The day has finally arrived, the new iPhone is out with its updated looks and improved thingamabobs and water proof things. It’s the coolest thing ever and millions of people are already lining up to spend hundreds of their hard earned dollars. Jimmy Kimmel decided to investigate how iPhone users would respond to a new model first hand. Not surprisingly, people were impressed. It was superior in every way, lighter, faster, you name it. The only problem is that they weren’t holding the new state of the art iPhone7… They were holding their own phones. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
If you don’t get chills the second you hear this tiny little girl sing, something might be wrong with your hearing because this is unbelievable. Angelina Jordan is the girl who won 2014 season of Norway’s got Talent, so there wasn’t any doubt that she was talented, but hearing her sing “Fly Me to the Moon” accompanied by a single acoustic guitar is something else. I can’t wait to see what an amazing career Angelina is going to make and I’m already her biggest fan. Such an old soul in such a little girl. Amazing. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
If you’re one of those people who love tigers but are sane enough to know you can’t keep them as pets, we present you Thor, a Bengal cat with such beautiful coloring you’ll barely know the difference. Thor became an Internet darling after his owner posted a picture of him on social media site Reddit. The next day he was surprise to find the image on the front page with thousands of people falling in love with the majestic feline. Even though Bengals are great pets, they’re known to be very expensive costing up to $1000, but seeing how gorgeous [More]
In a perfect world, every baby would be born healthy and strong, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are babies who have to be hooked on tubes and respirators from the moment they were born, there are parents who don’t get to hold them for months on end. In times like that, one woman has helped dozens of families to stay strong and to stay sane in those difficult times by caring for their newborns with unprecedented love and care. Now, they got together to say Thank You to this amazing woman. Get your tissues ready for this [More]
If you’ve been overweight your entire life, losing that weight is the most difficult thing ever, both physically and mentally. It may be difficult, but as this Arizona man proved, not impossible. At the age of just 28, Pat Brocco weighed a staggering 605 lbs, however after one visit to the doctor he decided he would be fat Pat no more. His method of losing weight was unique, he decided to walk 1 mile to a local Walmart every times he was hungry. Soon, 6 miles a day turned to regular workouts and the food he was eating changed as [More]
You hear the phrase “domestic violence” so often we all got numb to how terrible it is. Well this real life 911 call by a brave little six year old named Lisa will give you a raw insight into how terrifying it is. Beware though, the audio you’re about to hear is so unsettling I’m still shaking. This 911 operator got what she thought was a routine call, but instead heard a little girl’s voice begging for the Police to be sent. If I was this operator, I would just crumble up on a floor and cry and as for [More]
Lanicia Lawrence has grown to become one of the star players of Missouri Western Griffons, but unfortunately her father was not there to see it. Staff Sgt. Berry Lawrence has been serving his country for years and before this practice the two hadn’t seen each other for 10 months. When coach pulled Lanicia aside she didn’t think nothing of it, but when she turned around she just couldn’t handle it. And she wasn’t alone. There was not a dry eye in the room that day. Thank you sir for doing your best for our country. God bless both of you. [More]
Like many schools, this Colorado school has a dress code and shaved head is just not allowed, so when Kamtyn came to school completely bold one day, she was asked to go home and not return until her hair grew back. When her mom posted a rant on Facebook explaining why Kamryn shaved her head the nation-wide firestorm erupted which prompted the school to issue an apology and take her back. We support discipline and obeying the rules but after all LOVE is the most important lesson you can teach. This 9 year old showed exceptional courage for doing this [More]
Admit it, if you weren’t socially conscious you’d love to do exactly what this dog did. On a hot summer day at Brooklyn Museum, this pup was taking a walk with his human. While most people were trying to cool off in the shade, this dog had a better idea, taking a dip in a fountain. The only problem was that this particular fountain design isn’t exactly meant for swimming. That didn’t stop him from not only cooling off but having a blast. This dog is having so much fun I wish I was there with him. So awesome. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
This is what raising the kids right looks like and it’s so sweet it warms my heart. I thought this baby closing her eyes before a prayer is nothing but a coincidence but according to her dad, she does it every single time and the family prays 4-5 times before their meal every night. If you have any doubts, just watch it until the end. Well, “a-ba” still counts as Amen in baby language. Being such a devoted Christian, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was her first word anyway. How awesome that would be. God bless her and her [More]