Ever since they started uploading their lovable duets on YouTube Yoni and Nina Tokayer gained fans from all over the world and their music reached millions. Those of us who followed them from the start recently noticed a new addition to their videos. They’re not a duo anymore and the newest member of this singing family only makes them cuter. There’s no better way to raise a kid than with music and watching a smile on the beautiful baby’s face as mum and dad deliver another amazing performance fills my heart with so much joy. This will make you smile, [More]
Peter Coukoulis has suffered from PTSD since his return to civilian life three years ago. However this Christmas he received a present that can help him in a way no meds could, with the power of cuteness. It was couple of weeks before Christmas, but this veteran deserved to get his surprise prematurely. He knew something was going on when he saw the box lid moving, but when he opened it he was so overwhelmed with emotions he started weeping uncontrollably. Innocent baby Beagles can do that to you, especially if you witnessed the horrors of war. God bless soldier, [More]
When you’re at the bottom, the only way to go is up. After getting out of an abusive relationship this mother of 4 found herself with no place to live. She decided it was a perfect moment to turn the negative into something positive and instead of renting a home, she decided to build one from scratch. The only problem was – she had no idea how to do it, so she and her kids turned to Google and YouTube DIY videos. It took a long time, countless sleepless nights and sore, bruised muscles but several months later they had [More]
If you Google “I Will Always Love You” the first result would be now immortal hit song performed by Whitney Houston, but younger generations may not remember that the song dates from the 70s and is originally performed by equally legendary Dolly Parton. Even now, Ms. Parton still continues to wow the music lovers worldwide so it’s no surprise this duet with Carrie Underwood gets so many views. Two country music divas perform Parton’s iconic song and the way their voices complement one another is just perfection. If you wanna teach your kids and grandkids about good music, let them [More]
Last year’s national anthem performance by Lady Gaga at Super Bowl L was all the organizers needed to see when they made the decision who to invite for this year’s half time show, and oh my goodness, did she deliver. Now that both the Patriots and the Falcons fans have their blood pressure under control we can talk about Mother Monster’s show. Even though the bar has been set pretty high by decades of amazing performances, I think Lady Gaga managed to raise it even higher. For those of you who were too focused on football last night, here’s the [More]
Getting a kid to something for any significant amount of time is incredible, yet this teen has been growing his dreadlocks for whopping 9 years. After all that time he decided he needed a makeover and without his mom knowing chopped off his signature locks. All was set for a surprise this mom will never forget. They waited for her to come inside before doing the grand reveal. It’s understandable why the poor woman was left speechless. Respect for the way you treat your mom, kid, and personally I think you look way better with your new hair. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
This is one of those little YouTube gems that make you wanna put it on loop and forget about your worries. Mom left the baby in his high chair while she tried to crack open a coconut when the most adorable thing happened. Apparently, cracking coconuts open is hilarious to 1 year olds. As soon as the boy heard the thud he just couldn’t stop laughing and God knows there’s nothing sweeter than baby’s laughter. That’s why you gotta love them, not only are they so darn adorable, they make for an amazing comedy show audience. Everything is funny. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
When Greg Thomas was diagnosed with cancer and his family told to start planning his funeral there was nothing he could do but reflect on his life on long walks he was taking with his dog… One of those walks took him to a crumbling old church that’s been without a congregation for almost a century. With the paint peeling off and the floorboards almost completely rotten, he thought there was no better way of spending his last days then trying to bring this forgotten building to its former glory. What followed came as a shock only to non-believers because [More]
Of all the dreams this little girl who suffers from pulmonary illness could choose, she chose to be a singer, to turn her weakness into her biggest strength and on New Year’s Day she had her dreams come true. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Georgia little Andi Jones was invited to perform in front of a packed stadium at Chick-fil-A Peach Ball. 70 thousand people held their breaths and sang with a girl who showed strength beyond her age and inspired America. This is her performing God Bless America and it is amazing. Keep fighting Andi, you’re already a star. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Most of the conservatives among you probably wondered at some point in your lives how you would explain a gay relationship to your kid… or any kid for that matter. It turns out they don’t require a lot of explaining. In fact, we’ll let this little guy explain it to you in as few words as possible. It took the little guy as little as one minute to figure it out all by himself. Yes, he usually sees husbands and wives, this is the first time he saw two husbands and that’s pretty funny. That’s all there is to it [More]