Saving an animal from certain death is surely rewarding, releasing it back into the wild even more so, but what happened in this video makes my heart sing. It’s a rescue story of a little baby otter that fell into a canal while searching for its mom and dad. He struggled to stay afloat but fortunately he was rescued by a local resident. After waiting for a while for the pup’s parents to return the animal rescue was called. The little guy spent a week there recovering so when they eventually took him out to the beach to release him, [More]
OMG, I can understand why the commentators’ voices were cracking… this is without a doubt the best comeback in sporting history. It was the last lap of the relay race and there was a clear leader. However the huge gap between her and the rest of the runners soon started to close. It was clear that the girl who was second at that point would overtake her by the end of the race. No one knew that’s not even half of the drama that took place in the final stretch. I would tell you to pay attention to the girl [More]
For years I thought this is the one song no one should even attempt to cover. Why? Because not only is it unique, it’s also a pop culture phenomenon and it will forever be associated with Queen and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We’re talking about Bohemian Rhapsody of course. For the longest time I thought no one could even come close to the original and I was a bit annoyed Pentatonix even tried but I have to admit, they nailed it. They didn’t even try to copy the original. Instead they gave it their own spin and [More]
Adele is one of the biggest music stars of today and there’s no one in the world who can deny it. With probably the best voice in the music industry and millions of dollars in her bank account, most women would become divas, but what happened during her concert in Auckland is what makes Adele so relatable. She got attacked… by a bug. Her way of dealing with it is so hilarious it not only got thousands of people attending her concert laughing, but some of them recorded it and now it’s going viral. How often do you see a [More]
For years someone has been taking care of a loving memorial located along the fence of a property owned by Chevron. Flowers, candles and various other items always seemed placed with much love and care but strangely no one knew who was doing it. After a decision was made to fix up a property, Chevron didn’t want to thread on someone’s memories so they made a public appeal for the anonymous caretaker to step forth. The man who answered that plea was Ray Olson and when he told his story, the property owners did something amazing. This hit me harder [More]
Amanda and her husband were trying to get pregnant for years, and when it finally happened they were over the moon. They bought a new home and started renovating and just when Amanda thought they couldn’t be happier – he left. She appeared on this radio show to talk about the stress of being a single, heartbroken mom-to-be with big mortgage. It takes something incredible to lift that weight off her shoulders. And then they told her to look at the screen behind her and suddenly Amanda didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I wanna know what happened to [More]
It was Addie Rodriguez’s proud moment. She was performing as a cheerleader at her school’s football game when in the spur of the moment all of the cheerleader dads came on the field and lifted their daughters up on their shoulders. Addie was the only one whose dad couldn’t make it because he was 1700 miles away at a training camp. As she was walking at the back of the parade alone and crying, in the corner of her eye she spotted a boy running towards her. He whispered a few words into her ear and did something that made [More]
The world is a beautiful place. It may not seem like it from the neon lit urban jungles we live in but try to find a place unspoiled by humans and it will take your breath away. This man has seen them all. Sir David Attenborough has been a synonym for nature shows for decades and I can think of a better person to narrate arguably one of the most beautiful nature videos you’ll ever see. It’s a compilation of the best our planet has to offer and it’s so gorgeous it makes me cry. It makes me cry for [More]
It’s a good thing this dad filmed this video. It can serve as evidence when DEA comes knocking at his door. He was picking up his daughter from school when the teacher gave him the look and told him there was a rumor there’s lots of weed at their house. Apparently the little one has been going about telling everyone that. Naturally when he came home he asked his daughter if she even knew what weed was but everything she said wasn’t really helping his case… so he asked her to show him. I burst out laughing when she took [More]
Holy smokes, it took me a minute to accept this was real and recorded without any audio editing. You know how hard it is to find a good singer, but this guy’s skills blew my mind. Not only does he sing flawlessly, he does it in two voices, MALE and FEMALE, without missing a beat. If you would to just listen to this you’d think there’s two excellent singers performing, but when you watch it as well it’s as if your brain is not able comprehend what’s going on here. The man’s name is Marcelito Pomoy and he’s one of the [More]