THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 4K SUBSCRIBERS 😀 so here’s a riarkle video to thank you all, and also it’s part 1/2 of my 4k subs gift, 2nd one is the ypiv. anyway this took forever to edit and i tried fit as many funny moments as i could into this so sorry if i left some out love you guys 😀 please leave comments and i might make another riarkle humour video someday colouring: wildestdreams fandom: Girl Meets World couple: Farkle Minkus and Riley Matthews (Riarkle) watermark: demiicris my twitter: @riarkles my tumblr: kieranwilcoxes No copyright infringement intended. “Copyright [More]
i love love love those two so here’s a very first supergirl crack (kinda?) video of monwinn . i almost gave up on them and then last week’s episode happened? WHEW! they better keep their scenes up throughout 2×15 and next episodes or else… anyhow… the point is i love mon-el/winn pairing and wanted to do fanvideo and we finally got more scenes. not sure if i would be able to do a serious fanvideo with their scenes so i made a cute humor one. watch in hd and hopefully you’ll enjoy it! no copyright infringement intended
Experiments to do at Home! 14 DIY Science Experiment Ideas for Kids!-DMETc1oTfIE
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The trailers for «Thor: Ragnarok» and «Spider-Man: Homecoming» are both trailers for Marvel Studios movies, both were released in April of 217, yet the former was far more enthusiastically recieved than the latter. How could this be? In this video @AndreEinherjar will first give a rundown on the science behind movie trailers, then apply that to why the Thor Ragnarok trailer was so overwhelmingly positively recieved, why the Spider-man Homecoming trailer wasn’t recieved nearly as well, and finally, explore the possible business decicions that might have lead to the different outomes. Thor Ragnarok Trailer 1: Spider-man Homecoming Trailer 2: [More]
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For most people, the first sign of a headache means a trip to the medicine cabinet to fetch some Tylenol or Advil. But what if you could stop the annoying ache without any drugs? Sure, you can debilitate an attacker with a well-placed finger on the neck — it’s called pressure point fighting — but those little trigger spots all over your body can actually be used to knock a headache out, too. All it takes is a few minutes. The best part is that you can do this to yourself! I may just throw or give away all of [More]