When the host of this amateur dance competition announced an elderly couple would take stage I expected them to get a few courtesy cheers for their attempt but I was literally blown away by them. They weren’t there to do a couple of moves and get applause for managing to go another day without breaking a hip, they were giving much younger couples a run for their money. By the end of their dance, the entire audience had their phones out filming them. I want to be like this couple when I get to be their age. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Everyone who knows anything about horses know how rare twin pregnancies are and it’s even when they do happen they present a great risk for the both the foals and the mare. That is why these two can be considered nothing short of a miracle. I’ve always thought Draft horses were gorgeous but seeing two draft foals prancing around the proud momma – it’s the most beautiful sight in the world. Four day old Fien and Lisa look so happy and ready to discover the world around them. Seeing those open fields and green grass around them makes me think [More]
Usually it’s Ellen’s guests who are swept with emotion for the opportunity to sit next to the Queen of Daytime TV, and Jacqui was indeed honored Ellen called her name. However the feeling was mutual because Ellen had to hold back her tears after listening to this woman’s story. 7 months earlier Jacqui and her husband lost their 3-year-old son. With her life in pieces she turned to one thing that kept her sane – her blog, but she had no idea that by doing this she was helping so many people who are going through hard times. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
How awesome would it be to have a wishing well? You could have as many wishes as you want, but as this girl was approaching Disneyland’s wishing well she only had one – to see her Marine dad again. The most magical place in the world lived up to its name and as the girl opened her eyes she saw a familiar face in the crowd. She will go through a lot in her life but I promise you this girl will remember this day forever. That’s the legacy of this place and I can’t thank enough to all the [More]
When this self-taught musician faced the judges with nothing but a keyboard in front of him, you could tell they were intrigued by him. There are some diamonds in the rough out there. But the real shock came when they learned he hadn’t prepared a song… the boy decided he would just wing it. Let’s face it, improvised performances tend to sound terrible unless you’re an educated pianist with years of experience, so you can imagine how the judges felt when he started playing THIS. I’d be impressed had he composed and rehearsed this prior to auditioning, but knowing he [More]
This girl is not only a talented singer/songwriter, (even more importantly) an amazing big sister. She was inspired by her little brother who was born with Down syndrome to write a song dedicated to him and it’s so sweet we’re delighted we can share it. First I have to say I LOVE the song, but their interaction and the way they look into each other’s eyes is so adorable my heart has melted into a puddle. Whether you like the music or showing people what a brother-sister relationship should be like, I think this deserves a share, don’t you agree? [More]
It may be shocking to see two toddlers covered in butter and every parent’s first reaction was to get mad at them, but listen what they had to say in their defense and you may change your mind. I mean, come on, who can stay angry at those adorable faces? Mom left her two sons in their bedroom thinking they were watching TV while she did some laundry when they showed up in the living room covered head to toes in butter. But they had a very good reason for it, LOL. My advice to her is “Be happy it [More]
Find a job that you like and you won’t have to work for the rest of your life. Judging by the approach this guy has, I’d say farming is definitely his calling. A few months back this man set Facebook ablaze with his awesome dance moves. Up until then the only audience he had were his farm animals but now he has thousands of fans all over the world. Now he has his own YouTube channel where he continues to put smiles on the faces of humans and animals alike with his dance choreographies and I just love watching him [More]
This guy had to face shark infested waters and freezing temperatures and come face to face with a huge, frightened animal, but at the end of the day it had to be done and the reward he received afterwards more than make up for it. This team of divers were shocked when a whale approached their boat and just stood there watching them, but then they saw it. She’s been entangled in a massive fishing net that dug deep into her flesh. Without thinking they jumped in and started cutting the ropes. The whale was so cooperative she even opened [More]
Whether we like to admit it or not, looks are important at any age. But it’s not easy to love your body, especially after a certain age. Bev, the woman in the video below, wasn’t happy about the way she looked for a really long time. With her daughter’s wedding coming up, Bev decided it was time for a change. So she reached out to a professional make-over artists, Christopher Hopkins. The man was happy to help Bev rediscover her beauty using a few tricks. You’ll want to see this! goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var tag = [More]