Anonymous, Dorner supporters hold protest outside LAPD headquarters

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What's This?

A small group of protesters descended on the Los Angeles Police Department this afternoon to draw attention to allegations of corruption inside the police force. While several members of the media, academics and others have tried to walk the fine line of denouncing Christopher Dorner’s actions while supporting his “message,” only a few turned out in person to confront the police today.

Chris #Dorner supporters rally outside LAPD headquarters, claim he was wronged by the department

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) February 17, 2013

Protest going on now.Come join in stopping corruption #LAPD #FKLAPD #occupyLA… @fklapd #Dorner #Anonymous

— Anonymous(@CIApressoffice) February 16, 2013

That was the movie poster version of the protest. The Instragram-filtered version of the event itself looked something like this.

PROTEST ALERT! These folks gathered to protest police brutality outside #lapd & support #dorner. Had the…

— Christina Pascucci (@CPascucci3) February 16, 2013

An overhead view was less impressive, however.

LAPD Corruption Protestors: “We kno LAPD r liars.” NOTE TO PROTESTORS: Sat. is an ineffective day to attack gov HQs…

— Last Resort (@abacor) February 16, 2013

LOL.#LAPD blocked publicly paid for LAPD HQ property off after total of MAYBE 20 protestors came thru armed w/SIGNS…

— Last Resort (@abacor) February 16, 2013

LA Riot part 2″@nbcla: Protest this morning at #LAPD headquarters brings out about 2 dozen who say “We stand with Christopher #Dorner

— Simeon Campbell (@Simisim04) February 16, 2013

#LAPD heard us loud and clear. photo via @thisisshelby1…

— eye_kahn #AmeriSec (@eye_kahn) February 17, 2013

Gonna go ahead and call this best sign placement of all time. #LAPD…

— eye_kahn #AmeriSec (@eye_kahn) February 17, 2013

Cops got shy when the camera came out. Downtown LA protest against the #LAPD going on now.…

— eye_kahn #AmeriSec (@eye_kahn) February 16, 2013

At #OpFkLAPD…taking on the LAPD on our civil Liberties and the necessity of Due Process. #Anonymous #AmeriSec #LAPD…

— Sinister #AmeriSec (@SinisterAnon) February 17, 2013

The protest went largely unnoticed by the media, which had packed the same area just two days before, and attracted little chatter on Twitter. If there was any consensus from those not participating, it was this:

OMG now there’s people rallying outside of LAPD supporting dorner?! Sick motherfuckers

— Dakota™ (@dakotagatcomb) February 17, 2013

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