And Now the Good News #222: A Big Week for Materials Science

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What's This?

Learn more about the stories featured in this video at the following sources:

“A Wolverine Inspired Material”

“Researchers Use World’s Smallest Diamonds to Make Wires Three Atoms Wide”

“Engineers create programmable silk-based materials with embedded, pre-designed functions”

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ZarlanTheGreen says:

"…produced by a spider"!?
Silk is produced by silkworms (which are the larvae of a certain moth). Not by any spider.
That's common knowledge.

Jordan P. (Jory) says:

I can't wait self for healing material to go on computers. No more embarrassing moments at the apple store telling them I crack the screen by leaving the recharger on the keyboard and closed the screen on it.

Corey Donaldson says:

The Wolverine inspired self healing material sounds awesome !

DeadHead Animation says:


Packard Sonic says:

And yet Kan Ham thinks the greatest achievement of humanity was an alleged "boat". LOL

The self healing materials is cool though. It will cover the exoskeleton of the terminator well enough to kill John Connor in the past. :-D

Troubleshooter125 says:

A big week for materials science, indeed. I'd be curious about applications for those nano-wires and whether a manufacturing technique for them could be adapted for production in a semiconductor fab or other, similar environment. In any case, very neat stuff, Steve!

dakoit wuther says:

this is some cool shit

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