When you face a heart-breaking moment in your life it’s too easy to just crumble up and cry. Doing what these people did takes courage… it takes strength. This is probably the most unique choir in Britain. It consists not of people who share the love for music but of those who share a connection much deeper than that. Each and every member of this choir has a loved one that’s missing and when their performance on Britain’s Got Talent was so full of pain and emotion I get chills every time I hear it. So haunting, so brilliant. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
All of you who are our regular visitors know how much we LOVE this little girl, and we’re not alone. Her name is Claire Ryann and not only is she super adorable, she also has a singing career and half a million YouTube fans. After she melted millions of hearts by singing some of her favorite songs you can watch here, here and here, this time she and her dad perform the theme from “Toy Story”. I swear “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” never sounded so cute. Listening to this makes me believe that as much as I love [More]
School assemblies are rarely interesting enough for the students to pay attention let alone record what’s going on, but this little show achieved not only that, the recording went viral. I thought it was going to be a Toy Story inspired performance but it quickly turned into a game of “How many Pixar movies can you recognize?” It’s a gorgeous homage to everyone’s favorite animation studio and with costumes and music that are spot on, every time you see this video you’ll get the same feeling you get when you watch a Pixar movie goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
No matter the age all girls want to get pampered and be pretty, it’s just that as the ages go by, other things take over. We should all learn a lesson from this; you’re never too old to treat yourself with a makeover and have some fun with your girlfriends. As they admitted themselves, these ladies haven’t had their make up done in years, but when this professional make-up crew came to their retirement home it was like getting ready for a girls’ night out all over again. These fun loving seniors had such a blast it’s contagious. One thing’s [More]
Some people would consider changing the lyrics to such a beloved song such as “Hallelujah” as sacrilegious, but when you think about it, music is fundamentally personal experience and each and every one of us feels it differently. This lady went one step further and adapted the hit song to fit her story. One thing she never expected is for millions of other people to feel what she felt and show tremendous support. As of June 2017 more than 4.5 million people listened to it on YouTube and it’s absolutely worth it. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
I feel that some people don’t help the homeless out of fear that they’d spend the money on drugs or booze. This guy actually decided to test that by giving a random homeless person $100 and then following him to see what he does with it. What he recorded surprised everyone. As expected the man went straight to a supermarket and bought a bagful of food, but it’s what he did next that got this video almost 50 million views. If he can do this, what is our excuse not to? If you can spare some money find those who [More]
I love pregnancy announcements but if you think all of them go as expected, you’d be wrong, LOL. This mom and dad decided to tell their son he’s about to become an older brother, but they did it by showing him ultrasound photos, and that was probably the mistake. Even to adults those things look like Rorschach tests so could you really blame the little guy for reacting like he did. That’s the most honest reaction I’ve ever seen and honestly he’s not wrong. Just give him a month or two and he’ll get decide how he feels about it [More]
There aren’t many amateur singers out there confident or even capable enough to do an Aretha Franklin song in front of millions of people and Simon Cowell. At first Destiny seemed neither confident nor capable honestly but as soon as the music started jaws started dropping. This 14 year old girl was crazy enough to do an Aretha and, my goodness, she nailed it. That voice is so powerful and so raw I hope the Queen of Soul hears this. I’m positive she would approve. Remember this girl, you’ll hear more about her, there’s no doubt about it. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]