Ruby’s anger towards her female owner is beginning to threaten her business. More Words of Wisdom:
8 Out of 10 Cats S16E01 Host: Jimmy Carr Sean’s Team: Jack Dee & Jamelia Jon’s Team: David O’Doherty & Steve Jones
This one was for my mom. She suggested the song and show, a favorite in our nerdy household. I don’t own Big Bang Theory, CBS does. Rate, comment, subscribe, etc and above all, enjoy. Check out my blog. Or follow me on Twitter Lyrics: It’s poetry in motion And when she turned her eyes to me As deep as any ocean As sweet as any harmony She blinded me with science And failed me in geometry When she’s dancing next to me (Blinding me with science) (Science) Science I can hear machinery (Blinding me with science) (Science) Science [More]
The children are split into pairs for the science fair, which causes tension between them. However Sofia sings ‘Me Plus You’ to help bring everyone back together again! For more fun and games from all of your favourite shows, head over to: Want more updates and exclusive goodies? Like our Facebook page:
In the conclusion to the human history story, we look at the events of Ancient Egypt, leading through to Akhenaten and his pivotal role in the Essene Brotherhood, and ultimately Jesus Christ. We also tie up some loose ends about the Mayans and what happened to the Martian Bloodline. Enjoy this 16 minute finale to Spirit Science Season 1! Now re-uploaded to 1080p! Twitter: @spiritsciences Facebook: Here’s an awesome place for Spirit Science Discussion! Essene Brotherhood Morals and Dogma – Albert Pike Illuminati The Lords Prayer Sacred Geometry The Ancient Secret of the [More]
[Healer – 힐러] Jung Hoo | nice play| Humor by rainbowwarm10 Pls do not re-upload ~
✲ Hope you enjoy my new video! ✲ → watch in HD 720p ! a like & comment would be awesome please read description box↓ ▻This is so late but this actually took longer than I expected! I have a lot of respect for those who make crack or humour videos, they are wayyyy more difficult than I would have imagined. Eh this does have a few mistakes but over all I’m proud of my first humour video. Plus this episode was hilarious!!! ◅ ➤Dear Mada, you are so adorable and supportive I can’t thank you enough for all your [More]