There’s 5 members of this a cappella group and they sing like angels. Most of you will think of Pentatonix when they read that description, but unlike their superstar peers, Wissmann Family takes a more traditional approach to classic Christian songs. Call me old-fashioned, but for me this is what Christmas is all about – tradition and family. Wissmann Family consists of 5 siblings each with their unique vocal range, but when they sing together it’s something else. Just listen to their rendition of “Good Christian Men Rejoice”. There’s something about it and this idyllic winter scenery that brings back [More]
The thing that sets this makeover from any other you’ve ever seen is the fact that it catches you completely by surprise. There’s no big build-up or the grand reveal, at least not for us, so you can’t prepare for the change you’re about to see. That way you can imagine how this lady’s husband felt when he met his new and improved wife. Sure, you could see that under that gray and unkempt hair and without a hint of make-up, Mary is a beautiful woman, but still, what they did to her style is mind-blowing. No wonder her husband [More]
When at the age of 10 Deryn Blackwell beat leukemia his mom hoped the worst had passed. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be further away from the truth.  Soon after, the boy developed Langerhans cell sarcoma, a disease so rare they had no idea what to expect. The doctors suggested bone marrow transplant, but after 4 failed attempts they ran out of options. They estimated he had 3 days left to live and suggested they should start making arrangements for his funeral. However the boy and his family weren’t done fighting just yet. His mom risked going to jail and gave her [More]
Back in 2013 when this couple’s son was born without arms and legs, they knew his childhood would be full of challenges. They knew they’d have to wait a while longer before he reaches some milestones. Fast forward 4 years and the family recorded a miracle while they were decorating a Christmas tree. Camden was walking. He managed to balance himself up and carefully swing and twist his body making slow but sure progress towards his dad. There’s no stopping this boy. Disability is only a state of mind and with parents this supportive, there’s nothing Camden can’t do. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Every winter, despite the weather men’s best efforts, millions of drivers ignore the warnings and get out in the blizzard only to find themselves stuck in the snow. So instead of repeating the same announcements every news channel does, this guy used this catchy and insanely popular song to deliver his message and the reactions are awesome. He rearranged the lyrics of “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen” into a weather and traffic report and I promise you’ll think of it every time there’s a snow storm out. You, sir, are brilliant. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
This isn’t the first time we’re sharing the music of David Döring. David is a pan flute virtuoso and his takes on popular songs are among the best out there. After “Amazing Grace” that you can listen HERE, we present his rendition of “You Raise Me Up”. It’s so uplifting that even with all the bad things happening in the world at this moment, when you listen to this it clears your mind and feels your heart with happiness.  I can’t believe that after having been listening to various versions of this song for years he manages to make it [More]
I think this is exactly what Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges hope to hear at the beginning of every season of Britain’s Got Talent. They have to seat through hundreds of bad and mediocre singers just so they can find that one person but when it happens, it’s magic. This guy didn’t even know he was a diamond in the rough when he walked onto that stage. He didn’t know but as soon as he started singing everyone else knew. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that one of the judges would reach for that golden [More]
Have you ever laughed so hard you started sounding like a sheep? Well this baby reached that milestone within the first year of his life and I was barely containing myself watching this adorable video. There’s nothing sweeter than a baby’s laugh but this one is off the charts cute. The best thing about it is that it was totally unexpected for his parents too. You can see they were taken by surprise by their son’s unusual giggle. The video got quite a few views since it was uploaded and the fans can’t decide if he sounds more like a [More]