This mom decided to put her baby’s lion costume to the test by having a real life lion judge it. Yes, yes, we know it sounds crazy but the lion’s reaction was totally worth it. This adorable kid had no idea that the big kitty on the other side of the glass is the king of the jungle himself but I don’t think he’d be in any danger even if there was no barrier between them. Judging by the lion’s reaction he seems to be completely fooled by the little humans disguise. It’s either that or he can’t get over [More]
I imagine it’s every bride’s worst nightmare that something at the wedding may not go to plan, and that’s exactly what happened to this bride. Something didn’t go according to plan, at least not according to HER plan. They were just about to say their ‘I Do’s when the groom interrupted the ceremony and approached the little girl that’s been quietly standing with the bridesmaids. I have no idea what happened after his little speech there because my eyes were blurry with tears. It’s a beautiful thing he did and I’m sure this guy is going to be a wonderful [More]
The reason surprise homecoming videos are so emotional is because it’s one thing family members want the most but it’s so far-fetched they don’t even dare dream about it. Every day this dad went to work and pretended he’s not worried for his son stationed somewhere in Afghanistan. Little did he know who he would see when someone interrupted his meeting by knocking at his office door. This is what happens when you let all of those pent up emotions out – a beautiful, heart-melting reunion of father and son. God bless and thank you for your service. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
We may think we have cracked the genetic code but nature still finds a way to surprise us. When this Brazilian mom gave birth to her first child, at first she thought someone at the hospital made a mistake, but as her family continued to grow, the things only got more curious. Three of her 6 children were born Albino. If you thought the condition is misunderstood that’s especially true for Brazilian rural areas. Not only do they face constant social challenges, there are some medical risks I didn’t know about. I think they’re beautiful. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
It doesn’t happen very often that a blurry photo of a stranger goes viral, but that’s exactly what happened with this pic of Kenneth Varnes. It was snapped during a funeral procession for a fallen veteran when a stranger saw Varnes standing by his truck in pouring rain, paying his respect. Curiously enough, Varnes, a soldier himself, didn’t even know someone was taking photo of him until later and he thinks what he did is the most natural thing. Varnes said the brotherhood of the military is why he felt the need to do it. I guess it is true [More]
The reason talent shows are so hard is that you’re not just competing against other contestants, there’s also the judges and their personal musical tastes and prejudices that stand against you. Yes, Simon thought this girl was crazy for choosing this song, it’s as unimaginative as can be and everyone has heard it a million times, but boy did she prove him wrong. From the moment she started singing it was clear they were witnessing something special and by the end of it I got chills running down my spine. This is why they say “less is more”. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
The new season of Britain’s got talent has just begun and the very first episode brought us a bombshell, the first Golden Buzzer. To everyone’s surprise it was Simon himself who excitedly reached for it after hearing this 15 year girl. Truth be told, if he hadn’t done it, someone else would because she is INCREDIBLE. Teenager Sarah Ikumu picked one of the grandest songs ever that not many professional singers would tackle let alone amateurs. She said it would showcase her vocal abilities and oh my God, did it ever… Just listen. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player [More]
It’s so adorable seeing a little girl play with her teddy bear like this, but when you learn the story behind it you’ll absolutely LOVE it. This little girl received the stuffed bear a month after her dad was deployed in the military. Just getting a present from her dad who’s not able to be there means a lot to a toddler, but when she squeezed its hand and heard her dad’s voice, the way she reacted is heart-melting. Dad recorded a message saying “Hi P, I love you” and made sure that even though he was far away, part [More]
You don’t even need to say one word to make friends with a kind person. This is the story of an elderly patient and a construction worker who made a connection even though they never talked or even got closer than 100 feet from each other. Gloria Porter had to spend a week at a hospital with pneumonia. To pass the time, she watched iron workers construct the new front entrance of the hospital. When one construction worker saw her in the window he sent her a “Get Well” note the only way he knew how. This is beautiful. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
How is this even physically possible? Is this what happens when you really master your craft? I don’t know whether to call this gymnastics or ballet, but either way you look at it, it will blow your mind. These two superhumans performed an act that is like a ballet on steroids, a never before seen feat of strength and balance that gradually raised the bar of what I thought was humanly possible with every passing minute. I dare you to find something that even comes close to this. Just wait to the audience reaction in the end. It about sums [More]