It certainly takes a special talent to turn one petty revenge into national news. When DMV told this guy he had to pay a hefty auto sale tax bill, most people would just admit defeat and cash out… Not this guy. The next morning the DMV employees saw him rolling in 5 wheelbarrows full of change. 298,745 pennies weighing over 1600 lbs had to be counted by hand while he waited and grinned. So what does it take to even get that much loose change… It takes about $2000 on top of what he had to pay and dozens of [More]
If you manage to watch through this video without shedding a tear you’re tougher than I am. It’s a story that touched millions of people and one that proves that animals do have emotions no matter what they say. When Wagner Lima died in a car accident, his friends knew his beloved horse had to be there for his funeral. What they didn’t know is how he would react. The entire procession was in awe when the beautiful animal approached the casket and gently laid his head on it as if he’s saying his final goodbye to a dearest friend. [More]
Those of you who watch Jimmy Fallon remember when Denzel Washington talked about his encounter with his childhood librarian. It’s one of those anecdotes celebrities talk about, but can you imagine what an honor it is for a 99 year old lady to get a phone call and meet an A-list actor. It was Miss Connie’s long time wish to meet a boy she taught how to love literature, and who has since become this huge Hollywood star. Actors meet thousands of people every year and most of them would just ignore requests like this, but Denzel is a class [More]
You remember your first kiss for as long as you live. This little boy was (un)fortunate enough to have his captured by his dad while they were browsing electronics at Best Buy. Little Julian was charging around the store as kids often do when a potential future girlfriend caught his attention. Being a romantic dude as I’m sure he’ll grow up to be, he quickly stole a kiss. It’s no wonder the video is going viral particularly when you have in mind that the girl of his dream is not exactly who you’d expect it to be.  Bless his heart, [More]
I never thought I’d be interested in watching a show about people getting their hairs trimmed and beards shaved, but after watching this episode of the Rachael Ray Show I was sold. She invited her guests who were promoting their show called American Barber. Along with them came this dude that looks like part biker part majestic hillbilly and it was obvious his style was in desperate need of some attention. Long greasy hair and that beard had to go. When you see him after his makeover you won’t be able to believe it. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
How strange it is that in today’s world we deem completely normal to leave our kids to total strangers for hours on end? Babysitter may be one of the most important help you can hire, but can you be sure that your nanny is not a violent child abuser? This mom thought she did everything right, she did a background check and talked with previous employers and everything seemed fine. However the first sign that something might be wrong came from her 11 month old daughter and that’s when they installed a hidden camera. The footage it captured changed everything. [More]
Some people are obsessed about staying young, thinking there is a secret to unlocking a long life…a way of cheating death for just a little longer. According to this Scotland’s oldest woman, you better do 2 things if you want to live long: eat porridge every day and avoid men. This modest centenarian certainly hasn’t lost her sense of humor over the years, which might be another reason she’s lived for so long. Share this wise woman with your friends and family and let us know what you think in the comments below. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player [More]
Fun is contagious and you’ll know exactly what I mean if you watch this video until the end. Every holiday season, KODA (kids of deaf adults) perform a different kind of recital, one that’s performed in sign language and lots and lots of animated facial expressions. Pay attention to this little blonde girl, this is what singing off the top of your lungs looks like in sign language and it makes me so happy I caught myself singing along and making the same expressions. Even if you don’t have a deaf person as your Facebook friend, this is something worth [More]
Millions of us fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads are counting down to Christmas, but for countless others it’s a day just like any other when the most they can hope for is a warm meal at a local shelter. This man who lives in a tent underneath an overpass kept the Christmas spirit alive by putting a tree outside of his makeshift home… until they took it away from him. City sanitation threw his tree into the garbage just days before Christmas, but just when he lost all hope in human kindness and compassion, the community [More]
Why is a Muslim featured in Amazon Prime Christmas ad? Christmas is a Christian holiday, right? Those are the questions on everyone’s lips when this commercial rolled out earlier this month. To understand why they took that road you’ll have to watch it. See, Christmas is beyond religion. Sure, it celebrates the birth of our Lord, but more importantly it celebrates the values He stood for, and those are the values that transcend race, nationality and yes, even religion. Some of you may not like this video, some of you may not share it, but it perfectly represents the real [More]