I don’t think any of these fishermen will be bummed out about the “big one that got away”. In fact, it makes for quite an extraordinary story and if I hadn’t seen it on camera I wouldn’t have believed it. It could have ended up real bad for them, with an enormous monster creeping up on them from below. But apart from its size, there’s nothing monstrous about this gentle giant. You see, this whale had a close encounter with a fishing line that got stuck in its mouth. Unable to remove it in its own, the smart animal decided [More]
In ice skating, there’s a moment when everything just clicks, the song, the chemistry, the costumes. When that happens, it’s one of the most exhilarating sports to watch. Earlier this year it happened at the European Championships. As French Champions Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres waited for their cue, you could feel something awesome was about to happen. Dancing to The Weeknd’s “Earned it” the electricity between them was palpable, the technical execution – perfect. I watched this dozens of times and I can’t believe how hypnotic it is. It goes without saying that the crowd, the commentators, the judges [More]
In many ways Nuremberg, Germany is just like any other old European cities, beautiful cathedrals and medieval architecture blends in with the modern day street performers and tourists. On YouTube, however, it will forever be known as the stage for one of the most amazing flash mobs ever. Back in June 2014 among many buskers on the streets of Nuremberg, there was one who was a bit different. Wearing a tuxedo and holding a cello, he didn’t get a lot of attention until one little girl approached him and started playing a flute. Then, it’s as if the entire city [More]
No, those aren’t the spotlights in the background of this amazing video and this isn’t recorded on stage. The man in the video is Dr. Elvis Francois, a third year resident in orthopedic surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and those are operating room lights behind him. He used a break between two trauma surgeries to clear his mind and relax by singing. Even though a hard working surgeon is definitely something worth sharing it’s his voice and singing skills that made his video go viral. Dr. Francois says that “hearing is healing” and that art and music are part [More]
Move over Sia, I think we’ve got a new star. This parrot was enjoying the rain so much he started singing his favorite song, Chandelier by Sia. Okay, we admit, the popular singer doesn’t have to worry about this cutie taking her job (at least not yet), but it’s still the best performance of this song by an animal. It’s so good, in fact, I thought it was fake at first. For all we know, this is just singing in the shower for this birdy, give him a microphone, a stage and a weird wig and he’ll be up there [More]
Before he became Dr. Hannibal Lecter , Nixon, Picasso and countless others personas Sir Anthony Hopkins immortalized on film, it’s a little known fact that he was an aspiring composer. More than 50 years ago he composed a Waltz which up until recently no one had ever heard. However, 4 years ago he decided to send his hand written sheet music to Andre Rieu, a world famous violinist and conductor and ask if he would play it with his orchestra. Mr. Rieu was stunned by the beauty of the piece as I’m sure all of you will be when you [More]
Never in my life have I seen a video that gave me goose bumps from the first second to the very end… until I saw this one. As a non-practicing Christian I’ve never felt closer to God than after watching this. It’s an acapella rendition of “Nearer My God, To Thee” performed by BYU Vocal Point. I can spend hours telling you how awesome it sounds and what a perfect harmony the voices of these guys make, but I still wouldn’t be able to convey how it feels listening to them. You just have to hit play, close your eyes [More]
When you think Irish Dance, Texas isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind, yet recently some of the best young Riverdance crews gathered at the North Texas Irish Festival. The show that wowed everyone who attended and millions of internet viewers started off with this beautiful girl doing what seemed like a solo performance. I got so mesmerized by the movement of her feet that I was almost taken by surprise when her partner joined her on stage… and it only got more awesome from there. Make sure you watch this to the end. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
Oh boy, Christmas came early this year and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. For me two events mark the beginning of the Christmas season, the Christmas commercials start rolling out and Pentatonix release their new video. If you didn’t catch their last year’s album you missed out on a lot. There’s something about their unique acapella style of singing that brings back that picture perfect caroling nostalgia and you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. This is “Away in a Manger” by Pentatonix and I promise you’ll love it. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
I’m a firm believer that in this messed up world of ours there’s still a lot of kindness left in humanity… you just need to know where to look. The crew of What Would You Do put random people to the test. They had them be witnesses of a blatant theft when a blind person was being very publicly robbed by a waitress. How many of you would step forward, speak up, confront the thief, ask to talk to her supervisor or even make a scene? Personally I’d have hard time containing my temper in this situation. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]