SIGUEME EN: Preguntame por: ¿Cómo sería la serie si hiciera caso a las peticiones más frecuentes de los fans?. Y me refiero a eso, meterlas todas de golpe. Pues aquí más o menos una idea. Pokémon belongs to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International. I do not claim ownership of the Pokémon intellectual property, and this series does not represent it in any way at all.
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FUNNY CATS will make you LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF – Funny CAT compilation 2017 By Cat Tuber. Get ready to laugh like never before watching this video of ultimate funny cats compilation of 2017, this laugh challenge are so funny. Here are some of the funniest cats videos. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and as always, Cheers! 👍 FOLLOW US: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ►Instagram: Check out our #new #funny #cats #compilation #2017: FUNNY CATS will make you LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF – Funny CAT compilation 2017 By Cat Tuber. This is simply too [More]
I’d love to hear in the comments section down below what you think about the whole agreement between these two. Did Squirrelflight do the right thing hiding the truth about the kits from her mate? Or should she have trusted him with the information? Was it reasonable that he got so offended by this and that he blamed Squirrelflight so much?
There’s only one thing that felines love more than laying around and doing sweet nothing – and that’s fitting into small places. They take even bigger pleasure in wrapping themselves in an Amazon box, a shoe shelf, or even a pizza box, when they know that their human thinks they won’t be able to fit – oh, the pleasure of proving your human slave wrong… While a lot of us find this cat behavior bizarre (I mean, why would you put yourself in a place that looks painfully uncomfortable), scientists have a couple of explanations for this amusing feline antic. [More]
I’d love to hear in the comments section down below what you think about about this scene. It seems as though in Bramblestar’s week he has many instances where he is offered a choice between good and evil and his action major impacts the story. Imagine if Brambleclaw was weaker, unable to resist the urge of power. Having the opportunity to seize leadership of ThunderClan so close to him! What if he had done it? Just tightened the noose a bit. He said so himself… only six lives stood between him becoming the next leader. What would have happened in [More]
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Small teams are often more agile and productive than larger ones. But in larger corporations, functions are often systematically divided for the sake of efficiency. So what can leaders do to help support the kind of team work that really works? CenturyLink UK’s MD, Richard Warley, explores some theories and shares his experience of how small changes to team dynamics can make a huge difference to business success.
In a constantly changing world, successful businesses understand that innovation can be key to their future success. But how does it work in practice? How can you turn creativity into action and how do you know which ideas will work? CenturyLink UK’s MD, Richard Warley, shares his thoughts about how successful businesses can best harness creative ideas in the workplace and turn them into workable and profitable solutions.
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