This wealthy Indian business owner gave his daughter a wedding she’s always dreamed of, but instead of giving her a wedding gift he did something the internet won’t stop talking about. He reportedly spent 200,000 dollars to build 90 houses for the homeless. That’s a roof over the head and brighter future for 90 families in a country with 78 million homeless people. When you’re facing such enormous numbers, 90 can seem like nothing, but it’s a start. As for the newlyweds, we wish them all the luck and we know at least 90 families who’ll pray for their happiness. [More]
Planning a family has a whole bunch of pros and cons, but moments like this are what usually make the “Pro” side win. Have you ever seen a video so adorable it makes your ovaries tingle (or brovaries if you’re a guy, LOL)? Well this one will. It shows a bonding time between a dad and a baby over a relaxing bubble bath. What makes it so irresistible is that the baby finds the bubbles HYSTERICAL. That laughter and dad’s sense of humor is what made hundreds of thousands of people fall in love with this. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
Every time I watch wedding videos I tear up, but after watching this one I was a sobbing mess. Everything about these newlyweds’ day was perfect, everything but a fact that two people couldn’t make it, two people who know the recipe for a successful marriage, the bride’s grandparents. Even though they weren’t there, their presence and their wisdom could be felt in the room, but then dad took the phone and gave it to the bride. What followed is the most emotional toast I’ve heard and by the time it was over there wasn’t a dry eye in the [More]
Snow days are the best, not only is the school closed, but you also get to play with your friends all day long. That’s the students we’re talking about, but what about the teachers and the principals? Surly they feel bad about all that education that’s being missed on… Well, think again, LOL. Principal Sean Martin at Waterloo Elementary School, took us on a tour during blizzard Jonas last year. Echoing empty hallways, no children’s laughter, no lectures, it’s probably the saddest day of his life. Not exactly. It turns out, snow days are awesome for everybody. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Firefighters, Solders, Police Officers… they’re all hailed as heroes by the entire nation, but one special teen prefers to look up to men and women of the often forgotten profession – humble mail carriers. Every day, this 17 year old boy with leukemia waits for his mail to arrive and is always happy to see the mailman. His community and local post workers decided to make a surprise for him, so this they when he got outside waiting for a mail truck, he was shocked to see a whole fleet of them. The postal parade in his honor is their [More]
Oh, the sweet brave baby girl, I can’t even imagine what kind of pain she had to endure during endless months of fighting this illness, but the scariest thing is that no one could have predicted it. Three year old Sienna’s face became covered in painful blisters after she kissed a family member last year. Every morning she woke up with blood covering her PJs and bed sheets and for months, nothing worked against the persistent herpes virus. Eventually she had to be put on an IV drip at the hospital but the tiny fighter stayed strong and that gorgeous [More]
18-month-old Asher Nash clearly loves the camera and everyone will agree he’s simply adorable. However, when his mom submitted his photos to talent agencies, she just wasn’t getting any call backs. When she asked why, she was told that it was because Asher has Down syndrome and the clients need to ask specifically for a model with disabilities. After sharing her experience on social media, thousands of people stood up in support of the little male model and sure enough, Asher got a call… not from a talent agency, but OshKosh B’gosh who wanted him specifically to be the face [More]
As if performing in front of the judges and thousands of people in an audition that can define your career isn’t hard enough, this girl had to overcome much more than that. Anna Clendening suffers from an Anxiety and Depression disorder that’s been affecting every aspect of her life. She fought hard to get to where she is now and as thousands of judging eyes looked at her she knew they expected something magical. Cue the lights, crowd gets silent… and Anna’s guitar and her voice deliver the most emotional version of this song I’ve heard in a long time. [More]
Can’t we all just make peace and stop arguing if Christmas is more about Jesus or Santa. We hope this little holiday song will put a smile on your face. It’s performed by this dad and his little elf and we know you’ll love it. At first it starts as a loose rendition of everyone favorite Christmas song, Jingle Bells, but the lyrics tell a somewhat different story, a story of baby Jesus and how the entire world came to celebrate His birthday. I can’t get enough of this, I just don’t know if it’s because of the song or [More]
Chadmichael Morrisette is returning to his home town Eagle River, Alaska for the first time in 19 years. His family, friends and high school teachers are there to give him a warm welcome, but they’re not the reason he returned. The reason is the guy who bullied him. Chadmichael was bullied so badly that after graduation he moved to California and vowed never to return. He buried his high-school nightmares and made a career for himself until one day 19 years later he received an E-mail from his former tormentor that made Chadmichael break his vow. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]