7 Mysteries Science CAN’T EXPLAIN

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What's This?

Strange & Creepy Mysteries Science Can’t Explain

Through the detection of rapid eye movement we can tell precisely when someone is dreaming, and using brain imaging technology we may even be able to view your dreams one day.

We also need to consider our definition of extra-terrestrial life, because even though NASA predicts we may find something in next two decades, it’s likely to be in the form of miniscule organisms that aren’t really capable of holding conversation.

If you’re watching this video you’re probably conscious. If someone hits you with a baseball bat you’ll be rendered temporarily unconscious. And if they hit you a few more times before burying you in a shallow grave in the woods you’ll be permanently gone from this world.

It is often said that we know more about space than we do the ocean, and whilst this is hardly something you can accurately measure it is true that we have a huge knowledge gap when it comes to the Earth’s soggy bottom.

Ever since Pluto was given a dishonourable discharge for being too small and puny you may think the answer to this is simple, eight. Or seven if you believe the conspiracy that Venus is a secret fiery death star waiting to annihilate us all.

Unless you’re a certifiable moron you know that to make a bicycle go forward you get on it and pedal real hard, but in terms of the actual physics involved in making a bicycle stay upright, scientific opinion seems to disagree with itself with every passing week.

Do you know your own blood type? If not there’s a very easy way you can find out. Simply extract two litres of blood, walk to your nearest Starbucks, drink the blood in front of the barista, and when you wake up in the hospital just ask the nurse.

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ooooljoooo says:

The name of this video should be "7 Mysteries Science CAN'T EXPLAIN YET!"
Just because we can't explain them now doesn't mean we won't be able in the future…

katyornok63 says:

Blood types and also DNA – we don't know the majority of what makes up our DNA. Hmmmm

ゆい714 says:

Just because science hasn't yet explained something doesn't mean that it can't ;)

Wayne Nagel says:

so I'm just getting in to this😌💹

Grenherb says:

good lucky getting the truth out of nasa or the government.. 75 nasa scientists died in 2 years mysteriously, tell the truth you die.

Bum Bum says:

We do not comprehend what we do to our consciousness and to Nature around us. We cannot handle our current "technology". We use it to destroy each other and the Planet as well. However, the people of Thiaoouba described many fascinating examples of TRUE technology that we have lost on Earth, many thousands of years ago – such as antigravity, space travel, telepathic and cosmic communication, bio-energy and science of consciousness, just to mention a few examples. It seems that our "science" may take decades just to admit some possibilities…They also gave me comprehensive explanations of most of the "mysteries" on Earth to include in my book, some of which will only be solved in the future …

The Final Resistance says:

The likelihood of extraterrestrial life existing at all isn't in question; it's the sad fact that the universe is vast enough that millions of civilizations could rise and fall across it without any of them ever encountering one another.

Fractureddragon says:

Beyond Uranus is too dark too explore xD

Damien Wentzel says:

if it was easy we would know so it is way more complicated then you think

Samuel Le Calvez says:

Did you just say 40 BILLION habitable planets in the Milky Way? i think you're off by 39.999 billion

Josh Stickler says:

"nor has it proven that such life definitely doesn't exist."

That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. You can't prove a negative. Science also hasn't proven the humans definitely can't fly. They haven't proven that ghosts definitely don't exist. They haven't proven that at least some of the moon definitely isn't made of cheese. They haven't proven that fortune tellers definitely can't see the future. I could go on, but science hasn't proven that if I did go on, I definitely wouldn't cause an earthquake in India and I can't have that on my conscience.

Thistle and Weed says:

This will be 5 words

Chon Dominguez says:

Fucking dumb

TheGirlWho HatesYou says:

I miss the sexy dudes voice!

Kate, M says:

whats with the transparent guy in the intro at 0:28 freaked me out haha

Sir Didymus says:

Mystery number 8 – Why do hot chicks cut their hair short?

Jean d'Arc says:

Scientists explain why my farts are so loud they wake me up at night!

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