8 Out of 10 Cats: Series 18 Episode 7

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What's This?

Jimmy Carr hosts the topical comedy panel show, alongside team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock, and guests Jamie Cullum, Kirsty Young, Joe Wilkinson and Katherine Ryan.

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Redglaring Pyrope says:

Ugh I hate Katherine Ryan so much she ruined the apprentice you’re fired

Johnathan Allen says:

Love how jimmy shut up Jon all he does is copy people and repeat the same
jokes such a terrible comedian 

megamollie9 says:

Jon Richardson is out of his depth as a team leader,he`s more guest
material.Sean and Jimmy are brilliant and work well together but Jon just
has no comic carisma or timing or off the bat material ..Joe Wilkinson
does`nt say much but is always funny coz he`s always in character …Jon
Richardson tends to try n ride on the vibe of how the other person is
behaving…no real established comedy style. 

Jimmy G says:

how come i never see this on TV… i have channel 4 !!!

richieblackhearted says:

The most annoying thing about public transport is school children. They do
all the suggestions mentioned by the guests and much more. They monopolize
the whole network, make it impossible to get a seat, often cause a bus to
bypass stops as they filled it up already, pay little-to-no attention to
driver broadcasts such as “no standing on the upper deck or stairs” or
“please move down inside the bus” (I have had to shout “HE’S TALKING TO
YOU!” at some fuckwitted, dustbrained adolescent on more than a few
occasions because the driver refuses to move until they do). And. as if to
rub salt into the wound, you realise they’re all on that bus for free and
75% of them would walk if that wasn’t the case. Cherub-faced little cunts.

WalterLiddy says:

What is the point of that wilderness survival show? Nobody surely actually
believes that any of the viewers is ever going to actually going to find
themselves in a situation where they need to use these techniques – not to
mention it’s pretty obvious when something contains moisture – so it’s just
a gross-out display where people are entertained by watching a guy get shit
in his mouth?

xCosmicPebblesx says:

oh wtf this is a show? i saw it said “8 out of 10 cats” an the guy in the
thumbnail was holding a bag of chicken nuggets so i though it was about 8
out of 10 cats being turned into food like chicken nuggets…. 

ReusStyle says:

I love the way how Joe always cracks Sean up with his comments..

Chris Eller says:

oh man, im american so everytime i watch a new show like this or nmtb or qi
i discover new people that are so funny, joe wilkinson in this is so funny
i am definitely a fan

MrGregorychant says:

Footballs should definitely be a thing.

TheFreekickerzUK says:

when jon said sergio, I think he said that because joe wilkinson looks like
serge out of kasabian!!!!!

Paul Thoresen says:

I actually want to play Footballs

Andy Parry says:

Joe Wilkinson is like a modern day Baldrick… brilliant!!

MrEdman4 says:

Is this show just about somewhat famous British people making fun of much
more famous people?

spudnic88 says:

Joe is on fire at 32:14. He never meets weird people on public

iDeaLoGiK Music says:

I honestly thought that was a laugh track until it zoomed out on the crowd.
Live crowd and its still distracting to me.

Jens Buhrkall says:

Joe’s Parkinglot analogy had me in tears! Holy shit

tigertraxx2002 says:

Katherine Ryan is like a female version of Frankie Boyle!!

TommieSissons says:

Katherine Ryan is perfect wife material though :P

Anti Chris says:

33:22 Scotch eggs. You’re welcome.

Lortagreb says:

this program is scripted isnt it?

samgab says:

What is this Ed Miller Band that they keep going on about?

Mattu McMeat says:

Joe Wilkinson is so good 

Ampelios says:

27:25 Best one-liner in the history of the show

Argonaut22j says:

this is a dumb show

Tyrone-san Boomtika-domo says:

Man, they really need to go a bit easier in the make up department. They’re
all just glowing. Did they forget we have “HD” now ?

Justin Johnson says:

What’s a tube?

BigPete1998 says:

16:13 perfect. 

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