8 Out of 10 Cats: Series 18 Episode 8

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What's This?

Jimmy Carr hosts the topical comedy panel show, alongside team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock, and guests Carol Vorderman, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Rob Beckett and Sara Pascoe.

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Xtra Cute says:

Jimmy Carr looks like a younger version of the Mr. Bean cartoon

kaydee1959 says:

Claudia's earrings look like pickle spears

Evan O'Dwyer says:

I love how she called out that sexism🙌🏻

Gau Thier says:

Jimmy is so handsome!!!

Gau Thier says:

Jimmy = perfect man!!

Ladi Smith says:

Queen Sara!

Zephirot080 says:

Someone, please, end Rob Beckett's life

Gau Thier says:

Jimmy is sooooo handsome, I would lick him all over!!

Sham Wow says:

Fuck Krishnan

Frank Rogers says:

Shes got school in the morning…classic.

BK says:

73% of women think a man should always pay for a first date? fuck you. you're perfectly capable as an equal.

Christian Nicdao says:

171 Goals 1 Cup…
…clever Brits

trippmcnealy85 says:

Sara Pascoe looks like Paul Foot…

Cale MacEanruig says:

8:52 do they not already?

Jan says:

Can anyone tell me that episode where Sean Lock interrupts Jimmy Carr's monologue and mocks how he always starts the show. That was bloody hilarious. But I can't seem to remember which series and episode was it.

purpleprinc3 says:

All these comments arguing about feminism etc, you all talk like a bunch of women 😉

Aaron Gooding says:

31:32 Krishnan Guru-Murty's reaction to his own joke was fabulous, and made even better by the look of shock on the face of Sara Pacoe!

WhosThatGuy says:

Sara generalizing straight men is both sexist and heterophobic extremely hypocritical considering she's a feminist.

Lex Talionis says:

I love british comedy!!! Greetings from The Netherlands

Skjoldborg says:

Sara Pascoe is a fucking cunt. WAY too feminist. Sickening.

Caitlin Duncan says:

Sarah Pascoe, you are my queen <3

pabalucci says:

Thanks from America!! You are awesome!! :)

Vermilyea says:

Sarah Pascoe sure is a bore. I laughed more from Krishnan than I did Sarah, and she's suppose to be the professional comedienne?

Mohammad Ghachame says:

i got a shoutout from my nephew Rob!

MegaLaxMax says:

Sabina Rysnik you're an idiot. There's clearly something wrong with being called a girl when you're a male. Just the same as women get upset over having masculine features. Both are sexist and people need to get over that shit honestly. It's appropriate and good for society. Notice how nobody laughed when Sara brought it up? It's because she's inherently not funny. Stop trying to make both sexes exactly the same. Both have disadvantages both have advantages. Deal with it.

Emily Lager says:

Lolz, Jimmy does look like a wedding topper, but he has quite pretty eyes. And the nuns were freaking cute!

Fltoig says:

The fappening…that is why I don't have an iPhone! With an iPhone EVERYTHING is automatically synced to iCloud. That does not happen with an Android. You can save things to "the cloud", but you have full control over what's synced and what isn't.

Artem O says:

would be great if subs were present

superchief86 says:

Carol is right about the toilet paper.

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