When they say that the divorce is hardest on the kids, it’s usually true, but this is not one of those stories that will leave a bad taste in your mouth. This is a story of a girl who instead of losing a dad after her parents got divorced, she got TWO. Brittany Peck always felt pressure to pick between her biological dad and her step-dad, both men she got along wonderfully but who never liked each other. The beautiful thing about this is that on the day of her wedding she did not have to choose. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Uncles and Aunts are the best family, so when these smart twins got a huge craving for marshmallows they knew who to go to. Mom or dad would probably say no, but luckily they have the coolest uncle. They knew the answer will be “yes”, now the next question is “how many?” I just love how smart these girls are. They bang on the plate and are like hurry up and put those marshmallows here! Maybe it’s just me but I swear I could hear the little girl saying “We love them” at about 1:20 of the video. My heart [More]
It’s that time of the year when we all know Santa isn’t real but somehow he manages to get everyone gifts regardless of whether we believe in him or not. Well, almost everyone. There are people out there who don’t get presents, who don’t even have a tree and who’ll spend this Christmas alone and in the cold. This guy figured they haven’t been naughty, why should they be left without a present. He started talking with the homeless people in his area and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. You’d be surprise how little things make people so [More]
When this guy got a call from a panicking neighbor, he just thought there’s probably a mouse or some other little critter that he needs to deal with. When he got there he realized it was a critter alright, but it wasn’t little by a long shot. A huge bear caught a whiff of dog food coming from this garage and decided it’s time for a nice snack. He hauled 20 pound bag out of the garage and into the shade where he enjoyed probably the best meal he had in years. And just like people do after a nice [More]
Pancho and Temuco are lion brothers who were snatched out of their natural habitat and forced to perform in a circus for years. Only days before this video was taken they were rescued from the circus by Animal Defenders and for the first time in their lives they got to enjoy each other’s company without someone cracking a whip. Their rescuers were in tears when they saw these two, now elderly brothers enjoying little things in life, like hugging, rolling around, and generally being bros. I hope this is just the first step towards them being released back into the [More]
Pandas are so endangered and so difficult to breed when Min Min the panda went into labor, the world was holding their breath. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a short labor turned into a 3 day ordeal for the momma. A labor so long meant her baby might be dead. Still, Min Min kept pushing on, with body language that suggested she was in pain when all of a sudden it happened. The world became richer for one new baby panda, and it’s a girl. She may seem tiny and weak, but according to panda experts, Min Min’s daughter [More]
Even though you wouldn’t be able to tell just by watching popular music videos, singing is much more than jumping half-naked on stage. We promise these 9 beautiful, modest and incredible talented young ladies will amaze you by their beautiful voices so much so, you’ll get chills. A breathtaking setting, angelic figures and those incredible vocals along with the everlasting tune of “Amazing Grace” is all it takes to make listening to music truly a divine experience. It’s a shame these girls won’t get as many shares as most “pop stars”. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var tag [More]
Mastering Irish dancing takes years of practicing, lots of passion and an experienced tutor… but apparently, some kids are natural talents. Two year old Georgia spotted Emma O’Sullivan, a veteran dancer, performing on a street in Galway, Ireland and was immediately inspired to do her own choreography. The toddler’s version may not be the most polished of the two, but it melted hearts of everyone who watched her that day. O’Sullivan has known Georgia since she was a baby, but she never danced like this before. Her debut got more than 7 million views on Facebook so we think she [More]
Being a parent means being prepared for some sacrifices. This mom did the ultimate one and she did it moments before her son was even born. She was all prepared for what was supposed to be a routine C-section, but when she got to the hospital the doctors found a dangerous and often deadly condition that put the life of her unborn baby at risk. She was given a choice, two options, one that would spare her but potentially kill her baby and the other that put her at risk. Because of her selflessness, tiny Declan Bugal became a 7-pound, [More]
Two envelopes came in the mail today for two amazing siblings sent by a stranger who saw a report on them saving their baby brother from a kidnapper. In them, a special surprise and a personalized note thanking them for being such amazing brother and sister. 8 year old Alicia and 10 year old Brandan saw a 15 year old kidnapping suspect snatching their little brother out of the stroller and trying to escape. They immediately started chasing him eventually returning the baby back to their parents. The whole thing was captured by the security cameras and it proves what [More]