!/jd_nyc/status/304402472150130689 Yes, he did. Beckel put down America’s Greatest Generation on O’Reilly last night. — Gordon Stanley (@Greermillion) February 21, 2013 Not content with being a cretinous misogynist who trivialized date rape and suggested that campus rapes are mythical, Bob Beckel again took to television to expose his foulness. This time, by typical liberal disparaging of America’s Greatest Generation. Contemptible, Beckel. As usual. And once again he was saved by a host, who cut him off before he could really get going. Stop doing that. Let him fully expose himself, again and again. Bob Beckel saying the WWll generation was [More]
Four-Star General Stan McChrystal is a repeat New York Times best-selling author, the former head of JSOC, and one of the most-booked leadership speakers on the lecture circuit. His authority as a leader radiates from his commanding stage presence, and his expertise shines through powerful stories. He helps organizations normalize information sharing, break down silos, work across departments, develop a “we” mentality, and become comfortable with the unknown. For more information on Stanley McChrystal, contact Leading Authorities by clicking below or calling 1-800-SPEAKER toll-free.
Celebrity Show “Sense of Humor” Masud Ali Khan, Enamul Hoque And Dilara Zaman talking about Film, Drama, Actors and Actress and many more..!/iowahawkblog/status/524939552616894464 The left, especially journalists, seem pathologically incapable of seeing Islamic radicalism as the cause of violence in any situation. Islamist fanatics only attack the west because the west has first done something to them. They intentionally ignore the fact that Islam has been a religion of conquest since its beginning. Far-leftist Glenn Greenwald on Ottawa-Quebec terror attacks: au #Canada, you had it coming >> — Dan Gabriel (@danpgabriel) October 22, 2014 Lots of hysterics over this Greenwald post. It's apparently forbidden to explain that actions can have consequences. — Radley Balko (@radleybalko) October 22, 2014 @radleybalko It’s [More]
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Princess and Rusty as kits! What do you think is the cutest sibling relationship?