Santa has been busy this year, at least when it comes to this family. When this mom of 3 shared a photo of her Christmas three completely covered with more than 300 presents for her children she never expected the reaction of the public would be this dramatic. Some called her “materialistic” and reminded her there are kids who won’t get even one present, others shared her photo with a hashtag #TooManyGifts. She defends her decision with the fact that most of $2000 worth of presents were on sale when she bought them and no one should tell her how [More]
With billions of people inhabiting our planet and thousands of years of at history, to set yourself apart from every other artist in the world painting pretty pictures on canvas isn’t enough anymore. People invent new techniques, new mediums… We shared this artist who made pixel art using thousands of water cups, but what the guy in this video does is even more astonishing. He paints ON WATER. Rather than his brush, water is his canvas and the process is so hypnotic I can’t stop watching. The detail he manages to get using this method is unbelievable. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
If you ever watched gymnastics, you’ve seen that these boys and girls do things so insane it’s as if they’re breaking laws of physics on regular basis. But how do you push yourself that one last step that can be a difference between a gold medal and returning home empty handed? Well you have to be crazy enough to try something unique. This girl decided to incorporate some hip-hop moves and some twirking into her floor routine. How it all looked and if the judges were shocked in a good or a bad way you can check out in the [More]
Being a big brother is the best job in the world and even though Cal is only 2 years old he’s already doing an amazing job at it. His baby sister was feeling a little bit cranky and couldn’t stop crying, but watch what happens when he comes close to her. This is LOVE in its most innocent form. And you can totally tell the baby feels the same way about her big bro just by the way she’s looking at him. I know that just a few years from now he’s going to be her idol and her guardian [More]
This man was 5 weeks away from returning home where he was about to get married to his beautiful fiancée. He knew she was excited about the wedding, but still he found it strange when she sent him a personalized scrabble game that will test how much he remembers the important dates of their lives. He got the first two clues correct, after all you don’t forget your engagement anniversary and the day you’re about to get married that easily. But he got stuck at the third question. His reaction when he finally got it is just too precious. God bless [More]
U.S. Army soldier Mr. Glascott was at the airport returning home from oversees when, as it often happened, a stranger who was obviously into military started a conversation with him. He seemed to be just a regular American guy, a patriot who wanted to shake hands with a soldier. The stranger asked him to sign his book and leave his address so he can send a card as a Thank You for his service. The rest of Mr. Glascott’s trip was uneventful. He returned home and hugged his family for the first time in months before they headed on vacation [More]
I wept watching this video. It shows a harsh stressful reality of a Police Officer’s job. You’re patrolling in your car one minute and fighting for a boy’s life the other. Officer Chase Miller responded after 911 operator received a call about a non-responsive boy who was apparently having a seizure. When he arrived at the scene, mom was clenching the child’s limp body and at that point I thought it was too late. Officer Miller immediately started giving him CPR and the entire thing was captured on his vehicle’s dashboard camera. God bless you, sir, you’re a true hero. [More]
Texas area teenage boys were just cruising around the city when they spotted an attractive blonde in the back seat of a car next to theirs. They thought they’d flirt with her but the frightened look on her face suggested something was wrong. And then she mouthed two words – “HELP ME” Their night out suddenly became a wild pursuit for an alleged kidnapper. They followed the car for miles while talking to 911 operators the whole time. Dashcam footage and the audio of those calls released by the police is like something snatched straight from the movies. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
High school senior Solymar Solis seemed a little camera shy when she entered her classroom and saw bunch of them filming her class. What she didn’t know is that they were there for her. Blending in with the rest of her classmates was one person she never expected to see there. Hiding behind a big bouquet of flowers and balloons, still wearing the uniform he arrived from Kuwait in, there was her dad Sgt. Carlos Solis Melendez. After 9 months overseas, Solymar’s reaction was just too emotional for words. It’s stuff like this that makes you realize how much our [More]
As difficult it must have been for these two families to fight for their children’s lives, the fact that they found a silver lining in their struggles makes this story of illness and death oddly optimistic. You will cry and sob like never before, but by the end of it you will find inspiration and joy. It’s a story of two kids, little Avery Tool, a girl who was diagnosed with terrible heart condition when she was only 1 day old and who had her first surgery at 5 days old and Dalton Lawyer, a boy whose heart saved her. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]