One aspiring Columbus fashion designer took the world (and social media) by storm not long ago. Normally, there would have been nothing spectacular about it, but when you think that that designer is Jimelle Levon, 18 year old senior who spend most of his life in homeless shelters, it put everything in different perspective. Jimelle turned his bedroom into his sewing empire after he designed a dress for his own prom date and got massive attention. Nowadays he sells up to 5 dresses a week every prom season and his sought after creations reach prices up to 450 dollars apiece. [More]
While most of his friends were spending their summer break playing video games or watching TV all day long, Tyler Hardiman decided to do something special – raise money for a man he never met. His idea? Start a lemonade stand and get enough money to help a policeman in his fight against cancer. A plan so innocent only a six year old could think of it. But once the word spread out, he had so many customers he had to get a help from his buddy to serve them all. His most valuable customers however were the man’s fellow [More]
I never thought that the most spiritual video I’ve ever seen is not filmed in a church, but instead – an empty silo. This farming family noticed that their silo had a unique acoustics, so they took their love for Jesus and their incredible singing voices and recorded one of the most unusual renditions of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” you’ve ever heard. I promise you’ll have chills listening to this. Those harmonies are unlike anything I’ve heard in the church or elsewhere. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var tag = document.createElement(‘script’); tag.src = “http:\/\/”; var firstScriptTag [More]
Krzysztof Chomicz, a Polish photographer was sent in to photograph this hellish terrain in Poland, but there he saw something that made him forget about his assignment altogether. Stuck in a thick mud he saw something moving, a young eagle must have misjudged his landing and started sinking. After contacting the local fire fighters and wildlife conservationists, there was no other option than attempt to rescue the bird himself. His only lifeline was a rope to the dry land as he slowly inched his way to the exhausted eagle. The entire operation was filmed by a drone and it’s the [More]
Armed robbery, a scared 7 year old girl and a heroic woman, the incredible surveillance camera footage became nationwide news a while back. Now, the girl’s parents and the woman who protected her meet for the first time. During a robbery, this girl got into a situation no kid should ever be it – staring at the barrel of a gun. One customer saw just how scared she was and risked her own life acting as a human shield in case the robbers started shooting. Watch the nail biting video and the girl’s emotional thank you to her guardian angel. [More]
Working with big cats may look cool and all, but this guy seemed to forget that no matter how well they know you, they’re predators and they won’t hesitate to attack if they get a chance. Eduardo Serio is the founder of The Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation in Mexico. Dealing with rescued cats on a daily basis means the guy is pretty comfortable around them and they’re comfortable when he’s around. But just how comfortable is too comfortable? Check out the top left corner of the screen. A leopard saw Edwardo had his back turned and quickly swooped in [More]
Carl Gilbertson and his wife Laura were just taking a stroll celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary and Laura, who’s suffering from multiple sclerosis thought it would be just that. However, after ten years of memories and tears, love and pain, this amazing man wanted to shout from the top of his lungs how much he’s in love with his wife. Unbeknown to her, he enlisted the help of the students of Liverpool Media Academy and surprised Laura with a special performance. Her reaction is the most genuine emotion I’ve ever seen. Just watch. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player [More]
Are you afraid of death? We all are. This is a beautiful world we live in and beautiful people we’re surrounded with, it would be a shame to leave it all behind no matter where we go afterwards. Famous British philosopher and speaker Alan Watts has a different view though, and after I heard it, the great scheme of life made more sense. There are other ways we reach immortality, ways that are way more interesting than living indefinitely and watching the same sunrises and sunsets over and over again. I got chills watching this and I promise, this video [More]
When it comes to food, some dogs can be pretty picky. Sure Max would have loved to get a taste of what his buddy there was having but when his mom tried to give him a shrimp I almost heard him saying “Are you crazy lady, I ain’t eating that”. This is hilarious. It’s not only that Max refused to eat what he was offered, he had to make sure his human understands perfectly that there’s no way in a million years he would ever let his tongue touch it. Nothing but the best for this Rottie. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Wow, I was sure dogs this cute existed only in Disney movies but this little Yorkie is not only real but you won’t believe what it can do. Misa Minnie is already a celebrity on social media with hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, and when you see all of her tricks, you’ll see why. Not only is she super adorable (especially wearing her glasses) but her mom managed to teach her all kinds of neat stuff thanks to lots of positive reinforcement and high fives. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Misa Minnie, [More]