess i missed the giveaways loved ur videos

Brian Groenewegen says:

mr chill

azlakes says:


Tyler Albrecht says:

Kinda late but mines name is "The Party Bong" because whenever I go to party's I pull it out and sesh

J. E. says:

Bong Dole

Mariano Munoz says:

james bong , straight shooter thats always hits its mark

spoon er says:

The whisper

Matt Lindemann says:

Oprah cause when I'm high I feel like her cause I give away free stuff… As in free bong rips and when did you guys notice your company was actually becoming big?

Jorge Torres says:

Our bongs name is Crocadily

Jack Berdine says:

My bong is named ODB, Old Dirty Bastard

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