Recently John Lewis released their Christmas ad for 2016 and the entire world wanted to see it. So it’s the perfect time to remember their ad from last year that made millions cry and say “Aww’. During holiday season, when everyone’s holding someone’s hand and families spend time together being alone comes extra hard. But at the same time the holiday season is a chance to reach out to them and make them feel like they belong… no matter how far away they are. This is a beautiful message and one worth sharing. Enjoy. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
Picking a casket for your own child is the hardest thing any parent can do. These parents knew they’d have to organize a funeral for their newborn only days after he gets born, but they difficult decision to carry on with the pregnancy nevertheless. Trisomy 13, it’s a simple name for a genetic disorder that cuts down on the life expectancy of the babies who are affected by it to mere days. Rather than denying their baby a chance to meet the world, they made those few days they spent together count. So sorry for your loss, you are wonderful [More]
Everyone who has freckles must have hated them at least at some point of their life. They don’t hate the freckles themselves but teasing and bullying that come with it. London based photographer Brock Elbank made it his mission to show the world how amazing freckles really are, how strangely unique they make a person look, and his doing it by taking extraordinary candid portraits of freckled people. He captures not only their looks, but the stories and years of teasing behind it. They do say every freckle is a kiss by an angel, now everyone can see that. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
“Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse” Those were the exact words Simon whispered to his fellow judges when he first saw Jonathan and Charlotte. Surely, they don’t look anything like music stars, at least they don’t fit the cookie cutter looks we know. Still, they were given a chance to shine and after the first line of their song I’m sure Simon regretted saying such an awful thing. Charlotte and Jonathan went on to become runners up of this season and sign a £1 million record deal. After listening to their debut you’ll know they deserve it. [More]
Sharing a dance on his wedding day with his mom was very important for groom Stephen Winn. However, both of them knew that part of the ceremony won’t come easy since his mom Amy has struggled with MS for 20 years. As the music started, Stephen approached the proud mom and leaned in only for a hug. But then, to everyone’s amazement, he decided he wouldn’t let a disease prevent him from having his dance. What followed was so touching it’s enough to make a grown man cry. Our prayers go to this amazing woman. You raised a fine son, [More]
Building sand castles at the beach may sound like kids’ play, but it was almost fatal for one 5 year old. Alyssa and her friends were making sand caves and hiding in them when the one she was hiding in collapsed and buried her alive. She was trapped under the sand for several minutes unable to breathe when one tiny hero leaped into action. 11 year old Conner saw the girl’s bag and started digging her out before carrying her limp body searching for help. He said her mouth was full of sand but he managed to give her CPR and [More]
Kids babble all the time, right? So when this mom shared a video of her son singing along to Louise Davis’ “Better than Blessed” she was stunned when the video got more than 7 MILLION views on Facebook. Naturally, the boy became known as Mr. Better Than Blessed and people still can’t get enough of him. Don’t be surprised if you see this video in 2040 or something in “Before they were famous” because this kiddo’s gonna be a star. He’s cute as a button, has a great taste in music and a talent for singing. Until then I’m just [More]
The Providence Arcade was built in 1828 and is currently the oldest US mall still in existence. The secret of its longevity is the ingenious way its owner kept it running when most of other malls failed. When Evan Granoff bought the building it was considered one of the most endangered properties in the city. He realized the demand for commercial space will never match that for downtown housing, so he transformed his acquisition into an apartment building unlike any other. He converted upper floors to micro lofts, some as small as 225 square feet and rented them at fraction [More]
When it comes to war heroes, Princess TayTay may be an odd name for one, but the truth is she served our country more than most people ever will. Taylor is a yellow lab who was fighting alongside out troops in Afghanistan and Iraq her whole life. She was so effective in her mission that the Taliban even put a bounty on her head. When these dogs end their careers, they’re usually put up for adoption but the luckiest of them get to meet this woman. Molli Oliver is a veteran flight attendant but her real passion is reuniting military [More]
Holy smokes, the end of this video hit me like a ton of bricks. With 3.5 million YouTube views I knew there’s more to it than a woman looking for a lost dog, but I didn’t expect this. Dad was out dropping the kids off at the pool, but on the way back he got a frantic call from his wife telling him their dog Muffin ran away. With millions of thought running through his head, he was caught off guard when a strange kid appeared in the back seat of his car, and that’s when things started to get [More]