adorable dachshund running through an open, grassy field. Pretty soon, its joined by a stampede of other wiener dogs — all in hilarious hot dog costumes!
Do not look at the man behind the curtain.
There’s a new type of thieves preying on primarily female drivers. They’re fast, they’re bold and in most cases their victims don’t even realize they’ve been robbed until it’s too late. “Sliders” as they are called, target their victims at gas stations and their main objective is the purses, bags or other belongings drivers keep on passenger seat. They work by pulling up next to the parked car while the victim is busy pumping gas, they slide through passenger side door, take their valuables and speed off. Watch this so you can know how to protect yourself. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
For most of us, snow days mean having to shovel your driveway just so you can get out of the house, but for this high school senior, it was an opportunity to do something good. This remarkable young man’s act of kindness made headlines when he asked his mom to pull over just so he could help a complete stranger. Hearing news like this amidst all the violence makes me think that there’s still hope for the humanity. This is the kind of news I want to see on my Facebook newsfeed, just a humble young man doing the right [More]
It takes incredible strength to pick up the pieces of your life after being left by your husband penniless and with 3 kids, but Denni did it. She has been working at least 3 jobs every single day to put her kids through college, lived in and out of homelessness on several occasions, but now she’s getting a recognition she deserves by none other than queen of daytime television – Oprah. And Oprah wouldn’t be Oprah if she didn’t have a surprise or two for this amazing woman. What she did for her and her family literally made me tear [More]