Man, those sobriety tests are getting more and more difficult. I can safely say that if this becomes the standard procedure I’ll be in jail A LOT. Not long ago a University of Central Arkansas junior was pulled over for a suspected DUI, or at least that’s the official story. I think the cops saw his license plate and decided to have a private show, LOL. Either way, after some standard tests, they decided to see just how sober this guy really was. I think with plates like these he’d be able to do this all night long, drunk or [More]
For a diver seeing a manta ray approaching you is both exhilarating and scary, but this manta is not there because of its inquisitive nature – it was looking for help. Some time in the past the poor thing got caught into a fishing line which gradually cut itself deep into manta’s flesh. I guess it figured that the only ones who could take the fishing line off are those who cast it – the humans. As soon as the diver touched it, the manta ray flinched in pain, but I imagine the pain of living with it for the [More]
Video: Red panda adorably fights rock. No, from the internet chatter, it is hard to  understand what’s going on here . When you look at the zookeeper expert posts, there’s suspect that there’s an insect on the rock, but we’re find just enjoying it for what it is.  
If everyone could just see this video the world would be a better place. It teaches a valuable lesson about how things we have in common are much more important than our differences. When the new kid moved into the neighborhood he wasn’t able to join the basketball game. But instead of excluding him or choosing a game more suitable to him, they decided to make everyone equal. This is right in so many ways it makes me want to smile. The way he says “C’mon” in the end is so natural, so perfect, it means a lot by saying [More]
If you asked this 8-year-old boy to jack up a car, he wouldn’t be able to do it, yet the paramedics and his family credit him for saving his dad whose chest had been crushed when a car fell over him. J.T.’s dad was working on a Prius in his back yard when he got trapped under the car with more than a dozen broken ribs. He couldn’t move and he couldn’t breathe, but luckily J.T. was there. However, when he was asked how he had found strength to do it, the boy said he had someone helping him the [More]
If you watched this without any context you would think this was a professional dance crew… after all their performance made it to the official Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” DVD as a bonus material. In reality, what you’ll see below is 1500 Filipino inmates, carjackers, criminals, burglars all dancing in unison to a medley of Michael Jackson songs. It took them more than a year of practicing to get this good but watching their synced up moves is so mesmerizing you just know it was worth it. For some reason I can’t imagine this happening in any of US [More]
Some say parenthood is tough, and it sure can be, but watching this dude bond with his son will show you the most amazing side of being a parent. Mom was out and it was dad’s turn to babysit, so he decided they should have a guys’ night. Just the two of them, a baby carrier and Michael Jackson, that’s all it takes for an awesome afternoon and is a foolproof recipe for a viral video. Watching this I knew what was coming but I was still laughing my butt off from the beginning till the end. This is adorable [More]
For their third birthday this hair salon from Majorca decided to give a complimentary makeover to one customer. They chose Jose Antonio, a 55 year old homeless man who tried his best to make a living by serving as an unlicensed parking attendant. When he showed up at a salon Jose Antonio looked just like you’d expect a homeless person to look like, long and unkempt gray hair and beard, dirty outfit and lack of self-confidence. After they were done with him, he looked like a million bucks. Honestly, shaving a homeless man and giving him a bath is one [More]
Relationships are though… This girl is what, 2 years old, and she’s already fighting to keep her man. When it comes to this song, most of us have our favorite version of it. Dolly Parton, White Stripes, Miley Cyrus, Pentatonix, this father-daughter duo… Which one is your favorite? I know for sure this is mine. It’s performed by a girl named Sophie, not exactly a well known singer but she’s going to be one when she grows up. It may not be the most emotional cover of the country classic I’ve heard, but it sure is the cutest by far. [More]
Some people just excel at their job. This plane haven’t even taken off yet, but I bet you these passengers will remember it more than any other flight they’ve been and it’s all thanks to this awesome flight attendant. The passengers paid for their seats, but they got a comedy show for free. What this lady did is an incredible way of relaxing the passengers before the flight and have them pay attention to safety measures. I don’t know where this flight was heading but I’d fly with this lady to the end of the world, she’s that awesome. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]