We shared some pretty funny animal friendships over the years but this is without a doubt the funniest. I lol’d so hard when I saw this, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything as funny as this. This woman was just coming into the barn to check on her horses when she saw this unusual scene. Perched up on one of her horses’ head was apparently his new best friend because it seemed perfectly comfortable there even when the horse moved his head. It’s either they’re best friends now or it’s the weirdest balancing act you’ve ever seen, lol. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
This mom set up a camera just to record her kids “talk” to each other but instead she captured a moment so adorable it got 2 million views in less than a month. There is a reason people say that a sibling is a greatest gift your parents can give you. The video shows a big sister of about 4 years of age playing with her baby brother. You can see the little one was more than excited he got some alone time with his big sis, but what he did next was just overwhelmingly cute. Their mom commented that [More]
A while back, a picture of a 7 year old girl who was volunteering at a dog shelter went viral and the entire world was moved by the girl’s tears. Meredith Vieira tracked the girl soon after to hear the full story. It turns out little Elizabeth got so attached to this dog (because she gave her kisses) so when the time came for them to part ways, she just couldn’t contain her tears. Elizabeth and her family appeared on the show to share their side of the story but what happened in the end came as a surprise for [More]
LOL, putting a new born baby into the boy’s hands is a huge responsibility. It may break, or its alarm might go off or something. There’s not a doubt in my mind that this kid was as excited about meeting his baby brother as any older brother would be, but I think he may have been caught off guard by the sheer sound volume this little bundle of joy can produce. So when the baby decided to say Hello the only way he knew how, his big bro’s reaction became the internet phenomenon. Get ready for the reality of having [More]
There’s nothing more attractive on both males and females than a beautiful smile and even though commercially available tooth pastes and whiteners may work just fine, you may want to consider this home-made natural alternative that’s far superior in any way. The recipe uses coconut oil, mint oil and one crucial ingredient that will not only make your teeth pearly white but it also helps with bad breath as it kills bacteria in your mouth. I would have never guessed this thing could whiten teeth as it stains almost everything else it comes in contact with. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
In 2011, Justin M. Lewis and dancing wunderkind Luke Spring took stage at DC Tap Fest and set the world of tap dancing ablaze. You will not believe how much story telling these guys can fit into a 2 minute performance. So how good two dancers have to be to still get millions of views 5 years after their original performance? The answer is “crazy good”. Actually more than that. What makes this tap dancing duo so incredible is more than just pure skills, it’s a mix of on-stage chemistry, style and mind boggling footwork, so rest assured – you [More]
Two and a half years ago, driving on a mountain road, this girl spotted something that I never thought anyone could do. An old and tired horse, almost starved to death and too hurt to even walk that someone just left there like an old rug. She wanted to help but the road was too bad for a horse trailer to get to him, so she did what she had to do, inch by inch, she walked the tired animal for miles to food, friends and safety. After years of being neglected and unloved, Bones as they affectionately named him, [More]
Motherhood is not very different no matter what species we’re talking about. A while back we showed you what caring mothers dogs can be, but what about pandas? Are these gentle giants really as gentle as they appear to be? The video you’re about to see comes from a Taipei zoo, when a baby panda took a moment his mom wasn’t looking to sneak out of his room and go on an adventure around the zoo. Even though just mentioning the words “baby panda” is enough for most of you to click the Play button, it’s what mom does that [More]
The guy in this video was right, it did make a YouTube sensation because how often do you see something like this. It is INSANE. They were just out enjoying some wakeboarding but nothing could prepare them for what Nature had in store for them. Just as this girl was starting her run a pod of dolphins decided to crash the party out of nowhere and make a simple day of outdoor fun into a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Have you ever seen anything this magical? I would crash in a second. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
Even though kids today may have never heard of the Statler Brothers, this one song has more musical magic than half of what they play on MTV today. “More Than a Name On a Wall” is a beautiful tribute to all the soldiers who lost their lives defending our freedom. It is so eloquently written and so emotionally performed it gives me chills every time I play it. Here’s to our troops, to everything they stand for and everything they fight for. There’s no better way to commemorate them than with this timeless country song. God bless. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]