Wow, compared to this story finding a needle in a haystack sounds like a regular occurrence. With a surface area of almost 620 thousand square miles if you lose anything in the Gulf of Mexico, don’t expect to ever see it again. Unfortunately for one man, that thing was a small Jack Russell Terrier. Against all odds, in the vastness of the Gulf, another boat came only a few feet away from the already exhausted pup just hours after he had been reported missing, but everyone agrees had it not been for this all-important piece of safety gear, he would [More]
Svetlana and Yuriy Pantelenko may seem like an ordinary Russian couple. They enjoy hanging out together in their back yard and cozying up on a sofa watching TV with their pet. It sounds pretty much normal alright until you meet their pet Stepan. Stepan is a 23 year old 7ft tall domesticated BEAR. He doesn’t live in some cage or God forbid out in the back yard where there’s no air-conditioning, he’s pretty much an oversized lap dog. Not sure how many times the neighbors called the cops on them but here’s an excerpt of their everyday life. It’s every [More]
Put a piano out on the street and chances are you’d get hundreds of wannabe pianists hitting those keys just for the heck of it, but every once in a while someone would start playing and then you’d see a moment of pure magic. When this 9 year old girl started playing the Canary Wharf Street Piano, a few passers-by lucky enough to be there at that moment didn’t expect this kind of performance. Ásta Dóra Finnsdóttir from Iceland could barely reach the pedals but was able to impress not only them, but millions of Internet viewers as well. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
I’ve never seen anything like this happen at the kids’ playground. At first I thought it was weird but when I realized why they were doing it, I was stunned by it. When this mom started filming her children and their friends playing there’s no way she could predict that the video would get millions of views on YouTube. Only seconds after she hit the record button, one by one the kids stopped what they were doing and stood silently for a minute or so before getting back to their play as if nothing had happened. I thought it was [More]
LOL, thanks to workouts like this, the term DadBod could soon get a new meaning. Having a kid is often an excuse for dads to get lazy and stop working out so this dance studio invented “Mommy mingle, dad dance” class, which we assume moms supported wholeheartedly, in order to encourage dads to spend more quality time with their babies and do some cardio workout in the process. Check out how these fathers coped with getting their groove on with their sons and daughters. I think they did marvelously. I can totally see this becoming a thing. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
A while back Suzy was part of one of Ellen’s many giveaways, when she received a key with a Hello Kitty keychain – and a brand new car to go with it. In the meantime Ellen got to know Suzy and her family a little bit better, she knew they were struggling financially and she invited them back on her show. What they did with their old car after getting Ellen’s present shows just how amazing these people are, so in the spirit of giving, Ellen introduced them to a roofing company called GAF. They thought they would get their [More]
Banjo may not be the picture perfect show dog but what this rescued pup did for his little human when he got lost without a doubt makes him a hero. When a 3 year old Virginia boy Mason got lost in the woods near his home it triggered a huge 8 hour long search effort, but as the sun was starting to set they feared the worst. Even though Mason was hungry, barefoot and scratched up badly, he was not alone. His buddy Banjo was there with him. When the dog sensed that other humans were nearby looking for them, [More]
“All the single troopers, all the single troopers”… We’ve got the last golden buzzer act in this season of Britain’s Got Talent and after Amanda sent this amazing girl straight to the semi-finals, this time it was the boogieman Simon Cowell who picked his favorite contestants. These guys (or are they girls?) showed everything Simon is looking for in a future entertainment superstar. If you look past the shock of seeing this strange crew on stage, they’re actually amazing dancers and a kind of act you want to watch over and over again just to see what they’ll come up [More]
I bet whoever put these crab nets didn’t expect they’d catch something as big as this whale. Unfortunately, it nearly cost one of the largest animals that ever lived its life. James Moskito recalls the time this gentle giant basically asked humans for help because they were his only chance of not drowning. Weighed down by the huge nets the whale found enough strength to surface next to Moskito’s vessel where he and other volunteers spent 5 hours in shark infested waters cutting the huge mammal free. The way it showed gratitude almost made me cry. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
In January, Gainesville PD received a complaint about local kids “playing basketball loudly” at 5 PM and generally not committing any crimes. Officer Bobby White was dispatched and he showed his style of policing by joining the boys, thus becoming known all over Internet as “Basketball Cop”. Even though he lost, he promised he’d bring backup for a rematch and soon after, he brought someone you may know to help him get those all-important rebounds. I just hope he doesn’t get fouled a lot because I hear he sucks at free-throws, LOL. If they manage to lose again, then these [More]