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Los mejores pasos de baile y las más increíbles acrobacias que han pasado por el escenario de ‘Got Talent España’ se han dado cita en ‘Got Talent Dance’. Los jueces del programa, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Edurne, Risto Mejide y Eva Hache, y el presentador, Santi Millán, han seleccionado a sus bailarines favoritos de las dos últimas temporadas del programa para volver al plató de ‘Got Talent España’. La apuesta de Jorge Javier: Ballet Kebanna, Fonty y Light Shock La apuesta de Eva: Freak Twins, Zistarlity y Samuel Martí La apuesta de Edurne: David y Javi, Madrid FRAO y Psicofusión Danza [More]
If you need proof that color is only skin deep, look no further than this story. Lucy and Maria are twins, they have the same mom and dad but their appearance couldn’t be more different. Maria has dark skin and thick curly hair while Lucy is pale, ginger and freckled. Even though their dad is Caucasian, Lucy’s and Maria’s mom is half-black. Looking at these teenage girls it’s so easy to label one of them as black and the other one as white, but the truth is that they’re both exactly one quarter black which makes the color of their [More]
Just got out of some huge rain! Flash is in the infirmary, Derek updates us on that. And we discuss the differences between life on the compound and Derek being in a different state. About the wild animal facility – My Patreon – — Follow BigCatDerek — TWITTER – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – TUMBLR – SOUNDCLOUD – VINE – — BigCatDerek Merchandise — APPAREL – RINGTONES – Search “Big Cat Derek” on iTunes mobile AND Google Play! — Follow CARE — WEBSITE – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM [More]
Ellen combined furry felines with an assortment of headwear for this edition of “This + That.”
Brian Cox describes the work of John Tyndall and his attempts to explain what makes the sky Blue and the sunset Red. Cox recreates Tyndall’s experiment using a few drops of milk in a long tank of water. Blue light is scattered more than longer wavelengths, so the sides of the tank look blue and the red light penetrates to the far end of the tank. Taken From In Search Of Science Subscribe for more awesome science –
The science of human nature makes for some uncomfortable reading. Read the article – For more awesome content, check out: Follow us on Facebook at: Catch us on Twitter @whatculture!
Celebrity Panelists: Horatio Sanz (“Great News,” “Saturday Night Live” alum) Niecy Nash (“Scream Queens,” “Claws,” “Getting On”) Mario Cantone (Actor and Comedian) Casey Wilson (“Gone Girl,” “Happy Endings,” “Why Him”) Lamorne Morris (“New Girl,” “Barber Shop: The Next Cut”) Martha Stewart (Businesswoman and Television Personality) Subscribe:
From kitty cats playing dress up to a cat who seems to have a lot on his little mind, here are 20 Weird Cute Funny Things Cats Do. Subscribe to Talltanic 9 – Cat Cross Dresser Playing dress up can be huge amounts of fun, especially when donning fishnets and going to certain midnight shows like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And this little tabby has decided to get into the fun, by donning their master’s favorite slip on shoes. The silver really does go with this cat’s fur coloring, can your kitty say accessorize? This cat sure can. [More]