One woman got her gift early this Christmas as she was having a breakfast at a local McDonald’s restaurant, but it wasn’t delivered by Santa, but by a restaurant patron who happened to be in the right place at the right time. A loud scream coming from the restrooms froze everyone in their tracks that morning, all except for one man who knew it was his pregnant wife. Fortunately, nurse April Jones was eating at the same restaurant and immediately figured out what was going on. What followed is the story they will tell for many years to come. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
If you think shoveling snow is hard, it’s not nearly as hard as it is for senior citizens. Still, when the heavy snowfall covered her driveway, this lovely lady got down to business just like everyone else… that is until she was interrupted by the sound of a big fire truck. These amazing fellows were just returning from putting out a fire when they saw something that just didn’t seem right. They must have though one good deed for a day wasn’t enough so they pulled over and started doing this. The video captured by a neighbor immediately went viral [More]
If you’re in good health, have a roof over your head and food on your table you’re already more fortunate than 75% of the world. If you have something extra, consider paying it forward because there are people not far away from you who are struggling. That’s what Alex Rios did. When this day care owner started his business, his chef got cancer. Throughout her ordeal she didn’t tell anyone and never missed work once even during chemo. Because of her incredible commitment and strength and because she is a beautiful person, her employer wanted to do something for her. [More]
It’s a shame that this couple’s first dance as husband and wife got ruined, or at least they thought it was. Everything seemed perfect, they picked their favorite song for the dance – Mark Wills’ “Like There’s No Yesterday” but just as they started dancing there were some “technical problems”. Not the best way to begin their married life, right? Luckily, the special guest at the wedding knew the lyrics and the chords of that song, and when the bride saw who it was she couldn’t believe it. Now this is what I call a wedding surprise. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
We take animals out of their own homes and put them in these prisons for our own entertainment. We justify that by thinking they’re just animals, they’re not sentient, but time after time videos like this show that they’re not that dissimilar from us, and that particularly goes for big apes. This visitor of the Louisville Zoo made a fantastic contact with a resident silverback gorilla named Jelani. He started showing him photos of other gorillas in his iPhone and that caught his attention. The end of this video made me realize how much humans and gorillas are alike and [More]
Ask a child to draw you an elephant and pink is probably not the color they will go for. However, tourists in Africa recently spotted just that – a pink baby elephant that appears to be an albino was seen walking alongside its mom with a milky pink skin rather than more common grey. Albinism is extremely rare in African Elephants, so rare in fact that Nicki Coertze who took these amazing photos said that in 30 years she’s been visiting Kruger National Park this is the first time she’s seen one. Pink or grey or any other color, baby [More]
Random acts of kindness are the kind of stories we particularly like here at Daily Liked. They help us remember that the world is a beautiful place and that goodness in people always wins should you give it a chance. The following story is the one about a man who tipped his waiter in the most generous way possible – with a new smile. Attorney Fred Boettcher was having a dinner with his daughter when a waiter Brian Maixner greeted them with a big smile. Unfortunately, Brian’s yellow crooked teeth didn’t match his positive personality. That was all about to [More]
Getting old is never easy. It’s not easy for the seniors and it’s not easy for their families. However when you add dementia or Alzheimer’s , that’s when it really gets tough. This little video shows a son keeping his sick father’s company in the garden, but watch what happens when dad keeps asking the same innocent question over and over again, not even remembering that same conversation took place only seconds earlier. Yes, getting old is never easy, but there’s one more thing that’s equally as hard. Every dad did it and loved every second of it. Watch this [More]
Hey, even adults get confused when they get face to face with twins. What do you expect from this 10 month old baby, LOL? It was the first time his mom’s twin sister came to visit and even though meeting an auntie is always exciting, the fact that she looks a lot like mommy confused the little guy. When he saw her he must have thought she was his mom because his face lit up, but when she took him in her arms, that’s when he started noticing something’s off.  Don’t worry baby, I’m sure that soon you’ll figure out [More]
You can find little pieces of awesomeness everywhere you go… and the funny thing is you don’t have to go too far. These people were waiting for their train, just like they do any other day, but this time this young lady was there strumming her guitar. Before long, the whole crowd was looking at her. She played Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” in the way you play when you’re alone and no one is watching. Improvising and changing tempo as she goes, it’s as if she got immersed in her own music and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Someone should [More]