Today’s the day Digby learned a valuable lesson. He was taking a walk with his owner when they spotted a group of geese. The lesson was not that geese can fly, but that they can swim. Most dogs learn that by watching the birds playing in the pond, but poor Digby was so excited trying to catch them he failed to notice the grass under his paws changed the hue of green and was about to get a lot wetter. I have no idea how his human remained so composed. I would have been laughing uncontrollably. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
Members of an elephant family share probably the strongest bond in all of animal kingdom. It’s a sense of belonging that connects not only the living members, but they also seem to have a deep respect for their ancestors as well. During their travels, this family came across the bones of a female elephant. Scavenged and sun-bleached they were sitting there as a reminder that there’s no escaping the circle of life. However, watch the reaction of the herd as they start examining the remains; watch how gently they inspect them and how they huddle up as if they pay [More]
Naomi Joy Bakker’s story is so amazing it makes you realize how strong humans are, even the tiniest ones. She was born 15 weeks premature weighing only 12oz. She was so delicate and fragile her parents weren’t allowed to hold her for the first two weeks of her life. However, after that period had passed, the doctors felt she needed skin to skin contact with her mom and dad to help her grow and heal. This is the first time this tiny little girl was held by her mom and it became their daily routine for 4 months until she [More]
Some of you may remember the 80 year old street performer, a lady named Natalie Trayling who gained a worldwide support by playing her original piece on the streets of Melbourne, Australia back in 2014. Now in 2018, at the age of 84 she’s still as humble as she’s ever been and more than capable of creating music magic on a piano. Recently she was told there was a piano in a “David Jones” department store and it didn’t take long for her music to make impact on the shoppers and her YouTube audience alike. This lady is an inspiration. [More]
When it comes to music instruments, they don’t get much simpler than Kalimba. Just a few metal stripes and a rectangular wooden resonating box produce a sound that resembles a music box, but in the hands of a talented musician, even something as simple as that can make magic. This guy was chilling in the park with his dog when he realized this Elvis Presley classic would be a perfect fit for Kalimba’s sound, and boy was he right. We’ve been told by Elvis fans that this is the most soothing version of the song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” [More]
Jaw dropping, gravity defying ski stunts make for one amazing video and I’m sure you’ve all seen few of them in your life. However, there’s one crucial element missing from this brilliantly edited video – SNOW. Candide Thovex, a world class skier feels at home on the Alps’ snow covered slopes, but he decided to get out of his comfort zone and travel the world in the full skiing gear and the results are spectacular. From sandy deserts to rain forests and the Great Wall of China, there’s nothing Thovex can’t ski on. I have no idea what these skis [More]
Hey, if you thought the elderly are just into smooth tunes and aquarobics, get ready to have your mind blown. They can shake it off to Taylor Swift with the best of them. Instead of doing the usual activities for senior citizens, this energetic bunch tried something you’d expect their grandchildren to do – recreate Taylor Swift’s super popular video. The results are as inspiring as they are hilarious. These old timers not only have the moves and stamina to outswift the country/pop superstar, they top it off with a big dose of humor. This is probably one of the [More]
Many will look at 16 year old Jared Watson and see nothing but a handicapped kid. However, the most amazing thing about him is that he took what little of his body was left unaffected by his condition and polished it to perfection. Jared may not have the use of his arms and legs but all he needed was his voice. He was taking part at a talent show singing I Told You So by Randy Travis and the video recorded at that event went viral. When I heard him sing I could not believe it was his voice. What [More]
Who knew blowing leaves could be so scary? Sure it can be loud but that’s something you expect, but what happened to this dad nearly gave him a heart attack. He was just about to attack a big pile of leaves with a leaf blower when a tiny head popped up from under there. Because of the leaves flying everywhere and dad falling to his bum it took me a while to figure out what had happened. The look on the guy’s face as he realized what he was blowing is priceless. You can’t fake this reaction. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
The world’s most luxurious private jet, complete with high-tech amenities, a master bedroom, and enough room for 40 people, is truly one-of-a-kind — and it cost an estimated $310 million to produce. The commercial Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft can usually carry between 240 and 335 passengers — but the purpose of this model is a little bit different. The aircraft has been gutted and fully renovated to include market-leading technological innovations, including remote-controlled blinds and furniture, dimmable lighting, and an extra spacious shower. The commercial-aircraft-turned-private-jet is the only one of its kind — and costs around $74,000 an hour to [More]