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शक्ति जिसके सामने विज्ञान भी नतमस्तक | Mystery That Science Can’t Explain आज हम बात करने वाले हैं एक ऐसे दैवीय प्रमाण के बारे में जिसके सामने विज्ञान भी नतमस्तक है | विज्ञान ने इसपर कई शोध किये लेकिन अब तो उसने भी हार मान ली Subscribe !!! Like !!! Share !!! ===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===* Facebook► Instagram► Twitter► Youtube► ===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===*===* Lightless Dawn Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Some Top Cats history, from the years 2001-2017. The song: This is the first one we wrote together, 14 or 15 years old at the time.
Hope you’re all having a lovely day! Today is day 5 of Blackstar’s week! And the scene my sister Rachel is going to be drawing today is of ShadowClan attempting to be alley cats. Taking up refuge in Scourge’s old territory in the city. I’ll read this scene to you now. It’s on pages 83 through 86 of Dawn. … I think there is a reason these cats are forest cats, and not city cats. They don’t have street smarts. City life is loud and cramped, and forest life is peaceful and free. I’d love to hear in the comments [More]
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Celebrities…they’re just like us, right? I mean, yeah, if you’re also disgustingly rich and have people who pretend to be you as their hobby or even profession… While they may not be exactly our equals, it is nice when stars like Adele do something to surprise some of their biggest fans. When the famous British songstress got wind that some of her impersonators were getting together for a singing competition, she decided to surprise them in the most convoluted, but admittedly awesome, way possible. Just watch! This reaction is the best. YouTube / BBC How amazing is that?! She kept [More]
Understanding leadership will always be the determining factor as to where any organization will progress or digress. Understanding what leadership is or is not will set the course for success or failure.
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People love watching thrill-seekers perform stunts in videos. We see movie stunts all the time, and even though those can still be dangerous, they’re performed in carefully controlled situations designed to ensure that as few injuries as possible occur. Real-life stunts can be a little more…raw. Maybe it’s the actual threat of danger that keeps adrenaline junkies coming back for more. A recent stunt seemed like it couldn’t really go wrong when a man decided to attach himself to a cord and jump from a building as it was being demolished. After all, he’d be above the action, right? Well, [More]