8 Out of 10 Cats: Series 18 Episode 6

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What's This?

Jimmy Carr hosts the topical comedy panel show alongside team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock. Guests are Romesh Ranganathan, Melanie C, Charlotte Ritchie and David O’Doherty.

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Lou Lenehan says:

Mel C is a delight………Whouda thought

serendiptychild says:

Russel told disaffected people to not vote? Such a disappointment :/
Preference voting folks (not so very complicated)

David Thompson says:

Why do people not like Sean all of a sudden, he says one thing about brand
and people go ape shit.

WalterLiddy says:

I don’t know much about her, but from a few appearances like this I can say
that everything Mel C says makes me like her more.

Mike Williams says:

The Spice Girls weren’t a manufactured band? Did Mel C really say that?
There’s a documentary and countless interviews showing exactly how they
were manufactured. They were just as manufactured as the Monkees – but a
lot less talented.

Jimmy G says:

damn it im a sucker for girls with short hair… and anything charlotte
says i have to agree ^^

hezuus says:

Thanks for posting these!

evdanker says:

Poor Sean; still trying to be funny.

Lingerminator says:

The irony in Sean’s little rant for audience applause is that since the
Paxman interview he has said a whole lot more, done more and actual helped
some. Brand has also bought the interest of politics to a percentage of the
uninterested more than most of present, which satisfies Sean’s point to his
little rant which was moronic ,self severing, attention seeking wank.

Datafiend says:

Wow Mel C has still got it. 

Elijah Gabriel says:

Well Sean Lock is a piece of shit.

Hedwig says:

Oh my gosh, their commentary on Russell Brand’s chronic pseudopolitical
knobbery was amazing.

Lugh Summerson says:

Now I wish I had become a Spice Girls groupie.

amionutube says:

So never took any notice of spice girls as a kid, just realised she was
one, my god is she hot.

Will Smith says:

@Hedwig Pseudopolitical, what does that even mean.

glebeboi says:

– If she’s sinGing – she’s sinGing really well.
– even if you are, a really experienced sinGer

Jack Lindvall says:

Mel C is quite fit

01101111 01110100 says:

26:34 XD

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