Oh my goodness, this is the most beautiful partnership of a man and his horse I’ve ever seen. With 16 million views and counting, surely there are more people who are impressed as much as I am. I’m not an expert judge in equestrian dressage, but the best part about this is that you don’t have to be one to appreciate how gorgeous this performance is. It’s possible there are technically better routines out there but I bet you that none of them will get you to watch it with your mouth open in sheer amazement. It’s been a while [More]
Football and silent march have lots of similarities… they both require lots of discipline and hard work to master it, but once you do it’s poetry in motion. Couple of years ago during halftime of the Huston Texans and Cleveland Browns game the Marine Corps silent drill platoon performed one of the most memorable shows I’ve seen yet. Even without any music or even the national anthem playing these soldiers made their routine look so easy. Moving in perfect sync it’s a sight to behold but when the drill sergeant came face to face with one of the soldiers it [More]
Being a farmer sure is hard work but rarely does the job description include saving lives. However that’s exactly what this Indiana farmer did when early one winter morning he discovered one cow had given birth that night in the freezing weather. When he found the calf it was freezing cold and lifeless. In a second he remembered he saw something on TV that could help bring the baby back to life. He put it on his ATV and drove back home and jumped into a hot tub with it. Wait to see little Leroy now. The farmer says there’s [More]
This woman disgusts me. First of all, lady, mind your own business, and second of all, if anyone deserves a discount it’s this guy and his fellow troops who risk their lives so we could have our freedom. This veteran asked an employee at a fast food restaurant if they offered a veteran discount. For some reason, the woman behind him attacked him because in her opinion he was being rude. When I heard his response it made me wanna shake his hand and pay for his meal myself. God bless our veterans for everything they do. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
What a priceless moment it is getting a chance to meet your great grandson? 105 years between them. One life filled with memories and adventures, love and loss and another one just beginning, getting ready for all the amazing things that are going to happen in the years to come. As sweet as this video is, there’s something about it that makes you think about how short our time on this Earth really is. Fortunately, whatever happens in the future, this baby boy will always have this video to remind him of his great grandpa. That’s more than most of [More]
Whoever named the seals must have never seen them underwater, because if they did, I’m sure they’d name them sea dogs. Videographer and YouTuber Gary Grayson had the privilege to see these astonishing creatures in their natural habitat whilst diving off the coast of Scilly Isles, and this particular guy is nothing like the slow and heavy seals you see sunbathing on the shore. Down in the water, the playful pup was acting like a real dog. It was snooping around the scuba diver and inquisitively inspecting his gear to a point where it actually let Grayson give him belly [More]
If you haven’t heard about Celtic Thunder you’re about to have the best introduction you can imagine. I can tell you about their origin and musical background but all you need to know is that they have the most divine voices you’ve ever heard. Furthermore, even though they can all be amazing soloists on their own, the way their singing complements one another’s is the closest thing to a perfect harmony you’ll hear. If you like this, let us know by sharing and we’ll feature more of Celtic Thunder in the future. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
Some of you will recognize the face of this little 6 year old fighter because she became the face of the fight against cancer. Taylor’s story started when she was only 18 months old and her mom got the worst news any parent can get. Months later an amazing person entered their lives, a young girl named Abby who loves singing and playing the guitar. What Abby did not only for Taylor but children suffering from cancer worldwide should be shared with the world as often and as loudly as possible. Taylor’s mom who was there every step of the [More]
There are some kids who are so talented beyond their age it almost makes you forget it’s just a kid you’re watching. In a very adult concert hall, with a very adult audience, this 8-year-old piano prodigy is playing a serious and difficult piece of classical music. He is so good it’s too easy to forget his age and even compared to experienced pianist, he’s just incredible. But then you take a look at the keyboards and see that this maestro brought a friend, a little teddy bear to give him courage, and it’s only then you realize what a [More]