Perhaps none of the modern day violin players can come close to the masters of the past, but rest assured the future is bright for classical music as long as there are kids like five year old Akim Camara. Here I am spell checking the name of the composer of this piece and little Akim comes on stage and does something like this. André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra invited child prodigy to perform Felix Mendelssohn’s “Dance of the Fairies” and the boy stole the show and enchanted the audience unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You’re going to enjoy [More]
There are probably hundreds of little heroic deeds that go unnoticed every day, but each and every one of them deserves recognition. Today we salute Jeannie Mitchell, a Milwaukee bus driver who was doing her regular route when she saw something unusual, two kids just taking a walk, but the strange thing about it was that there was no adult in sight. She stopped her bus and started talking to the children and that’s when she learned the reason why they were alone. Jeannie’s alertness and maternal instincts save these angels from a scary situation. Thank you, ma’am. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
People often interpret ravens as ominous birds, those who bring sorrow and pain, but in this case, the only pain this bird brought was its own. This family though it was strange that a raven had perched up on a fence and wouldn’t stop squawking for over an hour. Eventually, they came forward to see what’s going on and to their amazement, the bird was just standing there, unafraid of the scary humans. And then they saw the reason it was calling them. Four long porcupine quills were sticking out of his face and wing he must have been hurting [More]
This girl has all that it takes to be a star. She’s beautiful, she’s talented and passionate about what she does, but probably the best quality of hers is that incredible voice of hers. Juliana Chahayed, it’s probably a name you’ve never heard before, but trust us, it’s a matter of time before you do. Talents like this don’t remain hidden on YouTube for too long before they get discovered, and if some producer decides to sign her, I’m sure this cover of Elvis’ classic will have something to do with it. I could get lost in her voice forever. [More]
If you’d ask anyone to tell you two of the best male performers ever, chances are most of them would name these two. Frank Sinatra and Elvis both had (and still continue to have) armies of fans so when they got together for one of a kind duet, you could imagine more than a few ladies needed refreshments afterwards. In this rare performance they did a mash-up of their songs but they did it with a twist. Still, the most amazing thing about it is how you can clearly see their personalities, Sinatra’s legendary charm and Elvis’ sex-appeal that makes [More]
Human or donkey, a mother is a mother. When this little burro was attacked by wild animals it was found by more than a dozen deep wounds. By some miracle he survived but his injuries had to be taken care of immediately. Rescue workers tried to get him to a vet, but his mom just wouldn’t let them take him away from her. They did for her what medical workers would do for any mom of an injured child. They let her come along. Watch the amazing progress this little donkey made since his bite wounds were treated. I don’t [More]
From the outside this looks more like a Barbie’s Dream House than a regular person’s house, but take a peek inside and you’ll see it’s got plenty of surprises. The first thing everyone notices is the exterior of course, with Victorian style elements and those bubble-gum colors, but on the inside it looks more like a lodge than a tiny Victorian home. You would think that the tour of this home would take 30 seconds or so, but it has so many features it’s crazy. With all the necessities of the modern living included, probably the best feature of it [More]
The surveillance cameras outside this gas station convenience store caught a bizarre sight recently, a two year old girl roaming the city alone in the middle of the night. She sneaked out of the apartment complex where she lives, crossed a busy street and casually walked into the store to buy candy. The store owner immediately called 911 and the search was on for the girl’s parents. Soon they were located and taken to the police station, but the most devastating thing in the whole story is their reaction when the Chief of Police lectured them about parenting. All they [More]
When Sebastian Kent asked his mom and dad to buy him a pony, something many things desire, he got an answer many kids get in situations like this – “You can buy a pony when you earn enough money to buy one”. Unlike most other kids, Sebastian actually went out and did it. In order to save 3000 dollars for a horse the 7 year old entrepreneur opened a lemonade stand and started selling it for 20 cents/glass meticulously for 3 whole years. He saved his Christmas money, he saved his tooth fairy money until one day he counted his [More]