I you loved that guy who managed to fit 7000 light on a Christmas tree then you’ll be blown away by this absolutely breathtaking display of Holiday magic. You Tube channel The Piano Guys took over the entire neighborhood and installed 500,000 Christmas lights (that’s half a million, people), but none of it would have been this spectacular if it weren’t for one crucial ingredient – a piano. They hooked all of that lighting and controlled it with piano keys, so when this guy started playing you can bet the neighbors were watching. The show must have consumed enough electricity [More]
Some will say this is messing up with the tradition but dang, this has to be the most EPIC version of this 65 year old Christmas song. Performed by the band “for King and Country” if features more than one (and not so little) drummer boy, but it’s not the instrument that matters here… It’s the execution. I don’t think I exaggerate when I say this is the only Christmas song I know that could be performed at a Rock concert and the fans would love it. Even if you don’t visit this kind of events, I suggest you give [More]
This is the most popular, most performed, most covered song in US history. Pretty much every performing artist in the country had a go at it at some point of their career, so when you find one cover that got more than 6 million views you know you found something special. No, this isn’t Lady Gaga or any other musician with millions of fans. It’s done by 7-year-old Rhema Marvanne. The little girl captivated millions of listeners with her powerful and patriotic rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and I’m still in awe that a first-grader can deliver such awesomeness. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Presents are awesome. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, everybody loves waking up on Christmas morning to a roomful of gifts. However let’s not forget that the best thing you can ever have, you already do have. This lighthearted video reminds us that you don’t need the flashy new gadget, a sweater or a gaming console to be happy this Holiday season. With the right attitude every morning is Christmas morning and there are presents everywhere you look. Just take a break from shopping at least for a minute and watch this. It will put things into a whole [More]
Some of you will argue this is not the same as losing a million dollars because they never actually had it, but tell that to this grandpa who nearly collapsed on stage when he realized how close he got. They picked Food and Drinks as their category on Wheel of Fortune. Immediately, they got lucky when they picked a letter “C” which pretty much solved the second word. However, with only seconds left on the clock, they had to give their answer fast. Sure they got home with $26000, but I don’t think that’s good enough after they got this [More]
Boogie Woogie is making a comeback not only in ball rooms and dance competitions all over the country, but on YouTube as well. You can see why people are getting mesmerized by this energetic dance all over again. It’s impossible not to look at. That last statement is true even for a beginner boogie woogie dancers, but when you have world class dancers such as these, they just make you wanna get up and boogie yourself. This is a Winner’s Jam after Dance competition in Moscow a few years ago and it looks like so much fun. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
I was wondering how a video that starts with an old guy using his dance partner’s fist as a pretend microphone could get 4 million views, but it became obvious just seconds later. That cringe worthy moment was just an intro for a dance that earned this couple the title of Senior Couple of the Year. I’m pretty sure they’d rank pretty high up even with young competitors which is something you wouldn’t expect from their appearance. I was guessing slow dancing was more of their forte, but once the music started it was obvious this couple can boogie with [More]
There was a lot of bad thing going on in Barbara Garcia’s life after a tornado demolished the Oklahoma City suburb she lived in. She lost her home, barely made out of it alive but most importantly she wasn’t able to find her dog who was inside the house when the storm hit. Still, she was calm enough to give an interview to the journalist who covered the story. As they were prepared to wrap it up, the reporter so something move in the rubble behind Barbara. I was crying so much watching her reaction as she started digging through [More]
I don’t know if the fish was biting that day for these fishermen, but I’m sure they were happy with the catch. No one would have believed them they caught two bear cubs during their fishing trip on lake Vygozero, Russia, but fortunately one of them managed to capture it all on camera. The experts suspect the cubs’ mom overestimated their swimming abilities when crossing the lake so the little ones fell behind in the cold water. They were found exhausted and minutes from drowning. It was sheer luck these tourists were in the area. They gave them a boat [More]
It’s little bits of patriotism and pure awesomeness such as this one that make America the best country in the world. I don’t know of any other national anthem that’s performed with such pride and completely spontaneously as Star Spangled Banner. The Matthews Sisters are the rising stars of YouTube and thanks to their talent for music their gaining steady following across the social media. They usually perform Christian songs, but today while they were out with their family, they wowed everyone with their unique acapella rendition of the National Anthem. This sounds so incredible I’m speechless. This video deserves [More]