At the age of 81 Evelyn Williams may not be your average talent show contestant, but this great-grandma did something not many people were able to do – impress the judges enough they reach for the Golden Buzzer. She came on Ireland’s Got Talent accompanied by her grand-daughter and her best friend eager to fulfill her dream, to show the world she can sing and maybe even earn herself a place in the next round. Her sweet personality and beautiful singing voice did more than just that. The look on her face as golden confetti covered the stage fills my [More]
When Leonard Cohen wrote his masterpiece “Halleluiah” I don’t think he intended it to be performed quite like this. However we all know how iconic the song ended up becoming and among the thousands of covers we found on YouTube this one was particularly moving. Performed by a brilliant 17-year old cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason, who was the first black person to be awarded the prestigious The BBC Young Musician of the Year Award, this is the first time we’ve heard the song covered by the classically trained cellist and it’s skin-tinglingly good. I think Mr. Cohen would’ve approved. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
I bet the judges on Holland’s Got Talent were both curious and a little bit scared when this 9 year old told them she would perform an aria. Furthermore, she said she learned how to sing it by watching YouTube videos. Without saying anything that would spoil the experience of hearing your Amira for the first time, we’re just going to say this… If a girl this young can learn something like this just by watching some videos on the internet, we have ourselves a musical genius. Oh my goodness, I’ve never been so moved by a talent show audition. [More]
How many times have we been told not to tap the glass of the fish tank? Sound waves travel faster through the water and can disturb the fish. This dude wasn’t paying attention as he was mesmerized by the unusual display in Washington DC museum. He was so immersed into it that he completely forgot it wasn’t even the real fish tank, it was a simulation but when he tapped on the display he nearly got a heart attack. After this, I don’t think he’ll ever come close to a fish tank, even if it only has guppies in it. [More]
It’s been just over a week since the arrest of David and Louise Turpin and the country is still in shock. With every passing day the overwhelming amount of evidence and eye witness accounts paint a clearer picture of the events that took place in their family home and the unimaginable horrors their 13 children went through. The events that happened inside a Parris, California horror house were uncovered after the couple’s 17 year old daughter managed to escape and called 911. When the police investigated the address they found 12 of her siblings extremely malnourished and abused, some of [More]
People who dare dive with the whales know it’s inherently dangerous. However, as close as Nan Houser came to this remarkable animal, it was no danger to her, but pay attention to the top right corner of the screen at 2:24 mark. You could see in the footage that the 63 year old biologist was so engaged playing with her gigantic friend that she failed to see the incoming danger, a big shark who was preparing to put an end to it. Nan may have failed to see it, but the big whale certainly hasn’t. It gently nudged her with [More]
Children grow up and move away – that’s the reality. Many of them move so far that they do not see their family for years. One of them was also a woman in a video who had not seen her mother for two years. Take a look at these emotional moments of a reunion between a mother and daughter. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var tag = document.createElement(‘script’); tag.src = “http:\/\/”; var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(tag, firstScriptTag); var player; function onYouTubePlayerAPIReady() { player = new YT.Player(‘player’, { height: ‘450’, width: ‘100%’, wmode: ‘transparent’, videoId: ‘L5DKLaKjt1s’, playerVars: { enablejsapi:1, [More]
How can one speak so many languages by speaking English the entire time? There are people out there who spend years becoming fluent in dozens of languages. This guy knows only English though but it seems as if he mastered every accent of it there is. The best part of it is that he switches between them on cue. I say put him in front of a bricked wall at a comedy club and you got yourself one helluva show. Speaking other language with your own accent is arguably harder to achieve but this is definitely more entertaining. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
In years of watching YouTube videos I thought I’ve seen it all and that there was nothing that could blow my mind. And then these girls came along in their glossy outfits and I caught myself watching them with my mouth wide open. Is it even possible for a human to contort like this? It’s like every joint in their bodies is “double-jointed”. They started their act just piled up there on stage, but as the music started it’s like they pushed the envelope of what a human body can do with every move. It’s not just their agility… their [More]
Compared to some other forms of transports freight trains don’t travel too fast, but if you consider how much mass is behind that engine, you get enormous force even with low speeds. The guy who recorded this realized that first train as he was waiting at the railway crossing for a train to pass.  There was couple of feet of fresh snow that night and the snow plow already cleared the road so there was a big pile of snow on the tracks. Take a look what happens it meets the moving train. It’s a snow tsunami. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]