Ah, tying your shoelaces, one last final hurdle before becoming fully independent. Some kids seem to get the hang of it pretty fast, some struggle for years, but this mom found a method of teaching your child how to do it, anyone can learn it. It may not be the fastest method around, but your kid’s shoes will stay on their feet and you won’t have to do it for them every morning. It’s especially convenient for kids and adults with delayed motor skills or things like Asperger’s or Autism. Definitely something worth knowing. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
When a homeless man known as Jesus for his long hair and beard asked these guys for a change, he got it alright, but it’s not the quarters we’re talking about. The guys from this male hair salon took him in and gave him a makeover. Haircut and a shave may seem like a mundane gift, but it means confidence and opportunity and it means a shot at a job interview. After they were done with him, I don’t think anyone will call him Jesus again. Besides, we think his real name Luke suits him much better now. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
This is without a doubt one of the most interesting buildings in Boston, not only because of its size and an unusual architecture, but also because of the story behind it. This is Spite House, the undisputed narrowest home in Beantown measuring only 6 feet across. The story goes that three brothers were given a patch of land to build homes for themselves. However, while one of them was off at war, the remaining two occupied most of the property leaving him with a tiny patch. In spite of them, he decided to build a house right there. Decades later, tourists and passers-by [More]
This dude was driving on a dirt road when he spotted a lonely wild Canada goose seemingly asking for help. When he got back in his car, to his surprise the goose started following him. No matter how fast he was going, it was flying right there, inches away from his car window, so he did the only thing he could think of – drive towards the nearby lake. Once there, the man’s unlikely companion looked comfortable swimming and splashing in the water and stayed there when he took off. I never would have believed this happened had I not [More]
Ted McDermott spent his entire career as an entertainer but at the age of 79 his mind is not as sharp as it used to be. He was diagnosed with dementia back in 2013 and since then the world was starting to become an unrecognizable blur for the old man. However, when his son Simon picked him up and took him for a ride, a song came up on a radio and all of a sudden Mr. McDermott was once again himself. They did a little car karaoke performance singing Quando, Quando and having fun with Ted leading the way, [More]
Taking out someone’s freedom is a very human punishment. It’s terrible for people, but it’s infinitely worse for the animals. But keeping one chained from the moment it was born is cruel and inhumane beyond words. Biscuit here never had a chance to run freely in his life. A short chain is everything he knew from days when he was puppy until now. However, recently the rescue workers took him away and for the first time in his life set him free in a 6 acre field. The happiness of this tortured pooch is something you just have to see. [More]
“…Till death do us part”. Marriages nowadays don’t even come close to it, but for Howard (92) and Laura (93), that moment was too close. The couple have been married for 73 years and they never stopped loving each other, so when the time came to bid each other farewell, they did it their own way – with a song. As he caressed his wife’s face, Howard started singing the same song she sang to him when he was leaving to fight in World War II. I cried watching this video, but actually it’s the most beautiful thing in the [More]
In many ways Caleb Francis is just a regular 18 year old. He works at Taco Bell trying to figure out life after high school. But 2 years ago when it came to choosing electives in school, instead of choosing French or Spanish like most of his friends, Caleb chose a different kind of language, one that’s not spoken at all. Nowadays, this amazing young man is a celebrity in his home town after showing a deaf customer the same kind of service most of us take for granted. Those two years of learning sign language made this man who [More]
It seemed like a perfect day for these two friends to go cycling, but it wasn’t long before a perfect day turned into something they only watched in the movies – they stumbled onto a rape/attempted murder in action. Lying on the side of the road there was a woman, slashed and covered in blood with an attacker still straddling her. Even though they never witnessed any type of violence nor were they in a fight before, the teens didn’t get scared of the lunatic who was just about to cut the victim’s throat, but did something unbelievable. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
These creatures are supposed to be timid, right? While this dude was taking a stroll at Fawn Lake, Pennsylvania one of the local “wild” deer decided to come and say hello. I guess they don’t really get the meaning of the word “wild” because this lovely creature behaves more like a dog than a deer. As if eating out of the guy’s hand isn’t miraculous enough, watch what happens when he tries to check what the deer would do for a treat. Heck, it’s more obedient than most dogs I know. What’s next, getting a deer to roll over? After [More]