Here’s The Top 10 Unexpected Endings for this Month (December). Game: Crash Arena Turbo Stars. Music Used: Tropic Love NCS ▼open for more informations▼ __ ►Youtube Channel: ►Facebook Page:
Top 5 Weird PEOPLE Who MARRIED Their PETS! (Married To Snake, Dogs, Cats) Last Video: Follow Me On Twitter: ORIGINAL VIDEOS: 6. Man marries pet snake: 4. Woman marries dog: 3. Cat lady married her two pet cats for 10 years: 2. Cat: 1. Marry Goat: Outro Song: ProleteR – Faidherbe Square Bandcamp : Please Subscribe and Like the Video for More Entertaining videos like this one on Trend Crave!
‘Today is another day of rage. Another day of Palestinians expressing their anger and frustration at Trump’s announcement and at the PA leadership for a lack of direction’
Staying in a hotel room can be a bit of a creepy experience if you really think about it. Many people in the world have reservations about staying in hotels because they think about everything that might have happened in the room before they checked in. They don’t want to get the cooties of a previous guest and, to be honest, it’s difficult to tell if a hotel room is really clean. If you’re just worried about bedbugs, though, there is a simple way to put your mind at ease while staying at a hotel. He does this every time [More]
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Produksioni Arboni:
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I’m not saying that decorating a Christmas tree should be a competition, but this guy is the world champion of tree decoration. While most people have a traditional approach to this, YouTuber Jon Wawra and his family have gone hi-tech. He managed to fit more than 7000 Christmas lights on his tree and arrange them in such order that each of them is individually programmable. What it means is that he can make his Christmas light dance. Last year he choreographed the show to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. With the bar this high I can’t [More]
Coping with personal tragedy is one of the most difficult obstacles we face in life. After losing a loved one, it can seem impossible to see the world in a normal perspective and even more difficult to find a way to continue growing in your own life. But these stars are examples of how it is possible to process, heal and move on from the sadness that effects our lives.  Jennifer Hudson Six years ago, Hudson lost her mother, brother and young nephew when her eldest sister’s estranged husband shot them down in a fit of rage. Over time, Hudson summoned the [More]