If you ever had violin lessons you know how long it takes before your “music” begin to sound decent, yet here we have this 7 year old girl who takes everyone’s breath away. Brianna Kahane started playing at the age of 3 and by the time she was 7 she was performing on a 1/4-size violin because she was too tiny to handle the full size one. After this video wend viral back in 2010 she went on to appear on Ellen’s and Oprah’s and one year later became the Stradivari Society youngest recipient. Nowadays she continues to work on [More]
Going into the Semis of the Season 2 of The Voice Australia, both the audience and the judges knew very well that Harrison Craig had an awesome voice to show for, but still this was what they expected. This very performance set the young singer as one of the favorites in the finals which he eventually won, of course. With this voice there was little doubt about it. Many people would agree that it was his choice of the song that made the biggest difference. “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers was an amazing fit for Craig’s voice. Just click [More]
People who decided to grab a slice of pizza from a local Pizzeria in Utah this day got way more than they paid for. They had a chance enjoy the incredible acoustic cover of Africa performed by Mike Massé and Jeff Hall live, a performance that would end up getting more than 9 million YouTube views coming from all over the world. It’s rare for a local musician to get this sort of recognition, but when you hear them you’ll see why so many people loved it. Their voices work so well together you feel like there’s a whole choir [More]
We all have a Coleman Sweeney in our lives, that one obnoxious jerk that abides to no rules or social norms. And even though all Coleman Sweeneys in the world are usually despised in life, this particular one was revered in death. No, he did not inspire and touch many people, but he did so much more. He literally saved lives, it’s just that he had to die in order for them to live. Does it make up for decades of being an a-hole? Well maybe you won’t think so but these 4 people certainly do. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
Humans have done more harm to elephant population than any other predator or natural disaster, we can’t escape that, but it warms my heart to learn that there’s still some kindness left in the world. These amazing people started caring for orphaned animals back in 1977 and their approach to that vital task is unique and so heartwarming. They become their surrogate mothers. They provide protection just like their mom would and they’re never more than a few feet away from their elephant babies until they’re old enough to return to the wild. So far they rescued thousands of animals [More]
If you close your eyes for just a minute and listen to the music, you never would have guessed that the fingers strumming the harp strings so masterfully belong to a nine-year old. While most of her friends spent their days playing with Barbie dolls, little Alisa Sadikova learned how to play a harp. Even thought the instrument looks enormous compared next to her, the movement of her hands and the beautiful music she creates is simply magical. I don’t consider myself a classical music connoisseur but this is extraordinary by any merit. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player [More]
At first glance this lake appears to be just like any other, a great place to fish and nothing more than that. However, when this guy started yelling “Hey” the surface of the water did something weird. It’s as if it was reacting to his voice. You can clearly see the sound of his voice propagate across the lake, but as awesome as it looks, those aren’t the sound waves we see. In fact there are millions of tiny water bugs living on the water surface that get startled by the noise and make those little waves. Either way, the [More]
I admit I wouldn’t take a second look at this ruined nest if I was in this guy’s shoes, but hidden among the tiny twigs and feathers there were unlikely survivors – two of the tiniest eggs you’ve ever seen were laying there unharmed. The man decided to give them a shot at life. He picked them up and gently placed them in an incubator not even knowing if there was anything inside. He had to rotate them 3 times a day to give them the best chance of developing properly and after some time his efforts were rewarded. One [More]
In the ocean of young singers with smooth voices who audition for America’s Got Talent, Herbie Russ stood out like a sore thumb. After turning his life around from years of fighting addiction and living out of his car, he got clean and at the age of 54 took a shot at stardom. Being a talented saxophone player with raw and raspy voice, he chose a perfect song for the Judge Cut and the only remark Simon had is that he sounded EXACTLY like Joe Cocker. That’s not a bad thing in my book. Here’s the most soulful audition of [More]
Wow, this is the strangest dog I’ve ever seen. Ok, so technically it’s a rooster but don’t let him hear you say that. The Roosted whose name is Frog and who thinks he’s a dog may sound like a fiction of a 5 year old kid, but watch what happens every day what his owner Savannah comes back from school. Rain or shine, the excited bird runs up the dirt road just so he can give her a hug. I hope this handsome fellow lives a long life with Savannah, he looks like an awesome pet. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]