Half naked dudes in baggy shorts and Chuck Taylors are probably not the first thing that pops to mind when think about jazz music, yet somehow these buskers filmed in Union Square, NYC make it work. I don’t know if Cab Calloway who wrote and originally performed Minnie the Moocher back in 1931 would approve of this. However, being a natural entertainer he’d be amazed to see how many people enjoyed this rendition of this song. It’s raw and engaging and after this I can’t imagine it being performed at hip and trendy jazz clubs. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
Ads usually have the opposite effect on me. They make me want to NOT buy the product. This awesome commercial though, it’s probably the best I’ve ever seen (and I’m not prone to hyperbole, LOL) I dare everyone to watch any 30 seconds of it without smiling. Whoever made it knew their target audience and they did a fine job getting them to fall in love with the product. I can tell you what this commercial is for, but trust me you’ll want to hear it from this redneck handy-man. When was the last time you watched a 5 minute [More]
I always thought UPS delivery guys loathed holiday season because of the increased work load, and it may be true for most people, but this is one delivery guy who judging by his reaction had the best day ever. He was delivering a package and he was confused when he discovered there was another parcel on the doorstep. He read the little note and opened it. Just how much he appreciated this little token of appreciation from the home owners you can see by his little jive. I had a good chuckle watching him perform for his imaginary audience. What [More]
Like most parents this dad has a habit of singing to his infant daughter whenever she’s upset, it’s just that he does things a little bit differently. He goes the whole nine yards with multiple instruments and a recording studio and judging by the baby’s reaction – it works. For this one he had the rest of the family pitch in for the most adorable rendition of “Don’t worry, be happy”. Sure, the youngest member of the family band doesn’t contribute too much vocally as the singing is done by her big sister, but because of this cutie the video [More]
Pentatonix YouTube channel gets about 6 million views daily. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since they’ve grown to become a worldwide brand, but not so long ago they were just a bunch of hopefuls who auditioned for a talent show called The Sing-Off. The Sing-Off hosted by Nick Lachey lasted for only 5 seasons and couldn’t really compete with American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The X Factor and other more popular talent shows, but what it did manage to do is jump start careers of these 5 amazing a-cappella singers. In the video below you’ll see the first time [More]
While most kids are going crazy over Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or whoever the latest pop idol is, Angelina Jordan’s music taste wowed critics as much as her voice. Some of you will remember her stunning rendition of “Fly Me To The Moon” she performed when she was just 7. We shared it a while back, but Sinatra is not the only legend on Angelina’s playlist. Last year, she performed Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” for a TV show. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by how perfect she is, but I still got blown away. The girl’s got a gift. [More]
I don’t think any of these fishermen will be bummed out about the “big one that got away”. In fact, it makes for quite an extraordinary story and if I hadn’t seen it on camera I wouldn’t have believed it. It could have ended up real bad for them, with an enormous monster creeping up on them from below. But apart from its size, there’s nothing monstrous about this gentle giant. You see, this whale had a close encounter with a fishing line that got stuck in its mouth. Unable to remove it in its own, the smart animal decided [More]
In ice skating, there’s a moment when everything just clicks, the song, the chemistry, the costumes. When that happens, it’s one of the most exhilarating sports to watch. Earlier this year it happened at the European Championships. As French Champions Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres waited for their cue, you could feel something awesome was about to happen. Dancing to The Weeknd’s “Earned it” the electricity between them was palpable, the technical execution – perfect. I watched this dozens of times and I can’t believe how hypnotic it is. It goes without saying that the crowd, the commentators, the judges [More]
In many ways Nuremberg, Germany is just like any other old European cities, beautiful cathedrals and medieval architecture blends in with the modern day street performers and tourists. On YouTube, however, it will forever be known as the stage for one of the most amazing flash mobs ever. Back in June 2014 among many buskers on the streets of Nuremberg, there was one who was a bit different. Wearing a tuxedo and holding a cello, he didn’t get a lot of attention until one little girl approached him and started playing a flute. Then, it’s as if the entire city [More]
No, those aren’t the spotlights in the background of this amazing video and this isn’t recorded on stage. The man in the video is Dr. Elvis Francois, a third year resident in orthopedic surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and those are operating room lights behind him. He used a break between two trauma surgeries to clear his mind and relax by singing. Even though a hard working surgeon is definitely something worth sharing it’s his voice and singing skills that made his video go viral. Dr. Francois says that “hearing is healing” and that art and music are part [More]