I know kids. Most 4-year-olds have hard time sitting still through the duration of one song, let alone have enough attention to practice and perform something like this. And then you have this little girl. Ella Dobler performed recently at Rainbow Dance Competition in Tampa, FL and from the moment she walked onto the stage the entire audience was melting. As if she wasn’t cute enough in her little dress and dance slippers, her choreography left everyone with their mouth open. This is too good for someone her age. She points her toes perfectly and her composure and control is [More]
Amidst all the “taking the knee” controversy, people seem to forget what an honor it is calling The Star Spangled Banner your national anthem. It’s even greater honor being selected to perform it. However, when this school band had a mishap at the peak of their National Anthem intonation, the kid playing the cymbals reacted like a true patriot. Everything started great for him until one crucial moment when he dropped his instrument. He had a choice, spend the rest of the show standing there awkwardly or do THIS. It beats talking the knee, that’s for sure. The guy is [More]
For all of us who struggle to make even the most basic desserts, this looks like some kind of magic. I realize that when you order expensive desserts at the restaurant you’re not paying just for taste, but the overall experience. Unfortunately I have no idea how this tastes but it’s worth paying money just to see this happen live in your plate. For that you’d have to travel to Portugal and find Restaurant Ipsylon I’ll have to add that to my bucket list. This piece of art is so perfect though it would be a shame eating it. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Not sure about this little girl, but her dummy is one talented old lady. Seriously though, when Darci Lynne auditioned for America’s All Talent she went all in. Well some may argue that she did the ventriloquism and her dummy Edna Doorknocker did all the rest, but either way I’m stunned by her versatility and charm. Comedy, singing and flirting with the judges, I can totally see why everyone couldn’t take their eyes off the charismatic granny, LOL. I think I just found my favorite for the Season Finale of AGT. This is AMAZING. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
No, it’s not just the hormones and the overwhelming excitement over having a baby that makes new parents gush and cry over their little bundle of joy. Apparently big sisters aren’t immune to their cuteness as well. Nine year old Allie was spending some quality time with her baby sister Ashlyn, singing her to sleep, when the baby’s reaction to her voice raised the cuteness level above the point Allie (and all of us at DailyLiked) could handle. So heart-warming it made me cry. I just know they are going to have a wonderful childhood together as long as have [More]
Marriage changes everything. It’s the real test of true love not just because of some piece of paper, but because raising a family together, paying mortgage and building a career takes toll on both a man and a woman. So you wake up one morning and realize the person next to you doesn’t look like the person you married. Sure it’s easy to say she (or he) got fat, got old, and sure it’s easy to find someone better looking, but the question is “Should you”. Let this husband’s realization what he had done by leaving his wife be a [More]
In some parts of the world it’s a common practice to tie the horses’ legs together to prevent their escape. Now imagine something with as much energy and as powerful as a wild horse being chained like this and you’ll know what suffering is. In Romania, this vet saw one horse who was chained so tightly the bonds were cutting into his flesh and he knew he had to set him free. Seeing a beautiful animal go free was rewarding enough but the horse’s “thank you” filled my heart with so much joy. God bless this man. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
When this guy was called to help rescue a deer that’s been hit by a car he knew he had to act fast. You see, deer suffer from Capture myopathy, a disease associated with the stress wild animals endure when they’re captured or handled. The injured doe had a big cut on her head and had to be taken to the vet and it was a race against time to set her free back into the woods. With respect to everyone who ever rescued any animal, the way this man handles this beauty makes me believe he’s the kindest person [More]
There are couple of ways you can get your baby to eat their greens. You can trick them into taking a bite… which will work once or twice before your kid stops trusting you ever again… or you try something like this. This dad somehow trained his kid to crave green beans every time he sings. Crazy, right? But maybe there’s something to it. Maybe associating something a baby doesn’t like with something beautiful actually works. Or perhaps the dad’s voice is so awesome the boy doesn’t even pay attention to what he’s eating, LOL. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]