At first I didn’t understand what was so special about a girl watching Dancing With The Stars that 2 million wanted to see. And then the music started and the girl climbed the table. Nothing could prepare me for what followed. I have no idea who this girl is, but I’m pretty sure becoming a YouTube star qualifies her for the next season of DWTS. If the producers of the show watch this – Make it happen please. If she and her dad were able to do this in their living room I want to see what they can do [More]
By now the acapella group Pentatonix has grown from fairly unknown bunch of multi-cultural talented singers who resemble the real life version of “Glee” to a supergroup that collaborates with the most powerful names in music. Recently they did a cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, but 3 years ago a different kind of performance made them go viral all over the Internet. This is the Pentatonix lesson about history of music. They somehow managed to do a mash-up of tunes starting from 1600s up until 21st century and it’s so incredible I wish it didn’t have to end. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
What this businessman did on a flight touched the mom of an autistic girl so much she felt the need to write this anonymous stranger a touching thank you letter and post it online. Thanks to 70 thousand likes, it not only reached its recipient in less than a day, it became national news. Shanell Mouland knew what traveling with a hyperactive girl can be like, condescending smiles and looks over the shoulder. She learned to expect that, but what this man did, she did not expect that at all. He didn’t do some grand gesture or upgrade their tickets [More]
Here’s a great tip coming from a guy who specializes in quick and easy recipes. This is not a recipe per say, but a nice and simple hack that will take lots of pre-planning out of your cooking. It’s a butter softening trick. Most recipes require room temperature butter, right? The safest way to soften it is to get it out of the fridge ahead of time which takes time or use microwave that can easily make it too soft. This method is fast and easy and it will get you perfect consistency butter every single time. Awesome. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Sure we’ve had Segways and Hoverboards for years, but it’s only now that someone came up with an invention that would put that technology where it’s most needed. Wheelchairs have come a long way since being just chairs on wheels, but for a paraplegic, operating one hands free has been only a dream, until now. Ogo is much more than just a wheelchair… it’s a tool that provides core muscle exercises and improved mobility and independence. It can even transform into an off-road chair simply by switching to beefier tires. I think Paralympics will look a lot more different a [More]
Taking your kid to a doctor is stressful for any parent, however one particular doctor’s visit was heartbreaking for Nathan’s mom and dad. That’s when they discovered their baby boy lost his hearing… all of it. They kept their heads cool and evaluated their options which led them to this moment, a moment Nathan had his cochlear implants activated for the first time. Up until now he’s been living in complete silence. Watch what happens when he heard his parents’ voices for the first time and experienced the world around him in a way he was never able to. I [More]
If you’ve never heard any Pentatonix performance, this is the one to start with. If you’re a fan, this will blow you away. They just released their Christmas album and their version of holiday classic Hallelujah is so good it draws tears to my eyes. There is no instruments, just a sheer power of human voices merged together into something that puts you closer to God when you listen to it. I say human voices, but they sing like a choir of angels. If something more earthly is something you prefer, check out their version of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
From the moment Kelly O’Connell adopted her dog she knew she couldn’t get married without him being a part of the wedding. Unfortunately, only months before her big day Charlie was diagnosed with brain tumor. 80 pound Labrador who could once run for 20 miles couldn’t even walk a few yards down the Aisle and had to be carried by the maid of honor. For one last time he was there for his friend, giving her support at the ceremony. Unfortunately, only days after the wedding, Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge after 14 years by Kelly’s side. May he rest in [More]
Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised by human cruelty I see something like this. They call it Black Forest Bear Park, but park is the last word I would use to describe it. It’s a bleak, cold, concrete prison that was home to 17 bears. They were kept chained and had their babies taken away from them, spending their days begging visitors for apples. Fortunately they found an angel, the Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon got involved after PETA’s attention was brought to this dismal place and made sure they found a new home. The bears’ reaction after feeling [More]
Filling up thousands upon thousands of disposable paper cups with colored water is definitely not my definition of productive day, but when artist Serge Belo did it, everybody paid attention. He and more than 100 volunteers spent 62 hours meticulously filling and placing 66000 cups filled with rainwater simulating various levels of impurities to raise awareness to one simple fact – millions of kids live every day without access to clean water. When the camera zoomed out I gasped, not just because of the scale of the project, but because I realized what they were creating all along. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]