You don’t need flashy light and big stage to have your voice heard by millions. This 8-year old girl did a little performance in meat section of Walmart and the world loved it. A fellow shopper overheard her singing Adele’s hit “Rolling in the Deep” and started filming and before they knew it, it went viral. Even with bad acoustics, no professional recording equipment and less than flattering venue, this little girl sounds better than the majority of talent show contestants. Heck, put her on stage and she’d give Adele herself a run for her money. Outstanding. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
The idea of sports has changed a lot in the past centuries. Nowadays, it’s more about breaking records, lucrative contracts, sponsor deals, trash talking, substance abuse… Sure, we’re better at sports than we used to be, but what about sportsmanship? At this year’s London marathon we’ve seen a beautiful display of camaraderie and fair play. You can be the strongest person in the world mentally, but after 26 miles of running the body often gives up. This guy was so close to finishing, yet he was utterly drained, he wasn’t able to make another step. That’s when another runner, his [More]
When you get 245 adrenaline junkies in one spot you can expect something breathtaking to happen. The crowd was holding their breath down at the river bank and all eyes were peeled to a huge array of people precariously lined up at the top of the bridge. The anticipation was through the roof, there was a countdown and a honk, and then it happened. Our parents used to ask “If your friend jumped off the bridge, would you do it too?” I’m starting to suspect each end every one of these 245 people would answered “YES” to that question. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Usually the rule of thumb is “If you want the judges to pay attention to you, don’t have Heidi Klum in a body suit up there on stage” However these America’s Got Talent contestants did something breathtaking. Heidi was the only person on that stage when the lights when off and then began probably the best audition in the show’s history, and certainly the most creative one. I have no idea how long it took them do design this kind of show. All I know is that it will blow your minds. In the end, the only person who missed [More]
More than 55 years ago this man was serving in an Army and was stationed in Germany and when he was about to return to the States his Sergeant suggested he brought home a souvenir, a watch made by a manufacturer he had never heard of before. It was called Rolex. He spent more than a month worth of salary for the time piece and for almost 6 decades he treasured it, kept it safe, clean and working. Recently, when PBS Antiques Roadshow came to town, he decided to get it appraised. He knew it was valuable, but judging by [More]
You read about these things but you never imagine they might happen to you. One thing’s for certain though. This wannabe kidnapper picked a wrong person to mess with. Little Brittany Baxter was shopping with her mom at WalMart. She was only one aisle away from her when a man grabbed her from the back and lifted her. He didn’t get too fat though. The security camera caught Brittany’s reaction as she started screaming and kicking. The man fled the scene in seconds but the security cameras in the parking lot captured his license plate and he was arrested shortly [More]
Now that the Halloween is gone it means it’s time for the Christmas season to begin. YEY! I love, love, love Christmas season, even though you’d expect its appeal would wear down after a couple dozen years. But can you imagine that magical feeling of experiencing Christmas for the first time. Actually, you don’t have to imagine, just watch this video. This baby was brought to his first holiday shopping and the glitz and magic of it blew his mind. It’s as if he can’t wrap his mind around how big and sparkly everything is. Those facial expressions are just priceless. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Anything can happen when you put a bunch of talented people in a nourishing environment together, but I have to admit – this I did not expect. The music teacher at the West Virginia State University tried to teach her class when one of the students challenged her to utilize that lesson in modern music. They selected a song at random, guy grabbed a guitar and the class turned into the most epic improve I’ve seen. With 12 million YouTube views I know for sure I’m not the only one who loved this. I wish my classes were like this. [More]
“Oh my goodneth”… From the moment this video was released on YouTube it was obvious it would become one of the classics. The sheer delight of this beautiful girl as she awaits the incoming train is so priceless it makes me wanna smile all day long. Knowing she was a big fan of trains, her dad took her for her very first train ride for her third birthday. The anticipation and joy she expresses are so pure my heart’s a puddle. I don’t know if it’s her voice, her personality or that little outfit of hers, but this is too [More]
Wouldn’t the world be a happier place if it was governed by children? When I realized this social experiment was trying to answer a question whether the kids would rather spend their money on ice-cream or help the homeless, I thought for sure they’d go for the ice-cream. Of course, one after the other every kid they filmed chose to give their dollar to the homeless person, except for that girl at the end. No one would blame her if she just walked away and enjoyed her treat, but she did something that made me so proud even though I [More]