SUPPORT more videos like this at SUBSCRIBE at +++ The March for Science has had a lot of controversy surrounding it. Here’s what’s been going on. Links + transcript available at +++ ABOUT: Rebecca Watson is the founder of the Skepchick Network, a collection of sites focused on science and critical thinking. She has written for outlets such as Slate, Popular Science, and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. She’s also the host of Quizotron, a rowdy, live quiz show that pits scientists against comedians. Asteroid 153289 Rebeccawatson is named after her (her real name being 153289). +++ [More]
The trailers for «Thor: Ragnarok» and «Spider-Man: Homecoming» are both trailers for Marvel Studios movies, both were released in April of 217, yet the former was far more enthusiastically recieved than the latter. How could this be? In this video @AndreEinherjar will first give a rundown on the science behind movie trailers, then apply that to why the Thor Ragnarok trailer was so overwhelmingly positively recieved, why the Spider-man Homecoming trailer wasn’t recieved nearly as well, and finally, explore the possible business decicions that might have lead to the different outomes. Thor Ragnarok Trailer 1: Spider-man Homecoming Trailer 2: [More]
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Fraidy Cats Board Game Family Fun For Kids with Ryan ToysReview! Winner gets Egg surprise toys! Great Children Activities that’s fun for the whole family trying to be the first player to move their cat around the game board and back to the doghouse. Comes with a motorized dog! Also a fun educational game where kids can practice counting numbers to move their cat! Doc Ryan Pretend Play Check Up Shot Silly Surgery Operation Game for Kids Toys Doc McStuffins Ryan Twin Babies Check Up Gives Tummy needle Shot and farting baby Kids Games Indoor and Outdoor Children [More]
Spencer is a cat person. Lara is a dog person. Spencer is headed to a beach town to work on his thesis. Lara is coming to the same beach town to escape the shambles of her life. Their personalities couldn’t be more different, but when a reservation screw up lands them – and their pets – in the same vacation rental house, they all have to figure out how to get along with each other. Stars Cassidy Gifford and Wyatt Nash.
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