IT IS MY FIRST EVER CRACK SO DON’T SEASON FINALE was sooo good, I had so many books feelings, awww, best episode so far and clace scene on the lake, I can’t fandom: shadowhunters characters: Clary Fairchild (Fray, Morgenstern); Jace Herondale (Morgenstern, Wayland, Lightwood); Sebastian (Jonathan Christopher) Morgenstern (Verlac); Magnus Bane; Alec (Alexander) Lightwood; Isabelle (Izzy) Lightwood; Simon Lewis; Lucian (Luke) Garroway; Valentine Morgenstern; Maia Roberts; Bartholomew (Bat) Velasquez; Raphael Santiago; Seelie Queen; Max Lightwood; Meliorn song: at the end coloring: L. Winchester #annesoshifeatures feel free to ask me anything you want here:
This modern art installation at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art is incredibly eye-catching. You’ll be drawn to all of the colors splashed about the room, seemingly chaotic but with an overarching theme. It stops passers by in their tracks. There is something about who created this room, though, that no one ever realizes. This room began as a clean slate. It was pristinely white and without any of the artists’ influence. Then, a bunch of kids were brought in with stickers. That’s right. Kids. The awesome art installation was created by children who were armed with colorful stickers. The [More]
Brunch with Rennie Bishop featuring Former COP Chairperson, Nicole Dyer Griffith. “COP Leadership & T&T Politics”
Reality of Science of Commerce Students everyone can relate do share if you loved it 😀
8 things that pet owners do that tend to make their kitties really angry. These are guaranteed ways to piss off your cats. Subscribe to Schizo Bob
I’d love to hear in the comments section down below what you thought when you first saw Bramblekit introduced as a character. What did you think of him? Did you think he was going to be an evil character? It was hard seeing how many cats in the clan judged these kits based on Tigerclaw’s actions. Smallear drove Tawnypaw to leave ThunderClan because he would not stop comparing her to Tigerstar. But I thought it was cool when Fireheart took Bramblepaw on as his apprentice.
Adam Newman is a comedian based out of New York City. He’s done sets on David Letterman, Comedy Central and even has his own album available. But as prolific as this up-and-coming comedian is, it seems the comedy gods smile upon him most when his routine falls apart due to the misbehavior of the crowd. Comedy is hard, but this guy has had it rough. In 2012 Adam Newman put on a heckler’s jacket and found something truly sinister in it’s pockets. (2:29) Then just this month, as Newman describes, “Police officers arrested an audience member during my set then yelled [More]
Plus, health coach and authors Amy Kurtz and Angela Benton demonstrate the effect stress can have, using the “GMA” audience.
The center in Oakland has eclipse chasing rooted in its history.