I don’t care if you’re a big lumberjack or a trucker or a manliest man in the world… just watch these adorable ice skaters and I promise you’ll love it. It’s impossible not to. Heck, I’ll be the first to say I don’t know a thing about ice skating or the classical music but there’s something about this that once you hit ‘Play’ you just have to see all of it. Meet twins Dakota and Katarina DelCamp. Back in 2009, when they were only 4 they performed the sweetest choreography of Nutcracker the world has ever seen. Love it. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Judging by the crowd you’d think that Bruno Mars himself made an appearance, but actually what everyone were looking at was just this ordinary elderly couple. Scratch that, there’s nothing ordinary about them. They’re freaking amazing. As soon as the DJ played their favorite song these two started dancing, disregarding the people who started flocking around them mesmerized by their moves. I will bet you they were professional dancers back in a day, but even so, this is incredible. They seem like awesome people to be around and just watching them do their thing made me smile. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
There’s a lesson here on how to deal with ladies so gentlemen, pay attention. This little lady was getting through one of many hissy fits toddles throw every day, but this time mom wanted to record it. The first part of the video looks just like an ordinary kid’s temper tantrum, angry, crying and generally very un-ladylike, but watch the moment this girl saw she was being filmed. There’s no way she would let the bad mood ruin a perfect photo shoot opportunity. So next time you get into a fight with your wife/girlfriend, instead of arguing – try this. [More]
No one likes Mondays. Getting up on a cold morning and going to work with thousands of others caffeine infused zombies… Sounds familiar? You wouldn’t think that there was anything in the world capable of transforming dozens of Monday morning commuters into a smiling, singing bunch, but there is… None of them was awake enough to notice there’s one guy with ukulele in the train car with them, but when another guy started handing out papers with lyrics on it, everyone knew what to do. No matter what day of the week it is, this is the feel-good video that [More]
If Audrey Nethary looks familiar to you, it’s because she’s a genuine Internet star. Audrey suffers from a rare disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Even though her illness is life threatening that didn’t stop this bouncing ball of cuteness from embracing life and making a difference. She spends her time trying to raise awareness for DBA, but you may remember her from this video of her dancing at the International Zumba Convention that made her famous. When she’s not melting hearts of millions of people she enjoys karaoke and dancing at home and it’s too adorable. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
It’s a blessing sharing the same forest with the deer, but sometimes you need to give something back. For these men that day came when they spotted 3 deer stranded in the middle of the frozen lake. After days of continuous failed attempts to stand up on their own they were exhausted and if these guys didn’t come along they’d have slim chances of survival. Luckily they came equipped with ropes and hovercrafts and were able to safely bring them back to the shore. That scene from Bambi doesn’t look too amusing now, I must say. So happy they were [More]
Most people remember Fred Astaire as one of, if not THE best tap dancer the world has ever seen, but if you were to ask Mr. Astaire who was the best, he probably would have picked this girl. Eleanor Powell is the only tap dancer, guy or gal, who really intimidated Fred, and the first time he saw her practicing for their scene he almost quit. Most of you probably don’t even remember the film they starred in, Broadway Melody of 1940, but it features one of the most mind boggling dance-offs ever shown on the big screen. I’ve never [More]
There’s a reason dog parents think of their fur babies as their children and it’s not only because they’re part of the family – they often act like children. Sibling rivalry is something that often happens with human kids, but you won’t believe how cute it looks when dogs do it. If you’re going to show affection you better make sure you distribute it to all of your dogs equally or you may expect something like this to happen. Jealousy, rivalry, call it any way you like, it’s so adorable it makes me want to hug them all goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
For most boys their dads are their heroes, their idols and someone they strive to become when they grow up. Unfortunately, not all dads live long enough to see their sons follow in their footsteps. When this boy lost his dad to cancer he wrote a school report about his determination to become a bull rider, just like his dad and it touched so many hearts it even got to FOX5’s Surprise Squad. When they walked into the boy’s home they started a journey in honor of his dad and made the dream just a little bit closer. He would [More]
This wealthy Indian business owner gave his daughter a wedding she’s always dreamed of, but instead of giving her a wedding gift he did something the internet won’t stop talking about. He reportedly spent 200,000 dollars to build 90 houses for the homeless. That’s a roof over the head and brighter future for 90 families in a country with 78 million homeless people. When you’re facing such enormous numbers, 90 can seem like nothing, but it’s a start. As for the newlyweds, we wish them all the luck and we know at least 90 families who’ll pray for their happiness. [More]