YouTube superstars Pentatonix are at it again this Christmas season. This time the a cappella band that started their career on NBC’s the Sing-Off are joined by another superstar with talent show experience – Jennifer Hudson. The American Idol alumni performed “How Great Thou Art” with the band and it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. With voices like these, who needs music? I know it’s too much to ask but how awesome would it be if Jennifer was a permanent fixture in PTX. Either way, I know I’ll be playing this on repeat until Christmas. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
Kenny Holland, even if that name doesn’t sound familiar yet, don’t worry, it will. The guy is steadily building his singing career and this video showcases his musical genius that puts him out there with the brightest future stars. He and his sister Capri did a mash-up of two all-time classics. I could never imagine these two songs could be mashed into one but they managed to make them sound oh so good. This is “Can’t Help Falling In Love/Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by the Holland siblings. Maybe it’s just me, but this guy looks a bit like Elvis, too. [More]
You don’t hear the term Mono Mono twins very often. It’s a name given to a pair of twins who share the same placenta and the same amniotic sac in the womb, and the reason there’s not a lot of them is that they’re extremely rare and the pregnancy is usually riddled with complications. So when these two girls were delivered holding hands, healthy as can be, they made headlines all over the world. After dozens of interviews and appearances the parents eventually returned to the life of raising 3 kids. Fox 8 News Crew visited them on the miracle [More]
This little girl understands that daddy is a soldier and he has to go away for long periods of time, but just because she understands doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss him. That’s why he sent her a special present all the way from Afghanistan – a teddy bear in military uniform to remind her of daddy. But this bear has a secret, he has a special button and the girl’s reaction when she pressed it made me tear up. It was her dad’s voice telling her how much he loved her. There’s something so sincere about this kid, you can [More]
When you think about wedding ceremonies, everyone imagine the bride walking down the aisle to the classic “Here Comes the Bride”. It’s so dignified, so gracious… so… ordinary. No, this wedding party had a different plan and it was so awesome even the Priest was feeling it. Who said they had to wait for the reception for the party to begin? First it was the groomsmen and the bridesmaids setting the stage, but just wait for the bride’s great entrance. Even the website Shoot-It-Yourself that specializes in wedding videos admit it’s the first time they’ve seen something like this. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
As hundreds of people walk in and out of this McDonald’s in India, most of them don’t even pay attention to a boy selling pens in front of the restaurant. One man did. He decided to bring him in, buy him lunch and hear his story. What the little boy said broke my heart more than I’m willing to admit. The way he lives, how he supports his family, no child should ever have to go through that. I wonder how much food gets discarded just from that one restaurant in a day as he slaves so he can buy [More]
You gotta be either super confident or super crazy to attempt this song for a talent show audition. Seriously, anyone can carry this tune, but definitely not like this. Ashland Craft’s blind audition on The Voice was so freaking amazing whether the judges would press the button or not was never in doubt, the biggest decision was on her, who was she going to pick to be her coach. Their reaction as she was making the call speak plenty about how much potential this girl has. This is Ashland’s rock rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” and it puts a [More]
His entire life Lyle James Berryman thought he was the only child, so you can imagine his shock when his mom confessed on her deathbed he had siblings who had been put up for adoption after birth. In the meantime, Christina was looking for her birth mother and her journey led to Lyle’s door. As amazing as two long lost siblings finding each other after 3 decades is, that’s not the end of the story because Lyle knew they had two more sisters out there. They took a photo together and posted in on Facebook and it went viral. Now [More]
I know there are some species of fish that can crawl in the mud for short periods of time but this is the first time I see something like this. Is this evolution happening before our eyes? These spectators who were actually there were amazed as much as I was when all of a sudden an octopus emerged from the water and started walking towards them like it was no big deal. They stepped aside and recorded in awe when the little creature delivered the second surprise of the day, he left a gift for them before quietly retreating into [More]
Even though I’m not the biggest fan of ice skating, I’ve seen enough of it to know that you don’t see many performances choreographed to this song. It’s such a shame. When you think about it, “Hallelujah” has the timeless elegance and grace about it that goes perfectly with the ice skating and the seemingly effortless flow of their moves. This girl, Taryn Jurgensen recognized that and when the time came for her to select a song for her Funakoshi Trophy performance that took place in Burbank, California, she picked the cover of Leonard Cohen’s song. The result is simply [More]