Losing your hair during chemo is just another level of added stress for any cancer patient, so this girl decided to have a makeover two weeks before starting her chemo. She thought of it as a first step of saying goodbye to her long locks. With big beautiful smile, Laura visited a professional stylist who did her pre-treatment makeover and the results were stunning. With that gorgeous smile and positive attitude I personally think she can rock any style she want and be beautiful even with no hair at all. Get well soon, Laura. You’re awesome. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
It’s still unknown how big and intelligent animals such as whales often find themselves stranded on the beach. Still, when that happens it’s not the heat or the animal’s skin getting dry that presents the greatest danger for the whale, it’s the sheer weight of it. When the residents of the Brazilian town saw a beached whale dozens, even hundreds of them sprung into action trying to dig a moat leading to the ocean hoping it would be able to inch its way back. After hours of hard work the nature finally decided to help with the high tide and [More]
Oh Gosh, here we go again. Just when we think we’ve seen every possible wedding dance awesomeness, something new pops up and we can’t help but share it with you. This time it’s this fun loving couple and their Footloose themed wedding.  Their choice of a wedding dance song was predictable but the execution was everything but. First, the groom wowed the crowd with his athletic dance moves even Kevin Bacon would be jealous of, but it wasn’t until his bride joined him on the dance floor when everything started to go crazy. Makes me wish I was there so [More]
Do you remember how stressful it was for you as a child when you lost sight of your mom in a supermarket? Now you can begin to feel what Saroo Brierley felt. He was only 5 years old when he got lost in India and hadn’t been able to find his way back home for 26 years. After he found himself with no money in a strange place he ended up being adopted by an Australian family who made sure he never forgets his roots. Saroo had flashes of memory about his home but there was no way he was [More]
If we asked you to name one bird that can mimic human voice most of you would probably say “a parrot”. It’s a little known fact however that another common bird is excellent in doing just that and that’s a raven. Yes, the ominous black bird that’s usually associated with death is actually a genius of the aviary world and this girl is going to show you just what they’re capable of. Smart they may be but as it turns out they sometimes have a mind of their own, LOL. I loved the end of this video. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee is living a dream of millions of Americans. After 32 years working as a nurse, she called her work and said she wouldn’t be coming back. No, she didn’t lose her mind or stopped caring for her financial stability, and even though lots of people are stuck doing jobs they hate that’s not the reason everyone wants to be in her shoes right now. Not long before this interview it was revealed that she was the Powerball Jackpot Winner and in a blink of an eye she had become wealthier for $758 million dollars. With that [More]
I wish I could say that stories about Vietnam veterans dying homeless are rare, but unfortunately they’re not. However, paying this kind of tribute to a man who spent the last years of his life on the street certainly is. John Beard fought tougher battles after he returned from the Vietnam than he did overseas, and even though he was overlooked and forgotten by his government he wasn’t forgotten by his community. After he passed away from cancer the people who knew what an amazing person he was organized a send-off worthy of the American hero he was. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Who would have known that shaving a beard would be such an awesome father-daughter bonding activity? This guy’s wife wasn’t the biggest fan of the long beard so he decided to trim it with the assistance of his little helper. The little girl was more interested in whether he will still be her daddy after the beard is gone than the actual shaving technique, and it so adorable I can’t help but smile. Well, mommy may not be the fan of the beard but the daughter sure is so they still got to keep some of it anyways. Make sure [More]
I’ll admit I’m a sucker for this song, and even though it’s been around for almost 80 years I tear up every time I hear it. Watching the reaction and the judges after it was performed earlier this month on The Voice Kids UK I know I’m not the only one. I expected Tabi, Erin and Riccardo to do well, but what they managed to actually do is crazy. Okay, making me cry with “Over the Rainbow” isn’t hard, but by the end of their performance there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Make sure you watch it to [More]
Apart from his acting chops, the first thing that comes to mind when the name of Morgan Freeman is mentioned is his deep velvety voice. It’s basically impossible to think about him and not hear his baritone voice in our heads… so Jimmy Fallon decided to help with that, LOL. The idea of Mr. Freeman doing an interview while inhaling helium is so ridiculous, it’s no wonder this video still gets hundreds of thousands of views 3 years after the interview. The most admirable thing about it is not that he was able to do it, but he never broke [More]