Auditioning for a show that’s being watched by millions of viewers is something that would make even the most confident singers nervous, but when you have a boy that’s as humble as Christian, you can only imagine the pressure. Now we’ve seen plenty of contestants that went on that stage scared and nervous and one thing they have in common is the moment the music starts all of that goes away. When you do something you’re passionate about it’s as if you transform into another person. When the music began and Christian started singing the judges couldn’t believe it. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Being a mom is a lot like working on a project and having someone constantly hitting the Undo button. Sure, if you’re lucky you can get a lot of work done around the house but it shows for only a second or two and the best part is you get to do it all over again tomorrow. This mom made a video to show the world what it’s really like taking care of one playful baby. It doesn’t come as a surprise her video got millions of views and an amazing support from moms all over the world. Dads? I’m [More]
Whatever your religion is, it’s a fact that we just don’t know what happens after death… that’s why it’s called faith. However, the story of a young boy obsessed with baseball may provide some clues. Ever since he could walk Christian has been obsessed with baseball, even though his mom and dad have never been baseball fans. A kid who likes baseball, that’s hardly a story worth sharing, but then one day Christian saw a photo of Babe Ruth, got very upset and kept saying “He was mean to me”. His mom did some research and showed her son pictures [More]
If you like getting roasted than this is the place for you. When this video went viral some time ago people were appalled by the way this waitress treated these people. Cranky attitude and slew of insults don’t usually spell a good tip, in fact it will most likely get you fired, but that did not happen to this girl. Her name is Kryssie and the place is called Ed Debevic’s. With the menu and the décor designed as a throwback to ‘50s and ‘60s their guests are also welcomed with the generous serving of sass. Something tells me this [More]
That’s it. This is hands down the most adorable video on the planet and there’s no one in the world who can convince me otherwise. Everyone loves babies, but if there’s something cuter than that it’s babies laughing. Whoever made this compilation realized there’s one more level above that, the concentrated essence of adorableness that will tickle your ovaries unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Even if you never wanted a kid, you’ll want 10 of them after watching this. We present you babies laughing in their sleep. Kittens and bunnies and other cute stuff have nothing on this, we promise. [More]
As if being a teenager isn’t confusing enough, the journey this young man went through is an emotional roller-coaster. Elijah Thomas was adopted in a closed adoption which means he couldn’t search for his biological parents until he was 18. Then he met his mom and her family and started his story of self-discovery as he tried to answer the question “Who am I?” But there was one piece of the puzzle that was still missing, his father. Elijah eventually tracked him down and decided to film their first encounter. This could have ended so badly, but then it was [More]
A man with no family dies alone, it’s something that happens every day but we rarely get a chance to really see the story behind the last days of those lonely individuals. When the Department of Social Services asked Pastor Thomas McCracken to conduct funeral services for a man from his community, he also took a role of the executor of the estate. When he went to visit the deceased man’s home he was shocked by the conditions this man spend his last days in. With no relatives to help him out, his home turned into an unlivable pile of [More]
I don’t care if you’re a big lumberjack or a trucker or a manliest man in the world… just watch these adorable ice skaters and I promise you’ll love it. It’s impossible not to. Heck, I’ll be the first to say I don’t know a thing about ice skating or the classical music but there’s something about this that once you hit ‘Play’ you just have to see all of it. Meet twins Dakota and Katarina DelCamp. Back in 2009, when they were only 4 they performed the sweetest choreography of Nutcracker the world has ever seen. Love it. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Judging by the crowd you’d think that Bruno Mars himself made an appearance, but actually what everyone were looking at was just this ordinary elderly couple. Scratch that, there’s nothing ordinary about them. They’re freaking amazing. As soon as the DJ played their favorite song these two started dancing, disregarding the people who started flocking around them mesmerized by their moves. I will bet you they were professional dancers back in a day, but even so, this is incredible. They seem like awesome people to be around and just watching them do their thing made me smile. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
There’s a lesson here on how to deal with ladies so gentlemen, pay attention. This little lady was getting through one of many hissy fits toddles throw every day, but this time mom wanted to record it. The first part of the video looks just like an ordinary kid’s temper tantrum, angry, crying and generally very un-ladylike, but watch the moment this girl saw she was being filmed. There’s no way she would let the bad mood ruin a perfect photo shoot opportunity. So next time you get into a fight with your wife/girlfriend, instead of arguing – try this. [More]