A Carolina Panthers Story | 2013 | The Return of the Cardiac Cats| Part 1/4

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What's This?

This is whole series (4/4) is just a preview of whats to come of my Carolina Panthers 2013 Season Highlights. (week 7 is not included)

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Adán Martivela says:

Loved watching this great vid

Newtonized RBJ says:

Part 2-4 coming tonight

Dom b says:

lol 1 hit wonder

Janelle Clemons says:

panthes rule

Justin Velazquez says:

We lost that game against Seattle only if Deangelo didn’t fumble

Kevin Jones says:

dang it’s going to be pretty weird to watch this team next year a whole
bunch of new faces. going into the offseason i was hoping they’d keep smith
and ginn and draft a replacement for smith but oh well still love my team
hoping to wreak havoc next year monster’s inc is going to dominate like
always loved the addition of decoud and harper still think these guys got a
lot left in them. also can’t wait to see cam passing to benjamin real big
guy awesome red zone target!! let’s try for more than just NFC South champs
this year!!! Let’s go carolina keep pounding!!!

VCarter151 says:

Those first two games of the season still haunt me… I’m pumped for this
year though! I’ve been to the Panthers training camp twice this offseason
and they are looking really good!

keeya johnson says:

Keith Williams says:

Panther nation!!

Will Tyler says:

I am do happy that I have found this 4 part video to enjoy on this gloomy
day off. Yes, I shall enjoy thee. 

CaLi Blue says:

Where r you?

Nohemy Martinez says:

Best of the NFC South Go Panthers

Brandon B says:

BAhahahaha Buccaneers will sweep Carolina this season.

Brydon Etherington says:

seahawks still beat them anyways 

484046 says:

Love it i went to the first game

cool kyle says:

It did I love the panthers 

Katherine Arrignton says:
Fredy Nativi says:

WOW!!!!! That brought back memories.

TheBEAST205 says:

Fuck yeah. Carolina!!

MetalSonicGamerX200 says:

Panthers are OP!

Newtonized RBJ says:
KadianTwins says:

thanks for these

boomstick900 says:

Awesome video, I love that you have the calls from Mick, Eugene and Jim and
not the shitty tv guys that don’t give a shit about the Panthers. I haven’t
watched the next 3 parts yet but I know I’ll love them and I am subscribing
now. Can’t wait to see what the Panthers do in the future and hopefully
I’ll be able to look back with your vids. Cheers man.

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