– OMG FINALLY like after so long they kissed, I’m so happy so I did this edit bc idk lmao I wanted to do something about this iconic kiss and I remember this song and made this compilation so I hope you guys enjoy. TT
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Senator Richard Pan shows up to the March For Science in Washington D.C. on Earth Day for a photo op. Unfortunately for him Joshua Coleman shows up as well. Camera by Joshua Coleman with editing by Oliva Mikos.
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Many quickly conclude that Bluestar is blue from her name, her description as blue-gray, and the fact that blue-gray cats exist. However, Bluestar is not as blue as you think. All the drawings used in the video are mine.
Today we had to do a little work around the house. Our dryer broke even though we just fixed it. Tim takes the dryer apart and runs a few tests to figure out what is wrong with it. It turns out it was one of the thermostats that we just replaced. We ordered a new one so we were not able to get the dryer fixed today, but we were able to do some work in the front yard. There is a stump in the front yard that we need to take out. Tim worked long and hard to get [More]
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Welcome Humor Talks Weekly News Troll | Thermocol Special Video – WNT#2 | Humor Talks this video target for Trending News in Tamilnadu and India..but Just for fun u don’t take serious ok..Every want to date updated politics and clash of society, comedy shows we are received you, and most important a very good platform our laughing happiness we are HT team really proud to say Thank you….’ u also enjoy the Humor Talks channel wait and see very entertainment and please Share and Subscriber Thanks Your Support and Credits !!