Dancing together for 35 years doesn’t only make you good at it, you learn how to speak with your body. I was never able to see it until I saw a 60-something year old couple performing at the Grand Nationals. When the host announced Charlie and Jackie I thought it was going to be another geriatric couple who had like 3 ballroom dancing classes, but boy, was I wrong. They are breath-taking. By the way they flow and anticipate each other’s movements it’s clear they’ve been doing this for decades. I’ve never seen anything like it. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
Meghan Trainor’s Grammy Award winning hit “All About That Bass” taught us that we should all love our bodies and since it got out it got millions of fans, but I never even realized that amongst all of them, there was a very extraordinary one. This girl went into her stable and began dancing to the popular song, but the most amazing thing happened when she pointed to the horse. It seems that the adorable giant shares the same taste in music with its owner. After all, it does weigh few hundred pounds and wears them proudly, lol. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Even if you’re not an artistic person, this art exhibition will blow you away. At first glance it looks like a regular gallery with stone sculptures, but what sets it apart from every other is that when you lift these statues you get something that resembles CGI more than real life. The secret behind these works of art is that they’re made out of paper, not stone, but this is unlike any paper mache you’ve ever seen. They’re created by stacking thousands upon thousands of layers of paper and carefully carved into their final shape. What happens when this girl [More]
With 2 days before Christmas this handyman dad decided to give his kids something they would never forget. With tight deadline and even tighter budget, he managed to handcraft an indoor tree house and transform their plain old bedroom into a place of adventure and awe. I’m a grown man and I’d love to have this. Rather than having beds take most of the space, his design features storage space, a hammock and a pretty awesome “cave area” underneath and it was done just in time for Christmas. Do you think his girl will like it? Just wait for their [More]
When you take your infant twin daughters to a routine medical check-up, the last thing you want to hear is the diagnosis Alissa and Michael Dunn got. One of their little girls, Madeline’s stomach was unusually swollen and their pediatrician knew it wasn’t looking good. As if that wasn’t enough of a test of their faith, as soon as they began seeking treatment they got another shock – Isabella, their other daughter had it too. Thus began a painful and heart-breaking fight of two incredibly brave little girls against the worst opponent imaginable, a fight many before them had lost. [More]
When this guy decided to upgrade his pond, he chose the weirdest thing to add to it. He put a fish tank in it, but there’s a twist… he placed it upside down making sort of an observation tower for the koi. I don’t think even he believed the fish would actually swim inside but when he walked out of his house the next morning it became like a living centerpiece of his back yard. I love this so much but even if I knew how to build this, I never would have thought the fish would actually use it. I [More]
The Matrix movies used millions of dollars and top notch technology to produce those shots in which the actors seem to be frozen in time as the camera pans around them. This guy did the same thing with an iPhone and a piece of string. I still can’t believe how awesome this looks. Granted it took a bit of tweaking and experimenting but when he finally got the footage of the ski ride he took, it was mind-blowing. You can almost feel like you’re out there with the guy. He calls his invention Centriphone, but really you can just go [More]
For people living anywhere in the except for Norway, this little girl getting ready to sing to a huge crowd may seem out of place, but those of you who happen to be Norwegian know they’re in for a treat. This cute 8 year old is none other than Angelina Jordan, a singer and a future Jazz star who won Norway’s Got Talent back in 2014 by singing Jazz classics. With all due respect to modern pop stars, their songs aren’t the most demanding pieces of music you’ve ever heard, but to have the level of vocal control necessary to [More]
Famous Youtube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with a cappella group Vocal Point to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for some random girls. When the girls were least expecting it, they would sneak up on them from behind, start singing a love song and offer them a single rose. Most “victims” jumped in shock, but then couldn’t help but smile and tear up a little. This was just as much fun for the men as it was for the girls. Happy Valentine’s Day. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var tag = document.createElement(‘script’); tag.src = “http:\/\/www.youtube.com/player_api”; var firstScriptTag [More]
It’s been a while since we witnessed an American Idol contestant go big, but the farewell season of the talent competition may have found its latest star. Joshua Wicker’s auditioned only weeks before the birth of his daughter, and when you hear his rendition of Rihanna’s Stay, it will give you chills. There was no in-your-face high energy attitude we see from some contestant, just an emotionally driven effort from a proud dad-to-be. I’ve never see anything like it. Of course, the judges’ decision was unanimous. If you want to hear more from Joshua, you can visit his YouTube channel. [More]