Every month this non-profit organization saves old and disabled animals destined to be slaughtered and offers them happy life on their 200 acre property. Recently they arranged relocation of 9 disabled donkeys, but they ended up bringing home 10 animals. Among all of those donkeys was a horse named Bubbles who saw an opportunity for escape and took it, pretending to be a one of them. Of course it didn’t take long for the rescuers to see through his act but he was so adorable they took him in anyway. Since then, as his story went viral, Bubbles has become [More]
When Julia Jette uploaded a video of an Alaskan Airlines employee singing the National Anthem she never expected it to be shared so many times, but when you hear the story behind it, you will want to share it too. The passengers were waiting to board the flight departing Anchorage, Alaska when they were told the ashes of a fallen soldier with 21 years of service were being transported on the same flight. In honor of the hero, this woman spontaneously started singing the heartfelt rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner and it’s the most powerful thing you’ll hear today. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
It was all supposed to be a chill afternoon for this snowboarder as she carelessly made her way downhill listening to some music, but when she went home and reviewed the footage she realized she barely escaped death. So what really happened? Pay attention to the slope behind her and see just how close she was to being mauled by a bear. I jumped off my chair when I saw it. While there are a few skeptics out there that doubt the authenticity of the video, I gotta admit it looks pretty real (and scary) to me. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
If you are one of our Facebook fans you’ll remember Claire Ryann. Maybe you don’t remember her name, but that angel voice is unmistakable. Little Claire rose to Internet stardom after THIS VIDEO of hers went viral and got her millions of fans worldwide who just couldn’t get enough of her singing. Now, she and her dad will take you into a magical world of yet another of her favorite cartoons, Disney’s Tangled. It’s so innocent and her voice is so adorable it’s enough to reduce a grown man to tears. I can’t wait for another one of her videos. [More]
I’m sure Ellen knows a thing or two about being different, but it’s been several years since this amazing young man was her guest and he continues to radiate inspiration every time I watch this video. When little Ezra was born everyone was quick to label him as “disabled”, but what he did and continues to do can safely be put among the greatest athletic achievements in the country. He was born with only one finger on his left arm and a crooked left leg that had to be amputated, but that didn’t stop him from competing in every sport [More]
It’s that time of the wedding reception, the father of the bride stands up and everyone’s expecting another sappy speech and stories about his baby girl all grown up. This dad opted against it, but what he chose to do is something way more personal. If it makes you cry, you can only imagine how his daughter felt. He chose to sing a song, but in a language that would mean much more to his sign language interpreter daughter. He started learning sign language as soon as she got engaged and took him a full year to master it for [More]
Every day is a chance to do something good. Most of us pass by these opportunities every single day and go home pretending we didn’t see them, but not this man. While on the A train in New York, one subway rider saw a homeless person, sitting shirtless on the other side of the car and decided he had to do something about it. He didn’t have a whole lot, but he had a T-shirt and a beanie, nothing he would miss a whole lot but it means a world to this man. He didn’t do it for self promotion [More]
Keeping the gender of the baby a secret for 9 months is almost mission impossible. With all the hype about the new bundle of joy being introduced into the family, it’s like everyone wants to meet them even before they are born. Well these parents-to-be succeeded. I can only imagine their friends and family placing bets on whether it’s a boy or a girl, but whatever they bet on, they were all shocked when they came to visit the new mom. Eyes wide open and the overall disbelief… I think I would react the same way. I just can’t stop [More]
Love for animals is one thing, but what was going on in this house is definitely not love, it is far from it. Humane society received a tip on a possible hoarding situation but they never could have imagined what horrible conditions these poor animals were living in. Lock up in tiny cages and rolling in their own feces, 67 dogs, cats and birds needed rescuing more than any animal I’ve ever seen. What makes a person surround themselves with this many suffering animals? I’m sure love has to do something with it, but you know what they say – [More]
In 1928 Minka was an innocent 16 year old farm girl living a happy life when one afternoon all of that changed in a heartbeat. While she was on a picnic, three men attacked her and to her horror, soon she found out she was pregnant. The baby was born in secret and put up for adoption while Minka picked up the pieces of her broken life and moved forward, but never for a second stopped thinking about her daughter Betty Jane. For decades she unsuccessfully tried to get in contact with her through adoption agencies, and eventually 77 years [More]