Can you beat Michael Jackson in his own game? Well this kid certainly came close to it. This 9-year-old competed at the Talent Show with Michael Jackson’s legendary choreography to his sit song Billie Jean. With the hat and the glove and the glittery jacket, the outfit was spot-on but I didn’t expect his dancing to be this good. The fact that this boy stole the show is that much more impressive when you consider he has no dancing experience, he learned all of it just by watching YouTube videos. I’m positive Michael would approve of this. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
With its amazing acoustics, the Lincoln Memorial is probably a great place for any singer to perform. However, anyone who’s ever visited it knows it’s not the quietest place on Earth for the majority of a day because of the hundreds of tourist present at any given moment. Still this lady decided to give it a go and let me tell you, the moment she started singing the entire venue went silent. It’s probably the single most patriotic moment I’ve ever seen on YouTube and I only wish I was there to hear this in person. Simply extraordinary. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
“The Dutch Reach” – most people this guy interviewed had no idea what that was, some of them even thought it was something inappropriate, but in the Netherlands they even teach it in their driver’s ed class. In the country where millions of people ride their bike to work, opening a door of your car can be dangerous, so getting out of your car using the Dutch Reach became social norm. It forces you to position your body in a way so you can see the incoming cyclist before it’s too late. Yes, old habits die hard, just take extra care [More]
If you think there’s something odd about this serene mountain side, you’re absolutely right. I kept my eyes peeled on the animal I noticed sleeping in that bush that I was caught totally off-guard by the big picture. I’ll give you a clue, there’s more than one animal hiding in plain sight and once you hit that Play button you’ll have about 10 seconds to count them all. Unless you have a superhuman eye sight I’m sure you’ll get it wrong. It’s a testament to how incredible the New Zealand’s Bull Tahrs’ camouflage skills really are. Share with your friends… [More]
It’s a shame we don’t hear more Tracy Chapman on the radio or popular TV channels. She’s one of the most underrated music artists of our time and this performance from 2015 when she was on Letterman proves that. I expected nothing less than awesomeness but it’s her choice of song that took me off-guard. Instead of her original song she chose to do a cover of an all time classic “Stand By Me”. Most of us have heard this song hundreds of times but when she sang it I felt like I was listening to it for the first [More]
I bet this reporter was blown away when he saw that a little report he did about an Irish sheep farmer’s stolen sheep had gone viral. Interestingly enough I don’t think people liked his report so much because of the missing sheep… it’s because of the farmer. I’d love to give you a summery of what the farmer said about his missing livestock, but the problem is that no one can understand a word of what he said. I’m pretty sure it’s English, but it might as well have been Danish. What do you think, is it just me or [More]
I don’t know what it is about this video of these two twin sisters babbling about socks, but I can’t get enough of it. This is not just a random baby talk, they’re actually having a conversation. I’m not sure if this is what all babies do or these girls just have much deeper connection because they’re twins but you have to agree it’s fascinating. We hope this puts a smile on your face and teaches you to find happiness in little things in life… like socks, LOL… or the video of two girls talking about socks. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
These 4 girls came up with this arrangement for “How Great Thou Art” while hanging out one evening on the living room floor. If anyone had told them that it would go on and get hundreds of thousands of views I don’t think they would have believed them. Yet, months later, the song has become their favorite way to close their sets and it’s been shared by thousands of people worldwide. When you listen to it, you’ll understand why it has become the fans’ favorite. Even if you’re not a religious person it will make you feel closer to God, [More]
Every parent remembers the shock of not being able to get a good night sleep when the new bundle of joy finally arrives. Crying is the only way newborns can communicate and you can bet they’ll use it. However these parents had no idea that their sleepless nights would get twice as difficult and that’s all thanks to their pet parrot. Mom and dad were awaken one night by their baby’s crying only to find it fast asleep. Then they realized what was going on. The clever bird quickly picked up the loudest sound in the house and the parents [More]
Wild animals have a natural born fear of humans, and rightfully so. We didn’t exactly do a lot of good in preservation of wildlife throughout history, but every once in awhile a video of sheer awesomeness comes out and  makes you think humans aren’t that bad after all. This owl got fishing line wrapped around its wing and it was stuck there perched up in the middle of the pond. The most miraculous thing is that when a man started approaching it so he could untangle the line, the owl knew he was there to help and was not only [More]