Everyone who aspires to make a career in show-business talks about “getting discovered”. If you never witnessed someone get discovered, you can watch in the video below. A random girl from the Philippines grabbed the mic of the karaoke machine in front of the grocery store while her friend was recording and blew everyone’s mind singing “I Will Always Love You”. The video got millions of views and launched the girl’s singing career. Nowadays she goes by the name of Zendee, she has a contract with Warner Music and her fan base includes celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jessie J [More]
Loïc Nottet is not the name that’s hugely popular this side of the pond, but over in Belgium it’s a whole different story. He showed his talent on the Belgium’s version of The Voice and when you watch this video you’ll see why he made it to the finals. I can’t even say this is a performance. This is a voice rehearsal with no professional equipment, just an empty room and one spectacular voice. Nottet was practicing Sia’s “Chandelier” and it’s so incredible most singers can only dream of becoming this good. You can feel the emotion of every word [More]
If you’re an animal lover and/or have been following our stories you should be familiar with the name of Damian Aspinall. It’s a man who in this video famously reunited his daughter with the gorillas he released into the wild when she was just a baby. Now he’s paying a visit to another family of gorillas, but this time he’s bringing his wife Victoria with him. How would these highly protective primates react to a member of his group? Will they get possessive or are they going to accept her as a family. I have to admit, I got chills [More]
I would lie if I said I expected anything less than awesomeness from this guy. Sure, it’s easy to label him as overweight and be done with it, but John Lindo is a dance floor legend. His moves are so light and fluid it’s as if he’s defying laws of nature. The fact that he’s a fantastic dancer by any standard is not even the most amazing part of this video. Sure, the guy can move but it’s his confidence and how comfortable he feels in his own skin that makes him so charismatic. It’s impossible to take your eyes [More]
“Boys always get into trouble”, they say. “They never listen”, they say. Well, this video shows that discipline and good parenting can do wonders. These twins are just your typical boys, full of energy and always ready to climb, but comes the bedtime, they know the drill. I don’t know what their parents do for a living but this is military grade training. When it’s “lights-out” A.K.A bedtime, each of them goes to their own bed double-time. They even wanted to zip their mosquito nets too. I lost it when the boy on the left flipped into his bed. So [More]
This is what you get when you mix tap dancing and country music. For all of you city folk out there, it’s called clogging and when you do it right it’s so hypnotic to watch. Saying that these guys and gals are just “doing it right” is an understatement. They’re called Tap This! and they’re the world class cloggers. That exclamation point at the end of their name is there for a reason. This is their performance at CCA Showdown of Champions 2016 and let me tell you, tap dancers and Irish dancers got nothing on them. Boy, they can [More]
I think everyone wanted this guy to make it through. Sam came to the X-Factor with a mission to succeed and even though he had some close calls in the previous rounds he was as motivated as ever to give it his best. But as it often happens, sometimes the nerves get to you, sometimes you’re just not good enough. The judges tried to get the best of him but it just didn’t work. After some deliberation, Sam Black got a “NO”, but it didn’t stop him to become the most talked about contestant that day. Eventually, he did get [More]
When it’s time to go, you just know. Mama, a 59-year-old matriarch of the Arnhem Zoo Chimpanzee community knew very well her time had come. She stopped fighting, she stopped eating and didn’t respond to her caretakers. In a last ditch effort to get her to respond, they invited an old friend of hers. Professor Jan van Hooff and Mama have been friends since 1972 and so came to see his gravely ill friend. It took her awhile to become aware of his presence but when she recognized him, her reaction made me cry. They shared one last embrace before [More]
They say “Find a job that you love and you won’t have to work for the rest of your life”. For all we know this awesome guy was aspiring to be a dancer, but the fact he ended up as an airport employee didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion and expressing himself. The passengers on this watched with smiles on their faces as the guy did the most expressive aircraft marshalling I’ve ever seen. If he’s reading this I want to say “Thank you” for making me laugh out loud. Share the happiness. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
If you need a motivation today or a reason to do things you consider difficult, take a look at this story. In many ways Chris is just a regular farmer. He grew up surrounded by tractors and harvesters and did everything boys his age were doing. At 9 he learned how to drive a tractor and spent his childhood helping with the farm chores. The only thing different about him is that he’s been doing all that without arms and legs. Sure, it takes a lot more energy to do everything, but independence and his incredible personality are like rays [More]