Whatever you do, go big or go home. When this guy decided to sell his 20 year old Suzuki Vitara, he could have put an ad somewhere and get like 2 offers, or he could do something like this. Holy smokes, this is the best commercial I’ve ever seen. Two minutes ago I had no interest in buying a used car but now I want it so bad… and I’m not the only one. Since this video hit the internet the guy’s been overwhelmed with offers and some go as far as saying this should become the official Suzuki commercial. [More]
Even before Reuben Gray, a 16 year old singer-songwriter, started his audition you could tell it was going to be something special. As he was introducing himself to the Britain’s Got Talent judges he was cheered on by his mom and his girlfriend. His biggest fan however, his dad, unfortunately couldn’t make it because he works in Iraq and Afghanistan. Midway through the interview one voice could be heard from the crown and it was the only voice that knew all the lyrics by heart. Am I the only one who cried watching this? goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
Next time someone complains how tough college is, show them this video. The story broke out when the campus police at Gordon State College found a young man sleeping in a tent in a parking lot. However when they learned his story not only did they not fine him, they decided to help him out and now his story has reached millions. 19 year old Fred Barley knew he had to make it for registration day, but with no other transportation other than a child size bike he spent 6 hours riding 50 miles to the campus. Thankfully, these Good [More]
A guy was driving down the road when he spotted a strange looking creature moving around the dirt. He got out of the truck and soon realized it was a thirsty armadillo digging for water in the ground. Since the armadillo wasn’t having much luck finding water, the worker came up with a great idea. He kneeled down to the ground, took a cup of fresh water and gave it to the armadillo. The little guy soon realized that his new friend was next to him with a much-needed gift. Obviously happy to have made a new friend, thankful armadillo [More]
In 1988, Tom Hanks starred in Big, a movie that became an instant classic. One of the most iconic scenes from the movie was when Tom Hanks’ character, Josh, performed the song “Chopsticks” on a piano mat with his co-star, Robert Loggia. Now, decades later, he’s reenacting the scene. But instead of having Robert Loggia as his partner, he performed with a special guest – Sandra Bullock! The result? A hilarious performance that will most definitely put a big smile in your face. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var tag = document.createElement(‘script’); tag.src = “http:\/\/www.youtube.com/player_api”; var firstScriptTag = [More]
When alone a human being is a weak creature but if we put our minds and our strength together we can move mountains. Back in 2014 there was an incident in Perth, Australia when one man got trapped between a train and the platform at a station. He couldn’t get his leg out and moving the train backward was out of the question. I have no idea who came with this idea but it was just crazy enough to work. Using the combined strength of hundreds of train passengers they managed to tip the train car sideways just enough for [More]
I think these future mom and dad are so ready to be parents and judging by what happened during their 14 week ultrasound their baby is gonna love them. During the exam their doctor was looking at the baby top down when she touched hands together 3 times. Of course they had to rewind and play the footage back but this time with a little soundtrack that goes perfectly with it, LOL. Hey their baby isn’t even born yet and she already knows how to dance. No one can compete with that. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
Man, those sobriety tests are getting more and more difficult. I can safely say that if this becomes the standard procedure I’ll be in jail A LOT. Not long ago a University of Central Arkansas junior was pulled over for a suspected DUI, or at least that’s the official story. I think the cops saw his license plate and decided to have a private show, LOL. Either way, after some standard tests, they decided to see just how sober this guy really was. I think with plates like these he’d be able to do this all night long, drunk or [More]
For a diver seeing a manta ray approaching you is both exhilarating and scary, but this manta is not there because of its inquisitive nature – it was looking for help. Some time in the past the poor thing got caught into a fishing line which gradually cut itself deep into manta’s flesh. I guess it figured that the only ones who could take the fishing line off are those who cast it – the humans. As soon as the diver touched it, the manta ray flinched in pain, but I imagine the pain of living with it for the [More]
Video: Red panda adorably fights rock. No, from the internet chatter, it is hard to  understand what’s going on here . When you look at the zookeeper expert posts, there’s suspect that there’s an insect on the rock, but we’re find just enjoying it for what it is.