At first it may be confusing why this one girl at this dance performance has a cop standing with her on stage, but once she starts dancing you’ll understand. You see, instead of choreographing her performance to the music, Tylar Olsen chose a spoken word. She dedicated her dance to her uncle who is a Police officer and all the policemen and women out there putting their lives on the line. The narrative is so powerful I can’t imagine anyone not liking this and the end is adorable enough to make your heart melt. May all men and women in [More]
Translating a song into dance moves is one thing, performing it with this kind of perfection on ice is something completely different. I can only imagine how much practice and training it took to get these two to master their routine but eventually it paid off. Vanessa James and her partner Morgan Cipres recently competed at 2017 World Team Trophy in Tokyo and even though France didn’t win, this performance got by far the best scores. I’m not much of a ice skating fan but this is mind-blowing. If you like the music you can hear it here. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this guy is the legend in the world of horse training. Usually, training a horse is more about teaching them to follow the rider’s cues rather than teaching them the routine itself. Well, Lorenzo does things a bit differently. First, he doesn’t seem to believe in putting a saddle on a horse because everything these beauties do, they do it bareback, but the most impressive feat of this performance is the way 10 of these animals perform in sync. They’re not restrained, they can go wherever they want, yet they choose to [More]
Many people consider this girl to be one of the future stars of American music. They call her the next Whitney Houston, but we think she’s more than that; she’s the first Angelica Hale. Her stunning performance on America’s Got Talent is that much more impressive when you consider that only a few years ago no one dared dreaming she’d get this far. When Angelica was 4 she was so sick her parents were told to say their goodbyes. Thanks to her mom’s amazing gift, the doctors’ hard work and God’s miracle she made it out of the hospital alive [More]
I never thought I’d say it but bats are adorable. Honestly I’ve always found them a bit creepy hanging upside down in dark caves but seeing them wrapped up like tiny bat burritos is too cute for words. This adorable, fragile bunch was brought to an animal clinic after an extreme heat event separated them from their mom. Since they’re just babies they required all the attention they could get but fortunately they were in good hands. I don’t think anyone who sees this video would ever be afraid of bets again. They’re just like flying kittens. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Cute little girl with a dummy, it’s adorable I’ll admit it but I still didn’t get how this video got more than 15 million views in less than a week… but then I watched it. This girl is a breath of fresh air in a show that’s primarily about singing and she won the audience and the judges alike with an act that’s half way between ventriloquism and singing which in my book makes it twice as good. I don’t know if those standing ovations are for her or her puppet but that adorable smile on her face is definitely [More]
Peacocks are birds known for their huge tail feathers and bright colors. You would think that an albino peacock would be handicapped in some way for the lack of color, but you’d be wrong. This is the most majestic animal I have ever seen. Even with its tails closed this bird look spectacular, but that’s nothing compared to a breath-taking beauty of having it fully open. The only thing I’d love more about this video is to see is in its natural habitat instead of a concrete yard of an urban building. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
There was never a story that so clearly showed the cruelty of humans and the compassion of animals such as this one. The story comes from Russia where one life ended almost as soon as it began. A baby was found abandoned in sub-zero temperatures in the city of Obninsk, but fortunately it had a guardian angel watching over him… a furry one. A cat named Masha found the infant that was just left there like a piece of trash and managed to alert the humans before the cold weather did any damage to his little body. Humans should take [More]
There’s always a way to help someone in need and in most cases it’s not even about money. Hair is something most of us take for granted, but you won’t even believe how valuable it can be to someone… someone like Bridget. Bridget is a lucky one because a woman she never met in her life decided to chop off her locks she’s been growing for years and donate it to charity. Here’s a video showing exactly what happens when you donate your hair, from the moment it gets cut off to the moment it brings a smile to a [More]
This mom decided to put her baby’s lion costume to the test by having a real life lion judge it. Yes, yes, we know it sounds crazy but the lion’s reaction was totally worth it. This adorable kid had no idea that the big kitty on the other side of the glass is the king of the jungle himself but I don’t think he’d be in any danger even if there was no barrier between them. Judging by the lion’s reaction he seems to be completely fooled by the little humans disguise. It’s either that or he can’t get over [More]