You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the recipe for speed. Big engine, a lightweight vehicle and one crazy driver is all it takes. However reaching this kind of speed (on water, none less) and not die in the process is a whole different matter. Couple of years ago the spectators gathered on Lake Havasu to watch this insane speedboat drag race and I wish I was there because it’s the most badass thing ever. Watch what happens to the surface when you push 262 mph in a boat. This is just crazy. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
This piece of hardware may look like something you’d find on a junkyard or a piece of modern art, and even though you may not have seen it before chances are you’ve heard it dozens of times. This is actually an instrument designed by sound effects artist for one specific task – making that spooky atmosphere you can see in most horror movies. True, you can’t play any songs on it but there’s no other instrument in the world that can make the tiny hairs on your neck stand up. It does look pretty unintimidating, but wait till you hit [More]
I don’t know if I should consider this dancing or magic but it’s so mesmerizing I can’t stop watching it. I can assure you these girls are not standing on Roombas or Hoverboards and there’s certainly no conveyor belts built into that stage. This is a traditional Russian dance called Beriozka and when it’s done right it appears as if the dancers are floating a few inches above the stage. To complete the illusion these girls perform on their tip-toes which makes me appreciate this even more. Until I see what they do with their feet I still claim this [More]
It takes a special talent to make your own funeral a funny and positive event. Most people attend funerals and mourn the death of a loved one, but this 14 year old cancer patient made arrangements for his funeral to be a celebration of his life and his witty personality. Comedian Russell Howard tells a story of this kid with a strange but ultimately amazing sense of humor and it’s the story you’ll want to hear till the end. It’s one of the funniest and the most emotional things you’ve ever heard. I can’t remember feeling like this after a [More]
When everything else is going downhill you can always count on YouTube to put a smile on your face. Watch this and tell us if it isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. These toddler twins have just mastered walking and dancing is a natural next step. They put their party dresses on and some of their favorite tunes and millions of people still can’t stop watching them. It’s been 8 years since this video was uploaded and these girls have grown up by now but I do hope they continued pursuing their passion for dancing. It’s simply heart-melting. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Never in my life have I seen a video that makes me wanna smile and cry at the same time, to jump with joy and hug a person next to me. This young couple and their love for each other and their baby made me feel the same way every parent should feel like. This video is many things. It’s a testament to how we take some things for granted. A messy home isn’t something most people want, but if you can’t have a baby it’s the only thing you hope for. It also shows that no matter the circumstances, [More]
When Kechi was 16 years old, she was one of only two survivors of a tragic plane crash. It’s a moment that changed her life completely, and it changed it in two ways. It scarred her skin so much she wasn’t able to recognize herself in a mirror, but as she was laying there in hospital bed, she rediscovered her passion for music. It’s a good thing the accident didn’t affect her voice because if it did, we wouldn’t be able to witness this amazing audition on America’s Got Talent. Kechi is a remarkable singer and an inspiration to us [More]
This guy puts a whole new meaning to a phrase “becoming a celebrity overnight”. In the middle of the night his wife heard him laughing, but to her surprise when she leaned over to see what he was laughing about, he was still sleeping. It goes without saying that the world couldn’t get enough of his night-time giggling. I loved this video of babies doing the same and I thought laughing in their sleep is babies’ thing exclusively, but apparently there’s this dude as well. I don’t know what he’s dreaming about, but it’s so mesmerizing I can’t stop watching [More]
Every baby is special in its own way but one set of twins from Vietnam is so remarkable there are only about 10 pairs of such twins on Earth. No one suspected they were any different when they were born, but as they started to grow the family noticed they looked very different. One twin had thick and wavy hair while the other one had thin and straight. They feared it might have been a mix-up in the hospital so they did a DNA test. They found that mom’s DNA was a match for both twins but it’s when they [More]
Cockatoo may be loud and funny and smart, but did you know they also have an excellent taste in music? Well at least one of these two birds does and when his jam comes on, there’s nothing that can stop him. Their human was practicing his guitar but when he started playing an Elvis song, keep an eye to the cockatoo on the right. He may have a good taste in music, but you can’t say the same about his awareness for other cockatoo’s personal space, LOL. This looks pretty much like every party I’ve ever been to. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]