Jimmy Carr presides over team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock with guests Paul Hollywood, Gabby Logan, Joe Wilkinson and Aisling Bea.
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Interviews with local (East San Francisco Bay) business and academic leaders on the qualities of a good leader.
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Leadership plays a central role in our society and economy. It is also one of the most culturally defined realities. Many of our Canadian leadership norms are unwritten and highly nuanced. They are acquired over time through experience, learning, and much trial and error. As a quarter of Canada’s workforce nears retirement, more leadership positions are opening up for immigrants than ever before. However, many bring models of leadership that don’t always fit with the Canadian models. The differences are often most noticeable in their communication styles and expectations of subordinates. If we are to support immigrants in breaking through [More]
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Bestselling author Seth Godin says that “Management and leadership are totally different things. You think you are being a leader, but you are probably being a manager.” He goes on to say, “Managers figure out what they want done and get people to do it. Managers try to get people to do what they did yesterday, but a little faster and a little cheaper with a few less defects.” But this is not leadership. What is leadership? You’ll have to watch this seven-minute video to learn more.
8 Out of 10 Cats Season 2 8 Out of 10 Cats Season 2 Episode 04