I always wondered what’s the mindset of internet bullies and trolls. Do they really enjoy hurting other people or is there more to it? This is the emotional confession of a former internet bully who managed to turn his life around both physically and mentally. After growing increasingly frustrated with his weight and dependence on his mother, the only way Jesse Shanda could cope is by bringing people down. He’d go online, discover people’s insecurities and exploit them. When he targeted one body-building forum he expected them to fire back at him, but instead he was greeted with an overwhelming [More]
You don’t need to audition for the Voice for people to realize you’re an amazing singer… this would do just fine. This girl was getting a ride home when her dad’s favorite song came on and he started singing. No studio equipment, no pristine acoustics, no microphone, not even attempting to impress any judges, yet judges were impressed, all 10 million of them who watched this video in the last week. I love the way the girl looks at him through the camera, she looks so proud of her dad and she has every right to be. This is a [More]
Most infants are born with developed sense of hearing, and even though they can’t make sense of all that noise that’s around them, they sure are aware of it. Baby Archer here is not like most infants, and he had to wait a while until his doctors made him his very own hearing aid enabling him to hear for the first time in his life. He was alone in the silence his whole life, but watch his face when he hears his mom’s gentle voice. He was a little bit cranky when the doctor fitted his hearing aid, but that [More]
Generally we condemn phone thefts around here, but this time we’ll allow it. This is too freaking cute not to be shared with everybody. Mom was recording something with her phone when the baby saw an opportunity, snatched it a made a break for the door while it was still recording. The attempt was foiled by mom in the matter of seconds, but the resulting video is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s like an action movie with the most adorable hero ever. Whatever she originally wanted to record, this is probably better, LOL. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
“Let me take you over to the boat room”. That’s not the sentence most of us will ever say unless you’re wealthy and/or super creative home owner. With her unusual outside-in concept, this lady designed her house as a little indoor town and it looks unlike any home you’ve ever seen. If you imagine hallways and corridors as little streets and rooms as town stores, you open up a whole new way of thinking. It’s hard to imagine what a house so full of surprises would even look like without taking a tour so come on in and be amazed. [More]
This guy’s impersonation of a Brown Bear, Brown Bear is spot on, some would say too scary for a toddler, but I don’t think this little girl has ever seen a bear in her life or else she would have reacted differently. Margot was enjoying her afternoon with her super fun uncle when he decided to show off his acting skills and delivered a pretty decent bear. I don’t know if his niece’s reaction means he did it well or he did it poorly. All I know is that it was incredibly sweet and after hearing her laughter you can’t [More]
Watching two babies hug each other is always an adorable sight, but if one of those babies is an animal, then the cuteness level is off the chart. This mom started looking for her toddler who wandered off somewhere and when she got to this sleeping calf she had to grab her phone and film it. The kid saw a napping baby cow and felt that it needed a hug. It’s only when we get old that we learn to hate, this is love and innocence in their purest form and a video that is bound to put a smile [More]
We say “till death do us part” as a vow, but in the case of Jeanette and Alexander Toczo, they didn’t get to be apart for long. This is the story about death, but watching it you can’t help but feel the intense love these two felt for each other. For 75 years these two adored each other, their hearts beating together as one and as the fate would have it, they stopped beating together as well. On the day of their 75th anniversary, Jeanette was holding her beloved man in her arms when he took his last breath just [More]
With everyone so focused on getting presents, it’s as if we forgot what the Christmas is all about, but did we really? These guys gathered several these kids from low-income families and asked them the toughest question this holiday season. They bought them two gifts, one for them and one for their families, but the catch was that they had to pick only one of them. What do you think they picked? The moment my eyes teared up is when that little boy started explaining why he chose what he did. Christmas may be commercialized, but our future is safe [More]
When this US Marine was told he was going overseas to various conflict areas around the world, he gathered his friend, his family and his girlfriend for a pre-deployment photo shoot, a one last chance to spend time together before he leaves. It was a beautiful gesture, but keep watching, he had something else on his mind entirely. He waited for the perfect moment when his girl Lauren was posing for the camera and stood behind her. When she turned around, it was the most magical moment of her life. It couldn’t have worked out better. Now stay safe, Marine, [More]