When this video started to go viral I thought it was just another of those lip sync videos, but it turned out to be one of the most unique birthday gifts ever filmed, at least judging by this granny’s reaction. For 86 years this lovely lady was getting birthday presents but I don’t think any of them made her laugh and cry at the same time. She was just riding with her grandson, listening to radio when all of a sudden they interrupted their regular program with Breaking News. When they mentioned her name she knew something fishy was going [More]
I’m sure Shannon’s dad would have loved to see what a lovely bride she is, but unfortunately by the time he found out he had cancer the battle had already been lost. He passed away only a month later. On the day of Shannon and Don’s wedding, Don felt that his wife deserved her father-daughter dance and decided to do an emotional tribute to her dad. They were in the middle of their first dance as a married couple when suddenly the music stopped and the bride was given a chair to sit on. Keep watching, it gets better and [More]
How lucky do you have to be to witness something this spectacular only a few feet away from you? We tend to use the work breathtaking to often but this does take your breath away. This guy was out boating when he saw a flock of seagulls circling above his boat. He took a camera to record this strange behavior but then heard something on the left. When he panned the camera he caught a sight that he’ll probably never see again in his life. His reaction was… well… appropriate. If nature is able to make you so excited you [More]
What you’re about to see might be one of the biggest hoaxes you can, and you probably did, fall for. Inside Edition investigators decided to confront overpaying air-duct companies by installing a bunch of hidden cameras inside this house and then called the specialized companies to clean their (already clean) air-ducts. They found one company that offered a great deal, but after the guy came up with the bill I couldn’t believe it. What a rip-off. Still, watching his face when he was confronted and the way he tried to wiggle his way out of it is just too satisfying. [More]
LOL, they should have painted this guy a picture. They planned a surprise reveal for this dad (and grandfather to be) with this pretend photo shoot and all. At one point it was like playing charades but this dude is probably the worst charades player in history. If taking a photo in an “I’m pregnant” pose isn’t enough of a clue, nothing is. Just take a look at his face when the cogs finally began turning in his head. It takes cutting through lots of layers of denial before you realize your baby girl is gonna be a mommy, that’s [More]
This definitely falls under DO TRY this at home category…. In fact we recommend everyone tries it. It’s a real inexpensive and fun way to beat summer heat and it will make a fun little project for you and your kids. All you’ll need is a scissors, duct tape and of course, one pool noodle. The end result will make put on your swim suit and go nuts in the back yard. First you need to close one end of the noodle with pieces of foam and tape, then follow the rest of instructions from this video for maximum entertainment. [More]
It was confusion all around when these guys saw a strange bundle of feathers and scales wrapped around each other in the middle of this road in Arizona. When they came closer it looked like a fight for life and death frozen in time. A Red Tailed Hawk apparently bit off more than he could chew when he tackled a 4 foot long Bull Snake. The snake contracted and wrapped around its wings and they both got entangled in the sun. Getting close to an agitated snake and a bird of prey was probably not something anyone should do, but [More]
When your dad is called Little Dave no one expects you to break any height records but as it turned out, this adorable little guy may just do that. When Dave Jr, or Microdave as he is affectionately known, was born, he measured a whopping 12 inches tall, almost 9 inches shorter than the average American miniature foal. Nowadays Microdave has grown a little and he likes to take walks with his owner’s dog but when you see them together you won’t be able to believe your eyes. One thing is for sure though, this miniscule stallion is beyond adorable. [More]
Finding cure for cancer is probably the biggest scientific endeavor of our generation but the latest effort by the doctors seems almost too desperate. After recovering from a shock that there’s a tumor the size of a tennis ball inside her head, this girl faced another one when she was told how her doctors plan on fighting it. In a true “fight fire with fire” manner their idea was to inject a deadly virus that’s been eradicated from the US decades ago directly into her brain. Having nothing to lose she said “yes” but when she saw her latest scans [More]
In 10 seasons that the show has aired the judges have seen thousands of performers and heard thousands of stories but somehow, after all those years this mother daughter duo managed to move them to tears. They have only recently started singing together but after watching their audition I’m sure they’ll sing for many many years. Meet Ana and Fia. They chose to perform Barbra Streisand’s “Tell Him” – a song that has special meaning for Ana after getting out of abusive relationship, but the voices, it’s their voices that made this so amazing. It’s impossible to watch this and [More]